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Why I’m Closing Down Rawfully Organic After 11 Years

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After 11 Years, why I am shutting down Rawfully Organic. A number of you know me as the girl who carried around 80 pound. watermelons and started a raw food neighborhood co-operative around fruits and vegetables in Texas and who educated people on how to alter their health. Much has actually altered throughout the recent year, and in spite of my sadness in this video, I have SO MUCH EXPECT advantages to come. I encourage everybody to PLEASE ASSISTANCE YOUR RESIDENTS AND ORGANIC FARMERS. Your dollar makes a distinction. Small companies like mine go under everyday. Think of exactly what actually matters. Don't compromise your health. I wish to state a really special thank you to EVERYONE, the co-op community and volunteers, for loving this stunning bigger than life co-op as much as me, for all of your time and support and hugs. It has indicated the world. Me making this video is really since I have to show my co-op household what I occurring and I feel the have to be open and genuine, in hopes it can help to develop more positive modification. I took time to make this video. I will continue to make videos and recipes. Much remains in shop. I genuinely value your empathy and support throughout this time. Much love.

Order your signed copies of my book here: Register for My YouTube Channel here at and follow my Instagram at. Snapchat: fullyraw. Thank you for all your love and assistance! I value you all so much!

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