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BREAKING: Planet X Shocking Announcement Reveals NASA Asteroid Redirect Mission COVER STORY!

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Incredible news regarding Nibiru was just revealed and the piece of the puzzle have all come together. This video brings it all together, Mandela Effect, Cern, Gothard Tunnel, the Hopi Prophecy and Nibiru, it's all linked and you're going to find out why. Please do Subscribe, Check the Bell, Like, Comment, and Share this video with others.

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71 Comments on BREAKING: Planet X Shocking Announcement Reveals NASA Asteroid Redirect Mission COVER STORY!

  1. See i really dont know if your a shill or not one key is you dont say u do this for Jesus Christ yet u give the illusion you are so are you a shill, maybe

    • freddiebootleg // 1st April 2017 at 12:58 am // Reply

      Maybe the best people here trying to help EVERYONE aren’t doing it in the name of anyone one person? Stop me if you know that. Riddles everywhere.. 🙂

    • The Millennial Sage // 4th April 2017 at 12:33 pm // Reply

      Enterthemind1 that’s actually very far from the truth. egyptian deity version is nothing of the acts of Yeshua. stop being blasphemous.

    • DropbearKelly Autism Mummy vlogs // 4th April 2017 at 12:51 pm // Reply

      ChristianThe- Xposer Respectfully, I must say that Jakob is in absolutely no way a shill. I’ve been watching him since almost the beginning of his channel as I personally research the topics in his content. I’m also a Theology teacher at a University here in Australia. Jacob is a true Christian and man of BOTH God and truth. He is able to RECONCILE scientific facts with his deep faith and with scripture. Which must be done.
      I understand your worrries, government shills are all over youtube and social media, trying to distract us from THE TRUTH, from their nefarious, elitist plans. I ASSURE you in good faith, Jacob Israel is NOT one of those vile ppl, such as Alex Jones and his Freemason upbringing to be the ‘perfect shill’. Jacob is the real deal.

    • DropbearKelly Autism Mummy vlogs // 7th April 2017 at 1:47 am // Reply

      +ChristianThe- Xposer I completely agree. I do try not to engage in that nonsense. We’re all entitled to our opinions and of course you have the right to question absolutely anything you wish!

  2. Hey there,,, what does that piece of paper say hanging beside your clock?

  3. Lorelei Kohnke // 31st March 2017 at 8:48 pm // Reply

    I’m a flat earthern. All the stars are going to fall to earth like figs. So whatever they are, they’re not massive rocks and flaming balls of fire. So I’ll be moving on now.

    • Lorelei Kohnke // 9th April 2017 at 5:46 am // Reply

      and the stars of the sky fell to the earth as the fig tree sheds its winter fruit when shaken by a gale.
      Revelation 6:13 ESV

