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A World On The Brink Of War?! U.N. Showdown Is Not What It Seems

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42 Comments on A World On The Brink Of War?! U.N. Showdown Is Not What It Seems

  1. Always pleasure to see you in the notification box. Let’s see what you got there, blow me away Jacob.

  2. A lot happening. Made a video about the pope selling out to China’s beast system.
    Just trying to get the message out.

    Much love Jacob. Also ran across you today in the comments section of seeker. Coincidence? Doubtful.

    God bless.

  3. Bad actors everywhere! Just trying to keep my house in order is all I can do. God bless you brothers and sisters. Time’s almost up.

  4. I believe they’re actually expecting a threat from “beyond”, but to admit that could lead to mass hysteria and civil unrest of epic proportions, suicides, etc. wait for it…….

  5. You, sir, are hilarious when you’re tired! Go to bed!!! LOL

  6. LiveLaughLoveLife LiveLaughLoveLife // 26th September 2018 at 1:22 am // Reply

    But we pay Isis and train them….

  7. This is off the topic. All the leaders share a bloodline and if you think Trump is not guess again, he is related to Clinton

    • Yahawashi is KING I get that. I do. God put it on my heart to vote for and support Trump. So I do. I have yet to find any evidence that he is in any way part of the “evil” side. If he is, so be it. The Lord knows what he’s doing and we can’t alter prophecy

    • Yahawashi is KING // 26th September 2018 at 4:17 pm // Reply

      +Alicia Eddy some people have the gift to understand prophesy. The whole goal is to warn those who have a chance at salvation and to prophesy against the wicked. So if someone believes DJT fits prophetic symbolism, that’s also the premise of his video or statement.

      No. We can not change anything. But we aren’t to just sit back and burry our heads either. Unless, of course, you want to.

      That’s all I meant by the fun fact about the presidential bloodline should give us all pause. It’s like a HUGE foul everyone see as blatantly done. It sticks out like a sore thumb.

    • Yahawashi is KING // 26th September 2018 at 4:18 pm // Reply

      +Alicia Eddy btw I’m not objecting to your idea. It just seemed I had to clarify my own.

    • Yahawashi is KING Please know that I am not one to bury my head.

    • Yahawashi is KING I get that. No worries. Only love. I’m a curious person

  8. Thank God-.- your video came just in time. Love your content Jacob, I listen to it with an open mind, and man do you not disappoint.

  9. The alert on everyones phones reminds me of the movie The Kingsmen when an alarm went out over the phones and everyone went freaking crazy….Lord please dont it be something like that..

  10. Just keep Gods words in your heart and trust him..

    • Yahawashi is KING // 26th September 2018 at 2:36 pm // Reply

      His TRUE words that is. And most people don’t know God’s true words bc they don’t READ. They allow others to tell them what IN THAT BOOK.

  11. I’m turning off my phone on October 3rd.

  12. So, a while back I clicked on a couple of videos and said to myself, “this dood’s a little too manic for my taste”.
    Then I clicked on a couple more and thought: “but he has some decent content and a good heart”.
    Then I subscribed and check your stuff out as it shows up on my feed. You’re doin’ good stuff and I appreciate your effort.

  13. Thank You for all that you do my brother. I am NOT religious by any means but there is a lot of truth to our very own thoughts and actions are what create our reality. If you think only bad then guess what? That’s right, you’ll only see the bad. Be the change you want to see everyone. I hope you all have a wonderful night. Jacob, much love and respect from Southern Indiana.

  14. Jacob , there’s a rumor going around that trump is planning on military arrests for 50,000 government employees including the bushes the clintons and Obama … BTW I’d like to see your impersination of Arnie …. Get to dah chopa !!!! Whose ya daddy and what does he do !!!!

    • SeriousTimes oh yeah that’s right … Were all conspiracy theorist or were all crazybecause we bring light to truth … And now they don’t like that the people behind all this madness … So they censor under the guise of hate speech … this is why events are happening all around us christ is waking up his people … I tell u this this is going to be hell on Earth once the Christian’s are raptured . I look forward to being caught up to the clouds away from this dark and evil place … Mankind has destroyed this Earth . I’ve seen dreams of what it was supposed to be like here , free and loving, not controlling and fresh . No technology no vehicles… Ah so peaceful

    • Johnathan kleck has videos of our currency and how they hide in plain site all the false flag events since 9- 11 in pictures when you fold our 20s 50s 100s you get all the images of the false flags it’s really sick.

    • +Nicole Secrest I saw that, at first I thought John Kleck was loosing his mind, But now he’s one of my favorites. The Evil that we are experiencing, can slide right past the average person. Because, Comon, who thinks like that. I mean really, my parents didn’t raise me to think that way, where did these people come from. Hells minions

    • SeriousTimes I thought he was cooked out my self too but then he brought the truth to light … Man the lord uses people for that.

    • +Nicole Secrest I recently had a personal revelation, I asked the Lord in my life around 94or95, I back slide some but have always believed even from a child. But recently I just figured out Something. Like Kleck, you can say what you want, but the man puts truth in your face, he believes what he says. And he pours his Hart out, to strangers… Personally most of my life I’ve guarded my Heart Like It’s glass, I’ve stressed over dumb things, I knew that God was real, but because of my own constipated psychology on life, I never lived the word or allowed myself or asked my Lord to tell me where you want me and there I will go. And Truly mean it, But I Recently have,AMEN. And the doors flung wide open, and the Lord has transformed me into a much better spirit than I’ve ever Been, all Glory Be To The Father the Son and Holy Ghost. I believe it has everything to do with the Time we are in. But True to his word, When I Finally got Serious, The Lord learned me right up to the next level of understanding. Jesus is Awesome… I can’t imagine what awaits us in heaven…And I Believe John Kleck helped in his own quirky way… And That’s why I like this channel, Jacob’s a quirky kinda guy too, But he’s also REAL. And that I’ve learned to be important…God Bless All…

  15. Wars & Rumors Of Wars…..

  16. Identity Politics is the greatest thing that is being shoved on everyone. DO NOT identify as white, black, gay, or whatever, be a sovereign individual.

  17. Well for the 2ND TIME over past months your videos stopped coming to my inbox. Also I was not suscribed to channel even tho I RE-subbed AGAIN in July. So this is 3rd time to subscribe. And then I did unsubscribe from some truther channels due to overwhelming negative commentary and those videos KEEP COMING to inbox. I do not think I have ever gotten notice of your uploads and you do not come up in the “similar” vid lineups. Its so weird!!!! What is going on with your channel??

    • That’s why I want people to remember I ALWAYS have a new show… don’t wait for notifications lol … appreciate you telling me , it could bum me out IF I didn’t understand that everything happens for good reason, even if people mean things for bad for those that Love God it always turns out for good.

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