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In Defence of Freedom – David Icke’s opening remarks at final all-day Wake-Up Tour event

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39 Comments on In Defence of Freedom – David Icke’s opening remarks at final all-day Wake-Up Tour event

  1. Quirks and Features // 28th November 2017 at 11:20 am // Reply

    It’s ok to be white

    • steve parkes
      A pink ribbon means ‘breast cancer matters’. Does that mean no other cancer matters to them or are they just trying to bring awareness to it? Don’t think too hard. You might get a headache.

    • Catherine Jarman
      It’s true. They do have some problems. Are the better off now or before the war profiteers invaded and bombed everything. Who did 9/11 do you think? The 19 Muslim’s with box cutters. Lol. Or was it a false flag? Hmm.

    • Bad Man Skill A pink ribbon doesn’t kill people to cure cancer ,is that plain enough for you.

    • Catherine Jarman
      Some of the ISIS fighters are supported by the CIA you goof. Do you look into it yourself or just watch the fake news all the time but only take the stuff that fits your small world view.

    • steve parkes
      Actually I seen a woman with no breasts strangle a man to death with a pink ribbon for saying testicular cancer matters.

  2. I’ve been different all my life! So nice to know I’m not alone……

    • Lea Schrodt your not alone there’s plenty waking up to this insane system . That quote comes to mind they laugh at my because I’m different I laugh at them because there all the same.

    • Jason Cassey Thankyou for taking the time to answer. I guess we just know things but it’s difficult to explain to others……

    • Lea Schrodt no problem I’m over the moon I am different . Look at the results of (normal ) across the world . Erm no thanks normal to me is insane.

    • Jody Poehl 6th density artist well said

  3. I am Brazilian and I like are you say, however British are still asleep.

  4. THE DOOM SHOW Clint robinsons Crazy Train // 28th November 2017 at 11:36 am // Reply

    cheers mate

  5. I hope that Gandhi was correct. Stay safe, David. We don’t want any “accidents”.

  6. 20+ years and yet to be silenced. Continue the journey my good man. You have already won

  7. Look at the approach of the agents in the comments!
    Flat earth dipsticks

  8. d͓̽ e͓̽ e͓̽ p͓̽ g͓̽ r͓̽ e͓̽ e͓̽ n͓̽ // 28th November 2017 at 12:10 pm // Reply

    they used to ridicule him, now actively trying to supress him with underhanded tactics.

  9. You are winning now, David,…..the world loves you.♥

  10. the people trying to silence people like David Icke are typically connected to wall st, the cia, or even the military.

  11. David, you are a light of truth and inspiration, thank you!


  13. Man united is a illuminati club,billionaire Jewish owners,number 7 is the star player,devil on the badge,you’ve got 11 players on the field,manager on the side – 12,then the club itself the star 13

  14. Looking forward to seeing you in Norwich next year. If you want any help promoting it (not that you need to) I can get posters put up locally

  15. SALT OF THE EARTH // 28th November 2017 at 1:04 pm // Reply

    David when will you come to Ireland. Been subbed to you a few years now come to Limerick city. I’m sure lots of people would Go. I would do all I can to promote you. Limerick population is about 100.000 but if you got 1000 people to turn up would be a start. Well respect to you DAVID UP AGAINST GOLIATH.. We are with you. . GOD BLESS. Ps they all call me mad in the head. I laugh and tell them you just keep drinking the fluoridated water and ill be grand. lol

  16. All my life I have been through the same things David Icke describes…I quit while back trying to blend with everybody else…I am different and I am proud to be different…I now totally understand the reason I am here on this planet at this point and time and why I resonate with everything David Icke is saying. 100% with him. I am not alone and he’s not alone either…there are many of us and the number is rising everyday, that comforts and uplifts my spirit. Thank you David and thank all of you who are different, awake, aware and authentic humans and star-beings! Thank you!

    • Darrenjames Kerr // 28th November 2017 at 6:16 pm // Reply

      Well said, I feel the same.

    • Catherine Jarman // 29th November 2017 at 12:03 am // Reply

      I agree with much of what David Icke says but there are certain things he avoids, like what we are supposed to do about the islamic death cult in our midst, the fact that our country is being taken over by this clearly savage cult and we have to deal with those who want to kill us and rape thousands of our children – just telling these people we are all one etc etc will obviously not work. So acknowledgement of the all too evident dangers of this death cult of conquest would be good. After all Islam is building an empire in plain view, taking/part taking country after country by brute force – Somalia, Sudan, Pakistan, Malaysia, lebanon, Macedonia just a few of many examples – David Ickes ideas are good and he tells the truth about those behind so much of the world’s troubles but he does not seem to acknowledge the fact that as well as the elites, there are numerous other psychopaths in the world and we have to deal with them. It is not helpful to pretend that this is not a fact.

  17. Enlightened News // 28th November 2017 at 3:17 pm // Reply

    Keep up the great work. I too thought you were mad after watching you present sport. Then going on about aliens and lizard people. I’m still not convinced on the lizard people. But yes you have opened my eyes to the Zionists and the illuminate and what they are doing to us all.

  18. On DVD? Cool!

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