    • Stars are fallen angels. Nibiru/Wormwood is Satan

    • lgbt bathroom // 12th April 2017 at 5:22 pm // Reply

      Flat earther=member of a cult

    • This reference in scripture was in Revelation which at the begging of Revelation, it’s stated that the whole book of Revelation was “Signified” or in other-words “Coded” with Symbolism, symbolism which always used when regarding “Prophetic” texts, that is scriptures that refer to future events. In order to understand these texts, you must understand “prophetic” symbols or the “Prophetic” language such as “Beasts” refer to Kingdoms of the Earth, a Woman symbolizes a “Church” a day is equal to a Thousand Years, and so forth. With that in mind, it’s quite possible the text regarding the Stars falling like figs from the Heavens is in no way “Literal” It’s “Symbolic” The same goes for the reference of the Earth being Firmament with four corners, which is the Basis for the “Flatt-Earthers” to base their entire Flatt Earth theory being Biblical off of, when that also was just “Symbolic” but let’s just say for the sake of Argument that it is infact literal (which I’ll admit, it’s possible some aspects of Revelation are meant to be taken literally) This could easily be explained in the sense that if an All Powerful, All knowing Creator could create Earth and everything in it in just 7 days by just speaking it into existence, INCLUDING the Stars in Space as stated in the Book of Genesis, then how unlikely is it to believe that He could just as easily speak them out of existence at the end of time, burning the whole Earth with Fire, whilst then crating an entirely new Heaven with new constellations, planets, stars, and what not? He perhaps does this for the sole reason Humanity had worshiped Stars, and Constellations in the form of Zodiacs for thousands of years, and He wants No reminder of those things left when He rebuilds Earth into a new Earth, one without Sin or Evil in existence! God is a God of both Supernatural Wonder and Science. It’s quite possible his Miracles could very well be explained Scientifically, it’s just way beyond our level of comprehension, and therefore, we’ve no fathoming of it! He made the Earth and all things follow principles and guidelines which we’ve modeled into a theory of Physics, he doesn’t just have everything work on “Magic” It’s very simple if you think of the entire Universe as a sort of “Holographic-Projection” made up of the tiniest vibrating rings of energy at the Quantum Level which make up all of matter itself, existing almost like some sort of “Space Simulation” or “Giant Universe sized” Matrix / computer, and God’s the “User” who programs everything into being in this simulation by voice command. Therefore him removing the stars from the sky is as simple as one deleting a simulated star in a computer simulation of space, except God does it more dramatically, and instead of making them just “Poof” vanish, he has them fall, because he’s not just a Creator, he’s a story teller, he wants to make everything Climatic and exciting at the End for us to enjoy like a real living move! How could any of us appreciate the Here after if we’ve nothing to compare it to? If it wasn’t for our suffering in this world the way it is now, then we’d not be able to look forward to a Heaven later, because we’d already have Heaven on Earth already! What He is doing, is he’s creating a “Narrative” through thousands of years of Human History, in order for us to that much better appreciate the End when there is no more Evil, but only Paradise and life Everlasting without time! In a nutshell this whole “The Earth is Flatt” is just something people have been using in defense of “Creationism” against that of “Science” being typically “Evolutionist” When the fact is, there are “Creationist” Scientists afterall! Science in and of itself does not discourage or discredit Creationism or the Existence of God, that’s only “Evolution” which accounts to only one aspect of Science, and not “All of Science” as a whole! Science is not Anti-God, only Scientists who also subscribe to Evolution! I mean, common sense ought tell you that! The world being “Round” does NOT mean, the Bible isn’t real, or that Creation Never happened! Just because it seems the majority of Scientists out there are “Evolutionist / Atheistic” does not mean in any way that Science is in opposition to the Bible itself!

    • Tennessee Boss // 1st May 2017 at 1:57 am // Reply

      That was very well spoken couldn’t have said it better myself!

  4. giants walked the earth before

  5. Kris Michaels // 31st March 2017 at 8:56 pm // Reply

    Jacob did you use Niburu’s pressure system to pump up your biceps! Good progress man! should do a video on tips for diet.

    • Recovering Soul // 1st April 2017 at 1:04 am // Reply

      +Jacob Israel Actually that isn’t a bad idea. Based on your comments about AS and arthritis, I think you might have the same blood type that I have. I want to get copper supplements or at least copper cookware. There are supplements to combat radiation too, like the stuff hitting us from incoming brown dwarf/Nibiru whatever it is.

    • daghost0586 // 1st April 2017 at 3:14 am // Reply

      Jacob Israel hey you ever checked out photohelix channel great stuff on mendela effect and Christian views

    • daghost0586 Yes, photohelix videos are terrific!

  6. MMA FROM THE HEARTLAND // 31st March 2017 at 8:57 pm // Reply

    love u bro, planets are wondering stars NASA lies

    • Negative Energy // 1st April 2017 at 1:01 am // Reply

      there is an old saying ”the simplest solution is often the right one”, get a telescope and observe this ”3-D representation” for yourself, you quite quickly find out that these object moves, and sometimes you can’t see them and it also depends on where you are on the globe, in fact if you observe them for long enough you will realize there is a pattern, a predictable pattern on where it will be in the sky and when it will not be visible, and the strange observation about this pattern is it almost seems like it’s orbiting the Sun, how incredibly strange indeed.

