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Global Warming Crisis | 12 Years Left to Live?

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Global Warming Crisis | 12 Years Left to Live? Global catastrophe?? There's so much to discuss here, so I will share my thoughts and potential solutions. Even I admit that I have a lot of work to do in getting better about reducing my carbon footprint, but I will continue to try and to help spread awareness about this topic because it's important to me. I pray this video is received well. Blessings to you! Join the NEW 7-Day FullyRaw Vegan Challenge: Download My FullyRaw App:

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44 Comments on Global Warming Crisis | 12 Years Left to Live?

  1. ClandestineGirl16X // 13th October 2018 at 6:38 pm // Reply

    soooo…can i drop out of college now 😉 jk but this is scary. thanks for sharing this with us

  2. Vegan CarboRaider // 13th October 2018 at 6:38 pm // Reply

    Yay, Kristina. Thanks for covering this story. It’s INDIRECTLY related to veganism, but few vegans pay attention to the news (I just did a video about voting). And I like that you showed how society focuses on people, when other species are hurt too, and they matter too.

  3. Lindsey Velveeta // 13th October 2018 at 6:41 pm // Reply

    It starts with personal responsibility and accountability. Not government and world organization taxation. These global groups DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT OR ABOUT US! They care about CONTROL and MONEY!!! Wake up people. Thank God we got out of the “Paris Climate Accord”.

  4. Wake up people take care of yourself and the planet please

    • The moment I wake up, I have no time to think about anything else other than how I can earn my bread.

    • Do you really believe the planet is gonna die so soon?
      I mean when the planet could weather the great devastation that made dinosaurs extinct, I feel this extinction theory is stretching it out too far and may never happen during our lifetime.
      I live in the present as I neither have the resources nor the luxury to sit back and contemplate as to how we can change the future. I may sound a bit like having a “I couldn’t care less” attitude, but life has been very tough for me all these years, that I have stopped bothering what lies in store in the future.
      For me it’s like, we will cross the bridge when we come to it….

    • But I have admit that I like the message Kristina is putting forth. If every individual does his/her part in reducing the carbon footprint may be we can have lesser pollution, clean environment and possibly a better standard of living. But the country where I live, it’s a pipe dream. These messages are applicable for the First World not the Third World where I come from.

    • I think it’s reasonable to think the planet environment is changing because of its age…the earth changes with earthquakes and volcanic eruptions…the amount and severity of just those two natural events can alter the earth’s environment……the planet changes with time…..that is slowly changing the temperature of the earth……back in the earlier age of the planet…there were more earthquakes and volcanic eruptions….there are less now…creating global warming….I believe in Kristine and what she stands for….a wholesome way of life benefits us all….thank you for your work and videos Kristina.

  5. Daphnie Hanna // 13th October 2018 at 6:49 pm // Reply

    The main problem is technology and fast foods in my opinion. People are just constantly addicted to their technology devices which makes them insanely lazy and unheathy from numerous reasons and then they are insanely lazy of cooking or nowadays its all about convenience and cheap food so health to everyone is the last priority. Fast food is quick and hey its easier and convenient ordering through the phone . So the amount of excess waste and garbage from all damaged and garbage foods goes to the garbage like wraps paper, foam plates and containers, plastic utensils, excess napkins and straws etc which this is killed numerous amount of animals under the sea from this excess garbage floating around the world. Urghh im sick of this world

  6. “almost everything you have been taught is round backwards”
    “all the popular information you receive is a lie, or it is sold to you backwards”
    “it’s all sold to you backwards to make sure you never figure it out”

  7. Google, 18 spectacularly wrong apocalyptic predictions made around the time of the first Earth Day in 1970. Man Made global change is BS. Eating healthy is a good thing, solar and electric cars are good things, believing anything a UN organization says is a bad thing.

    • FullyRawKristina // 13th October 2018 at 6:58 pm // Reply

      Yup, I talk about how this report doesn’t come from the UN. If you watch… and either way…there are no down sides to us working towards a more sustainable planet.

