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Trans fats that are often used in cheap and processed snack foods are responsible for over half a million deaths worldwide, every year,  which is why the World Health Organization (WHO) has demanded that it be removed entirely from our food supply.

Trans fat often acts as a preservative in order to prolong the shelf life of foods that would otherwise go bad. Many countries have already taken action against this toxic additive and have measures in place to either ban it or drastically limit the amount that manufacturers are allowed to include. Don’t forget, the longer the shelf life, the shorter yours is. The majority of Western Europe has already been restricting the amount of trans fats that is being used in factory made foods. Denmark, like New York, has a complete ban on the substance. Canada has recently announced that manufacturers would have one year to completely phase out the use of trans fats in their products before a law restricting its use is passed in September of this year.

Because of the growing awareness to the potential health effects that come along with consuming a diet which includes trans fats, Big Food companies have been feeling the heat to find substitutes. Still, any substitute that is used will likely be used for the same purposes, to extend shelf life, and is likely to be another toxic substance. It’s as if these corporations know about it, wait for us to become aware of it, and then change happens… Perhaps this issue is bringing something more important to the light here, and that’s the fact that we shouldn’t really be eating anything, at least regularly, that needs some form of chemical or toxic preservative.

The WHO Calling All Governments, Worldwide To Take Action

Director of the Department of Nutrition for Health and Development at the WHO, Dr. Francesco Branca says , in regards to the amount of dairy products we are eating that contain trans fats,

We are saying that trans fats contained in those products have the same effect as industrial trans fat – we are not able to tell the difference, but the amount contained in dairy products is much less.

So, we know that trans fats are found in dairy products, along with many other potential health effects, specifically with commercially produced cheese and butter, we would do well to avoid that too. According to Branca, however, to get 2.2g of trans fatty acids you would have to eat 150g of 30% saturated fat or butter.

How many people do you know that eat 50g of butter? You can have your cheese, your butter or your litre of milk, That is fine.

Maybe from a strictly trans fat perspective only. The main take away is that many processed foods are much more harmful and contain a lot more trans fats than you should be consuming for optimal health. These substances destroy our health!

Why Is This Important Anyways?

If you are thinking, “I don’t eat processed food, and always try to avoid trans fat whenever possible anyways, so this doesn’t pertain to me” than congratulations, you are one step ahead of the game and it’s because of people like you who are opting out of supporting companies that use this ingredient and raising awareness that everything is changing.

Without awareness in regards to certain issues, we would never see them change. Regardless of your current dietary preferences, the fact that this has gained international attention to the point where it is being exposed as a toxin and petitioned to have banned completely, really just serves as a powerful example of how raising awareness and taking action can and will create change on the planet.

It’s just one of many examples that show how there are many positive events that are taking pace on our planet, and that people are changing. We are shifting towards less chemicals, not only in our food, but in our water, cleaning, cosmetic products, we are choosing organic, saying no to GMO’s, even banning pesticide use. We are heading in the right direction.

There is a growing concern for environmental welfare and because of this we are seeing so many sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives pop up and take the place of harmful products. We see devices that can clean the ocean and genius ways to put this plastic waste to good use. This is all happening because a growing level of awareness of ourselves and the environment we live in.

Kudos to all of you who are doing your part to literally BE the CHANGE you wish to see, your actions are making a difference, and this is merely one great example as to how that works.

Much Love

Read more about the dangers of trans fats here.


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