    • MMA FROM THE HEARTLAND // 1st April 2017 at 1:03 am // Reply

      I’m referring to what the ancients used to call the “planets” they called them wondering stars. And I would say I’m not taking NASA’s word for it, considering they have been known, and caught lieing multiple times. You don’t have to take my word for it, look it up for yourself. They receive 50+million per day to give us CGI crap. As far as the iss goes, it should be able to get better pics of these “planets” and even ours but they don’t. You send amateur balloon up and see much about the same as the iss shows, only the iss is supposed to be 250 miles orbiting earth, and the major difference is the lack of curve. Also a major lack of satellites as well. Idk seems odd that at 20+ miles up u can’t see any satellites or space junk? Fact of the matter is they are lights, they don’t know what they are. Why don’t we ask more and more… Who are we, why are we here, what is this place REALLY, who put us here, I think when you realize that,then you can figure out the rest. Love to you all, thanks be to Father

    • J.M.E. Escoto // 2nd April 2017 at 8:09 pm // Reply

      Yes planets are wondering stars… It’s called retrograde? I would have thought one would of known that by now? Ha

    • Dan Popiano well yeah if you go to jupiter and see earth from jupiter, earth looks like a start

    • Dan Popiano who knows if all the stars we see at night are planets.


  8. Psyop Factory // 31st March 2017 at 9:01 pm // Reply

    NASA is a fraud. Nobody has been in space let alone on the Moon. Maybe in a different timeline, in the current timeline it is not possible to go into outerspace.

    • Here’s a little fun fact, you can take a Laser and point it on a certain point on the Moon and it will bounce back and you can detect this! That is because we left a Mirror on the Moon for that very purpose! This would be utterly impossible to detect this if we hadn’t placed that Mirror on the Moon itself! Lulz, “Who set a telephone wire to the moon” That’s entirely ridiculous! We don’t need to put a telephone wire up in space in order to send a call to Nixon, we sent Radio Transmissions! There’s even a delay of aprx. 1.3 seconds between NASA Mission Control and Apollo 11, and that’s because it takes roughly 1.3 seconds for the signal to reach the distance of the Earth to the Moon!

    • Precisely! Exactly what I mentioned previously in the upper comments, that I’m “Theoretical” and also Science itself is highly Theoretical, which means most Science is a series of Theories built upon each other, until one disproves the other and thus a new theory or Scientific Model is formed to replace it. You’ll find that most Scientists don’t ever say anything is absolutely factual. Oh, and no, I personally do not subscribe to “Darwinism” and why am I not surprised you’d suggest so? It’s because you’ve a “Shallow” understanding of “Science” and “Scientists” in general by making these Generalizations. Has it ever occurred to you that no two Scientists or Science Enthusiasts, are alike? What possibly possessed you to believe that Science, and the belief in it somehow unequivocally and Automatically = Darwinist? Here’s a Revolutionary thought, you might have not thought to think, that there is this thing such as “Creationist Based- Scientists” Go look it up. It appalls and disgusts me that you’d have the Nerve to make such blanket accusation and overall Assessment of someone you hardly know anything about, sorely based on them making a few comments about something. Here’s what I believe, and I’ll tell you straight out. I believe that the “Creationist Biblical” perspective is not discredited by Science, only by Evolutionist / Atheistic based rhetoric which “Some” but not “All” Science oriented folk subscribe to. Also, I don’t believe the world has to be A “Dome” or “Flatt” in order for Scripture to be accurate, for a lot of Scriptural Texts were mostly Symbolic, and not 100% Literal all the time, and it’s not up to us to Cherry pick which ones are and which ones are not literal, because that’s an Argument no two sides could win! Here’s what I think. I think This whole “Flatt-Earth” nonsense is nothing but a Psychological Operative (a.k.a PSy-Op) in the form of Psychological Warfare being made in response to Creationist based believes pushing back against Science based Evolutionist Doctrine that’s been taking over our schools for many years now. Creation Beliving folk are Pissed that this Evolution stuff has been thought to their Children and thus this “Flatt-Earth” is even more popular to them, for it gives them the ability to get revenge and fight against the Evolutionists, despite their own Religion (Biblical Christianity that is) stating to allow disbelievers to be disbeivers, or “LEt the Wheat and Tarres grow together” or that other Scriptual text that states “It is not up to us to Judge those in this world, but up to God” See this also why so many people turn to Atheism, when some psychotic “Self-proclaimed-Christian” goes preaching on the streets with a Megaphone “Repent” or one who goes and Bashes the Gays as being Heretics that will Burn in Hell! If they truly believed in the Gospels, they’d not do that sorta of thing in the first place! This whole Flatt Earth thing gives these Revenge seeking Christian folk a platform to judge and shout against Evolutionism, when they really shouldn’t be bothered by it none, honestly. It isn’t up to them to have to try and convert folks into their beliefs! So that’s one factor as to why it’s gaining so much esteem online, these folks are angry, they feel violated by science always saying “Aliens-Exist” or “We Evolved from Mokeys” and thus they promote this Flatt Earth Crap with ever more fervent ferocity and thus it gains momentum and shapes the collective conscious furthering the already polarized divide. This is where the whole “Psy-Op” thing comes into play, whatever powers to be that put this whole “The Earth being flatt validates the Bible” idea in Christians heads, was hoping this would spread like the wild Cancerous tumor it is, in order to shape and mold the minds of the masses “Argumentum Ad Poppulum” or “Argument of the Masses” or in other words “what is popularly argued to be true” is now this idea that the World must be flatt in order for the bible to be legit, so what do you think will happen when Space X takes off and more people in the years to come see more and more evidence that the Earth is infact Round? It’d be like Finding out Santa isn’t real, all the flatt earth believers would be crushed, just like Morehpeus in the Matrix Film when he finds out Neo in’t the one, and that his belief in his Prophecy was all a fabricated lie! They will all then Shun their previous belief in the Bible, in Creationism, their hearts will all wax cold and they will move forward into thinking it was all just a lie, because these people put the idea in their head that the world has to be flatt in order for their precious beliefe in the Bible to be true, when in truth, the world can be a globe, we can infact go to the Moon, and there yet still be a Creator, and an Apocalyptic End of Time one day!

