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IRAN-som: Obama’s Felonies Revealed

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Obama's media allies initially directed interest far from Obama's captive ransom, then aimed to inform us the timing and secrecy were not suspicious, simply coincident. However by his own admission, Obama's secret transfer of foreign money to an USA he himself has actually identified as terrorist makes up a felony with a charge of Twenty Years in prison.

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55 Comments on IRAN-som: Obama’s Felonies Revealed

  1. they should put Obama and Hillary in the same cell

  2. kristin brandenburg // 8th August 2016 at 11:40 pm // Reply

    How is she managing to fool so many people? Her and O both! Pathetic

  3. Nite Explorer // 8th August 2016 at 11:41 pm // Reply

    a ransom and money laundering 400 million plus a billion more to go
    the U.S. marines need to go to the White House and arrest Obama

  4. impeach, NOW !

  5. So the government stole tax money and gave it to terrorist to kill their
    countryman and they are still in office. Don’t you love the law, its only
    enforced on the poor or any police office would be screaming for an arrest
    warrant so they could kick her door in…

    • That’s why we must support Trump….bring back law & order.

    • +No GMO Joe he’s gonna be POTUS witch is puppet of the useless shits but
      will he have any real power or is he just another glory hunter. I want to
      believe but if something is to good to be true it normally is

    • +ed ohanian surly you must know the terrorist are put there by the
      Americans & English governments we know it but have no power, if the people
      had a choice there would be no war at all

  6. daniel villarreal // 8th August 2016 at 11:49 pm // Reply

    Obama is gonna get some of that money when he get out of office. But you’re
    not gonna be able to trace it, No paper work to follow.

  7. George Zimmernotamann // 8th August 2016 at 11:54 pm // Reply

    Hillary Clinton 2016

    Send Melania back to Mexico!

  8. Garrett Applin // 9th August 2016 at 12:01 am // Reply

    Trump needs to bring up her health issues so she has to come out to public
    about her health issues because she is not healthy enough to be our

  9. Jennifer Bestemianova // 9th August 2016 at 12:02 am // Reply

    Obama is maybe the worst criminal in human story 2nd by Hillary Clinton and

  10. The Alex Jones Channel // 9th August 2016 at 12:04 am // Reply


    • Kelly Dardeen // 9th August 2016 at 4:47 am // Reply

      Alex is a Nobody LOL !!! and Your a TROLL : ) If the Truth Scares You go
      back to the Cartoon Network ! How is it that Your here commenting if Alex
      is a Nobody ???

    • +James R
      you say the people who were released were not hostages? Then why could they
      just not leave? If they weren’t hostages, why were they released?

    • RC COCINACORRADI // 9th August 2016 at 6:56 am // Reply

      +Pawknee123 no I heard they were not all hostages I think some committed
      crimes in Iran

  11. is the Man of Lawlessness being revealed?

  12. clubfoot “bill” kenney // 9th August 2016 at 12:36 am // Reply

    big news from a connect in windsor today!!! a new bar is opening with one
    of canada’s first fully transgender bathrooms!!!!, off the record who told
    me because the place isnt open yet but there are more details if
    required!!!! get back asap!! there is also a panic button in the washroom!

  13. A Muslim Monkey committing crimes, imagine that…

  14. I admit haven’t been watching the news for awhile. But thought he’d be in
    jail by now…

  15. Uncle Sam launders money? So does President Obama go to prison? Where did
    that money come from. Remember the young Journalist who was beheaded.

  16. Nikkie Rakestraw // 9th August 2016 at 3:52 am // Reply

    well every thing they r talking about.. is an absolute fact.. come on
    people .. really? wake the hell up.. you may not like Alex.. but his words
    are fact!!!

  17. luigi jimenez // 9th August 2016 at 6:52 am // Reply

    How is it ransom? We owed them that money for the F16s they never received.
    A international court was going to rule against the US which we would of
    had to pay billions in interest. Stop listening to these fear mongering

    • please, this is no time to be bringing facts to the table, infowars has a
      presidential candidate to shill for and t-shirts and tangy tangerine to
      sell… facts be damned!

    • Listenbuddy1 // 9th August 2016 at 5:28 pm // Reply

      They owe us that money for the time and treasure being used to deal with
      their nuclear program.

    • luigi jimenez // 9th August 2016 at 5:30 pm // Reply

      +Listenbuddy1 An international court was going to rule against us and make
      us pay billions in interest.

  18. SlipperyRock #9 // 9th August 2016 at 9:42 am // Reply

    The cockroaches are scurrying in the light. Hello cockroaches WE SEE YOU !

  19. chadwick hayes // 9th August 2016 at 11:19 am // Reply

    The United States doesn’t negotiate with terrorist well the America I once

  20. Brian Michael (Gingerbread Zombie) // 9th August 2016 at 1:36 pm // Reply

    as an addendum, Obama for prison too. If he gets that UN spot he’ll get
    killed by someone. Hopefully by President Putin. Netanyahu gets my vote, by
    the way.

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