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The FullyRaw Celebration Mylkshake…YOU DID IT!

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The FullyRaw Celebration Mylkshake! YOU DID IT! This last video of the 21 FullyRaw challenge shares a delcious raw vegan "milkshake" recipe that is dairy-free, cruelty-free, gluten free, and SUPER YUM!

DAY 21 RECIPE: FullyRaw Pad Thai

Please remember that in order to get the FREE e-book and 10% off coupon code at the end of the challenge, you MUST 1) subscribe to my YouTube channel, 2) comment on ALL 21 videos and "LIKE" if you like them, and 3) submit your email to the challenge email list at

FullyRaw 21 Challenge Meal Plan:


THE FULLYRAW 21-CHALLENGE: begins! 21 meals, 21 videos, 21 days…and giveaways!

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Where FullyRaw Vegans Get Their Protein:

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The FullyRaw website FAQ Page:

The 21 challenge goes from Monday January 5th until January 25th. I am going to be hosting this FREE challenge for you! The purpose of this video is to get you READY for the challenge and give you access all 21 meals and recipes so that you can get your days planned properly and ingredients ready to go!

When you sign up for this challenge, you will receive 21 recipes. That’s a 1 meal a day recipe plan for 21 days, and I am going to be posting 21 NEW videos and recipe videos DAILY for 21 days to help inspire you and coach you along the way! 21 DELICIOUS MEALS, 21 VIDEOS, 21 DAYS…AND TONS OF GIVEAWAYS!

This challenge is FREE to you, and it’s happening HERE on my YouTube channel. Everyone who signs up for this challenge and participates daily will receive a FREE ebook from me at the end of the challenge AND coupon code for 10% off items like spiralizers, books, essential oils, utensils, and more on my online store! NOT ONLY THAT, but also by signing up and participating, you are automatically entered in for your chance to be one of 3 winners to recieve a FREE Vitamix blender ( ), a YEAR’S worth of water from Evamor water ( ), or even a kuvings juicer ( )! You’re getting 21 days worth of FREE recipes, 21 FREE informational videos, and time with me everyday!

Can I get a YA BABY?! 🙂


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48 Comments on The FullyRaw Celebration Mylkshake…YOU DID IT!

  1. Ive loved all of these videos! Im so sad that I’m not going to have a video from you everyday i, just going to have to rewatch them all. This challenge has been amazing!!

  2. I feel SO much better than I did 22 days ago. I don’t think that I will go back to eating all cooked meals because of how good one raw meal a day made me feel.

  3. Kristin Craig // 25th January 2015 at 8:35 pm // Reply

    Thank you for the challenge and I reached my goal for my weight I was 145lbs and now I’m 125lbs THANK YOU Kristina!!

  4. Have only one question. ..why is your coconut water pink??

  5. tmarksat marks // 27th January 2015 at 2:43 pm // Reply

    Thank You so much for everything I went to the Doctor yesterday my Blood pressure is down 110/78 my weight went from 180 to 170 so i’m on the right track just waiting on my cholesterol #’s to come back and I’m that they will be good and how my doctor going to tell me that you will be on them for ever the cholesterol pills I said oh know I want God is good Amen so I guess I will be looking for another dr.

  6. FullyRawKristina // 27th January 2015 at 11:59 pm // Reply

    Thank you ALL so much for participating in this challenge with me! I hope that you have enjoyed it and have loved eating one FullyRaw meal a day! Look forward to seeing you in my next videos and sending HUGS! <3 

    • Forever Seeking // 10th February 2015 at 6:07 am // Reply

      For those who are asking about the e-book I received the email on the 6th of this month. Check your email and spam around that date.

    • healthappysecrets // 12th February 2015 at 4:45 am // Reply

      ILYSM KRISTINA!! MY DREAM IS FOR YOU TO NOTICE ME <3 i love your videoes and ive been following you on insta and youtube for a long time now :)) ily! & keep doing amazing <3 i also have a health and nutrition page and blog 🙂 i know you probably dont know who i am or that i exist but if you could come visit a small youtuber it would mean a lot to me! thank you for your time and if you read this, thank you for reading this! xx

    • This challenge was amazing , thank you for starting it !

    • Jackie Casper // 18th March 2015 at 10:44 pm // Reply

      I am so going to continue!

  7. primAdonna vevo // 28th January 2015 at 4:16 am // Reply

    Yes i did.. and yes I will

  8. Shar bat Yashar'Al // 28th January 2015 at 7:59 am // Reply

    Your smoothies and juices always look soooo delish and perfect.  When ever I make mine they look nothing like yours, well maybe the color.  I guess I just need to win that nice juicer or blender your giving away…lol.   By the way miss Kristina, I ventured off to Houston yesterday to the Arboretum to pick up my fruit/ share that I ordered for the first time and being that it was my first time, I needed a little guidance and I also purchased one of your juices and it was, The Bomb, I mean soooo good, wow!  and now I have my very own Rawfully Organic juice bottle to put my juice in.   What I really loved was the fact that upon leaving I was faced with a big hug which reminded me of your video’s at the end when you say hugs and kisses…well I didn’t get the kisses, but I did get the hug….Lolll

  9. Janelle Nguyen // 28th January 2015 at 10:28 am // Reply


  10. I feel more power and energy. I listen to my body and go in the right direction 😉

  11. This was amazing, I just recommend using less dates. My organic medjool dates from whole foods were waaaaaay to sweet and this made the mylkshake too coyingly sweet


  13. Klara Christine // 3rd February 2015 at 4:04 pm // Reply

    Hey, Kristina! When will you send out the ebooks?! I am already so exciiiiiiiiiiiited! 🙂 <3 <3 <3

  14. oxPolinaBluexo13 // 6th February 2015 at 7:34 pm // Reply

    Hi Krisitna, 
    I was just wondering if you could post a video about some FullyRaw remedies you might use on the rare occasion that you get sick. Any tips/advice?

  15. You need to cut your hair is long and pretty

  16. I believe this is the sweetest thing I ever tasted! I Have not been part of the 21 fullyraw challenge and this is the first recipe I ever tried from FullyRawKristina, and it’s really good! With this amount of sweetness you will not crave suga, it’s really incredibly sweet.

  17. Can you make fully raw nutella? Like maybe use hazelnuts, and carob powder to substitute the chocolate.

  18. KRISTINA…. u talk to much

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