    • +FullyRawKristina The IPCC receives funding through the IPCC Trust Fund, established in 1989 by the United Nations Environment Programme. The UN is funded by Globalist, the same ones that create Oil Wars and Global Conflict for profit. All the news sources you quoted and organizations are tied $$$ to Globalist. Wake Up. Love your Fully Raw videos.

    • Either way if that way true, I think we need to focus on the good that we can do the planet, wildlife, forest, etc. By being more aware of the damage we cause. Think about all the plastic we use, it ends up in the ocean and marine life suffers because of that. That has nothing to do with globalist or the UN receiving funding, it has to do with our actions.

    • Just because the UN or another big organization says it, doesn’t mean it’s not true. Eating more ethically helps the planet, because many of the non-ethical ways of eating are causing global destruction. So do many other human activities. Denial of facts is not beneficial, and is a big reason how the planet is in it’s current state.

  8. UN = UC (united corporations)
    or rather UBC (united bankrupt corporations)
    as bankruptcy is prerequisite for membership

  9. What can we do about the poison being sprayed on us from these same people? Me and other people here where I live see this going on in our skies almost everyday. You can tell the difference between Comtrails and Cemtrails. Keep eating raw live foods to stay healthy I guess 🙂

    • +FullyRawKristina come on kristina the goverment, un or any other organisation that control people as well as and main stream news outlets are controlled by the same elites who spray our skys with chemtrails and give us gm food, vaccines to our babies which hurts them, and drugs ect. Why are their no raw vegan or raw vegan cooks or raw vegan people in general in main stream news? Because the elites know raw fruit heals peope and they dont want people healthy. They want people ill and so they can sell you drugs and control you. Same with the fda department. All bodies of control on this planet is run by the evil elites. The only freedom humans have at the momment is on utube and the internet.

    • Debraval Reyes // 14th October 2018 at 12:00 am // Reply

      The same people who spray the skies tell you the vegan agenda more and more…

    • Simon gorka Northwest US.

    • Stephen Offer // 14th October 2018 at 1:09 am // Reply

      +Debraval Reyes only the cooked vegan gets streamed on main tv. The raw vegan foods I’ve never heard talk about on news channels or any tv outlets. Only utube I’ve heard about raw fruit and veg heals you. But saying that I’m not 100 percent sure on anything these days. So much mixed information about that confuses everyone.

    • Debraval Reyes // 14th October 2018 at 1:30 am // Reply

      +Stephen Offer Yeah I’ve only heard of cooked fruit on tv and the media and never raw fruit. Lol
      You ever hear about raw meat and dairy eating in the media?
      Besides the fear that it will kill you haha.

  10. The UN is the New World Order. They control the weather with chemtrails, science has nothing to do with it. They lie to steal for OUR money and blame us for the problems THEY cause to make more money.

    • Marshall Walker // 13th October 2018 at 7:36 pm // Reply

      Crystal Chic The NWO also cares about the planet they live on

    • Skirts, Head Coverings & Torah Jessica Lovely // 13th October 2018 at 7:37 pm // Reply


    • Drea East Coast // 13th October 2018 at 8:47 pm // Reply

      Yes, these people (UN/NWO) use the ‘problem reaction solution’. They have HAARP and DO use it against the public and deny it entirely. UN’s overall plan for a LONG time has been to control food, control weather/disasters, and control the population. I DO think that we should all do everything we can possibly do to conserve, use less resources, be more green, etc. but this DISASTER scare scenario that the UN has put forth is utterly irresponsible and ridiculous. IF anything happens then they are using HAARP to make the disaster happen. People who do not believe that NWO is real, need to go back in history and listen to a speech by George Bush (Sr.) where he point blank says there is an NWO and they do have an agenda. The ‘smart cities’ ‘green’ agendas ARE this agenda to control. They want to push everyone out of rural areas of self-sustainability into city high rises and micro-apartments that they will build to serve as ‘disaster relief’ shelter to rehome people. Get ready, everyone will see.

    • I’m not saying I beleive in this whole situation, but the public is also to blame for hurting the planet. Many people can, but don’t, make decisions that are better for them and the environment. Whether they do it on purpose or not. Humans are living based on how companies/corporations want us to live. They want money, and will likely do anything to get it. This mindset of only thinking about yourself/humans is what is causing the issues with the planet.