    • In order for a Doomsday Scenario to take place like stated in Biblical Revelations, “A Great Falling Away” must happen first. This could just very well all be the final setting stones being set in place to orchestrate a Massive falling away from Christian Based belief into that of an entirely “Science” based Era in the next few decades (or just a few years) to come, by disappointing the flatt earthers when the flatt earthers discover the world isn’t flatt and thus give up their believes in Creation altogether. Once that has happened, and everything still continuously get’s out of control and worse with climate change, natural disasters, disease and what not, the stage is perfectly set for an False Messiah to take Center Stage and suggest it was this “Turning to Science” that has caused all these bad things to happen and that everyone must go back to Faith in order for the Earth to be saved ushering in the Anti-Christ “Beast” system and Millions or Billions of people massively falling into that sort of deception worshiping this False Messiah that does False Miracles and getting everyone back to believing their “False-Christianity” Meanwhile, those who realize this is an imposer and not the true return of Christ, and refuse to go along, will be branded as “Heretics” / “Traitors” to the State and disbelieves, similar to how the Catholic Church Excommunicates folks and they are sent to concentration camps, or Mental institutions / imprisoned and everyone who follows this impostor calming to be God Himself, will think those folk that do not follow him, deserve their imprisonment, and will even go so far as to think they are lost or Damned, when actually it’s the other way around, they are Damned for following this false Christ Figure!

    • Truth Happens – Same, point taken as well, and thanks for taking the time to do as such, as have I! That’s pretty cool that you profess as such, actually, there’s something we both can “Agree to Agree” upon at least! As for why I suggest judging everyone, I mostly mean those “Outside” as in those found commonly out in the world, it’s not up to us to bother with those, but to instead judge those from within our own ranks instead, is more what I meant to say. That is why it shocks me why folks focus their judgement against all these Random Evolutionist folk or people out and about online, just let them be.

      1st Corinthians 5:12-13
      “It isn’t my responsibility to judge outsiders, but it certainly is your responsibility to judge those inside the church who are sinning.
      God will judge those on the outside; but as the Scriptures say, “You must remove the evil person from among you.”

    • Mercury Messenger7 // 18th June 2017 at 8:12 pm // Reply

      Psyop Factory oh shut up … prove NASA is a fraud you idiot

  9. EverydayMasters // 31st March 2017 at 9:13 pm // Reply

    Hopi is pronounced like Hopey. Love your vids

  10. Jacob, this is genius and terrifying. I love how your mind works. We are all going to look back when this comes true and remember where we heard it first 🙂

    • Jacob Israel // 31st March 2017 at 9:19 pm // Reply

      Y swoo from your keyboard to Gods eyes 🙂 much love my friend and I appreciate it, please do share it with others

    • +Jacob Israel my sons wont let me talk about the mandela effect et al but they will listen to you (only you)

  11. Jacob, check out the info on Rh-Negative blood types, it will give you more conformation that humanity has been hybridized or screwed with in the distant past and possibly right now. Whitley believes.

