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Hillary Clinton Praises STD Queen

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Hillary Clinton recently sent out a letter applauding Emily DePasse, a female who proudly told the world that she is a "slut" and has herpes.

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75 Comments on Hillary Clinton Praises STD Queen

  1. Wermhats Wormhat // 15th September 2016 at 1:38 am // Reply

    Hillary is dying of Syphilis so it’s not surprising. I know a lot of people
    are saying pneumonia or parkinsons, but my money is on Billy induced
    syphilis! Be proud to be dying of syphilis. 70 year old mentally deranged
    syphilis invalids deserve equality and are being repressed so elect

  2. Actually I appreciate that honesty, now I know who not to sleep with.

  3. This woman is just a FUCKING IDIOT, what a disgusting fool.

  4. This is the problem!!! I’m a nurse & work in OB/GYN. I see all these young
    girls coming in with STD’s daily! Stop having unprotected sex, quit being
    unfaithful, and quit sleeping with anything that moves!!! Nice role model
    Hillary approving this!!! Ridiculous!

  5. I honestly hope President Trump could clear out one state of the country
    and drop all these feminists, SJW’s, leftists off and build a wall around

    • Who will be the one to fill it with water?

    • The way it is looking it would be the opposite. Why not cordon ourselves in
      Alaska and build a wall like how Israel did in the movie World War Z?
      Alaska is already separated from the lower 48, and there is so much awesome
      stuff there.

  6. Every day it gets more over the top. Everyone needs to organize with people
    they trust and some how get the signal to activate. It way past time to
    clean house .Paul Revere anyone.

  7. This is insane! Who in the world would praise themselves as a slut and
    trying to make the herp trendy? Oh God! WTF!

  8. There needs to be more slut-shaming if you ask me. Being a slut and having
    herpes is obviously not something to be proud of. These Leftists have no

    • +Justin sawchuk If they willingly want to have sex and spread their
      disease. I don’t think we should punish those who have STDs and don’t want
      to spread them, we should punish those who want to spread them. If I ever
      got a incurable STD I would probably never have sex again. So why punish
      those who don’t want to spread it?

    • Blue Mountain 48 // 15th September 2016 at 2:05 pm // Reply

      Ace to James G…On Comments…Unless YouTube have change you can ban
      someone and you will not see their comment. I do not know if this works
      anymore for I have never ban any one.

  9. Hillary don’t want a stigma because bill Clinton had aids. I can’t belive
    Noone has made this connection. look at him and his sores. he is skinny and
    looks aidsie

  10. This is why the wrath of God is coming because sin is now embraced and

  11. Our world has gone to hell. Crazy.

  12. Where can I get the sluts number???

  13. STDs are not Pokemon

  14. Hey, Paul, how can you tell this story with a straight face? You *are*
    telling it with a straght face, aren’t you?

  15. Hopefully she gets to embrace her sexual freedom by contracting that super

  16. I find I have to use the C word more and more. I NEVER used that word ONCE
    in 45 years, an now I use it all the time. It’s the only word that works
    for liberal women in America these days.

  17. clearly she is in confusion, she doesn’t even have any self respect. very
    sad, really. she is trashing her own body.

  18. What is wrong with this people? I seriously am beginning to think we should
    reevaluate them and determine if they should be placed in asylums because
    they are committing harm to themselves and others.

    • The NWO, will not let these people walk around free, yes they are the ones
      creating them, when they are done using them, they will be the first to go,
      I hope there are nice safe spaces in those fema camps.

  19. This is like that stupid Adam Sandler movie little Nicky, let the sin
    begin. I’m no Christian but you would have to be blind not to see the world
    being overrun by monsters and evil bastards.

  20. Hillary is probably dying from complications due to her own STD’s.

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