  11. its actually the grand solar minimum so yes, I totally doubt their motives. it is politically. motivated and money driven and researchers are always funded to support someones opinion…it is very rare to have any independent data without an agenda if that scientist wants to make a living, publish or be affiliated with any institutions of higher learning. I doubt your trip to Bali is going to lower your carbon footprint…just sayin…its the truth, its not negativity

    • Andrea Pickett // 13th October 2018 at 8:39 pm // Reply

      RN Kim yep, we are in a Grand Solar minimum… the sun has her cycles, that is why the weather is changing…

  12. We’ve abused it and humans do some horrible things on this planet. In my opinion global warming is just a way for the planet to renew itself. It’s a cleanse. Remember everything wants to stay alive. Including the planet. Out with the old in with the new. The strongest will survive.

  13. FullyRawKristina // 13th October 2018 at 8:02 pm // Reply

    Whether or not you believe in global warming, the point of this video is to share that we can all do a better job of helping to make this world be a better place. There are no down sides to cleaner air, less trash pollution, cleaner oceans, saving our rainforests, saving animal lives, and more.

    • Love you & your message, Kristina <3

    • How can we have cleaner air when we are being sprayed on a weekly/daily basis with chemicals and heavy metals? And why don’t people look up anymore and see the lines of chemicals in the sky? Why does Harvard come out and say they need to spray our skies more with geo-engineering? Why does nobody understand the dangers of our health, our environment, animals, trees, water etc?

    • kristy thoghts on anal ?

  14. Rimsha Khalid // 13th October 2018 at 8:06 pm // Reply

    I am a huge earth lover and wildlife lover and I pray the planet will look like a planet again Mother Nature is the most beautiful thing in tht is world we must preserve it

  15. Is sad that people don’t see the big picture here! We are causing so much damage and we know we are hurting our environment, the planet we live in, but people find excuses like “The UN receives funding from corporations, this isn’t true” “is all about money”
    Who cares if that’s true! Accepting that we are also responsible is the first step to a better world. There will always be
    Corporations that don’t care about the damage they cause in the long run because all they care about is the money they make now, let’s not fault on that trap like they do. Sustainability is the availability to meet the needs of today without affecting the needs of tomorrow.

  16. Cassie Downey // 13th October 2018 at 9:28 pm // Reply

    i dont understand why a lot of people in the comments use “global warming isnt proved yet by our government” like thats supposed to change peoples minds to not be conscious how we treat the earth. its childish and ignorant. why does the government need to make a statement for you believe something? that’s sad. you’re a human, you’re allowed to have your own thoughts not based from the government. nothing NEEDS to be proved. just pay attention when you walk outside and see all the garbage in parks, sidewalks, and bodys of water. smell the air, is it fresh or filled with chemicals? look up pictures of plastic in the ocean. look up beaches around the world that are infested with plastic. do your research on how much of the earths land and resoures are used so people can eat meat and dairy. for example, every plastic bottle and toothbrush you’ve used is STILL ON THE PLANET and will be for another thousand years, wake up! look up all the changes that are happening to the earth and no its not “natural” for iceburgs to be melting and polar bears dying off because their climate is getting destroyed. as humans we are infesting the planet and one day, sooner than you think, it won’t be inhabitable anymore for any beings. do you want your kids, grandkids, and great grandkids to grow up with plastic in the oceans and all sea animals and most land animals not here anymore? stop making excuses like “it hasn’t been proved yet” to make a difference. what this earth actually looks like is heartbreaking. just because you dont see the landfills, plastic filled oceans and beaches, all the land cows, pigs, and turkeys get beaten and slaughtered on everyday doesn’t mean you can ignore it. its time to grow up and all take responsibility for what has been done to our planet.
    Kristina is a wonderful woman making a change for the better of all beings and the planet. she doesnt deserve any hate or backlash for helping the earth. take all that negative energy and put it onto the government and companies who are destroying the earth.

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