  12. Great video Jacob.

    Really enjoyed that I did and was excited and laughing like one should. The ANU is freaky and it sent me out of our time and space. What if we are the Gods in our own past? It certainly is one for bending your mind around but given time/space/dimensions? Spooky.

    My specialty or vast experience is analyzing and understanding the behavior of things. People, business, process, the mind and why things happen, identifying early and creating individual intervention strategy etc and if you can understand the behavior of something you can understand the Why and in turn the greater purpose. I am currently dissecting the bible and find it most interesting. I have never read the bible before but over the last 5 months I have been behavior and thought process mapping parts. Very very interesting results and I have no doubt that this book, written over 1200 years and containing 66 different books was meant for us, this generation of people to prepare us for this time, the end of days.
    Very exciting.
    There is lots about the frequency based universe and also lots hidden in phonics and the breaking down of words and the meaning of syllables. Also much about the personality of God and if you follow the right crumbs then the meaning is there. I wont disclose my umbrella theory here but it ties everything in and makes sense also regards God being outside our time and space, knowing our thoughts, knowing the names of every star in the universe ‘he calls them all by name’. Very exciting times.

    The people going crazy, or thinking they are made me laugh. I’ve been there over the last year. It has settled and my mind is open. I’ve always been an open minded thinker with a huge imagination but over this last year….wow.

    That’s enough for now. In my mind there is no doubt that there is a creator, that we are at the end of days and that we have nothing to fear. Those who have been feeding Gods children lies and a diet of fear and stress to restrict them spiritually are the ones who are scared and trying to find a way out to avoid his judgement. The beginning and the end are set, he gave us the rest to play with.

    Peace and love. The truth will set you free. If you feel you need a step to that though……read the bible and listen to Alter Bridge 🙂


    • Princess Prozac // 1st April 2017 at 12:39 am // Reply

      Wow love your way of thinking

    • Star Sister what a lovely comment. this is the tip of my iceberg. I haven’t say too much forn case they come and scoop my brain out lol. Thank you again. If you like my train of thought please check out my poems. they are generally very deep and border on all these issues. I’m not great at videos and such but writing and sharing is my pleasure and my gift (I’ve been told). Enjoy. HB.

    • ukjunglist26 Thank you. Truth transcends. Check out my video ‘new dawn’and let me know what you think. it’s my first piece to music and your name suggests you like a tune. Be well brotha. HB.

    • Jacob Israel I absolutely know it wasn’t. I enjoy watching you and hearing the links and ideas you share and you’re on it. you’re doing a great thing. I’d join you but there is enough going a better job there than I could. Keep up the great work and thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts on your comments. I would also like to know what you think of my poetry vids around these issues if you have time. I know Jacob is a busy bunny. HB.

    • vicky wharfe thank you for taking the time for thoughts and feedback. Apositive connection is always appreciated. HB.

  13. anu = ahh new, hopi = hopeee
    not big deal just heads up

  14. Love your enthusiasm man. Great stuff.

    • +john watwood thanks so mich brother

    • john watwood // 1st April 2017 at 12:10 am // Reply

      Yup. You do put a smile on my face. Plus, you are correct with us, people, needing to become more kind, peaceful, loving, and spiritual. I also like how you tie everything together: ancient texts and heritage stories, Mandella Affect, Nibiru, Cern, Nasa, etc. Keep up the great work!

  15. Brittany Goodman // 1st April 2017 at 2:11 am // Reply

    To all the flat earth believers you guys really need to look at all evidence involving this issue the earth it’s not flat we live on a sphere. And there is way a lot of evidence that proves it. This flat earth theory doesn’t hold up what so ever. Go6od created the earth and all the universe, there are many planets billions and billions of them. And billions of galaxy’s. Heaven is never ending the Lord would need it that way to be able to fill heaven with all his children from all his world’s throughout the universe. Everyone has a right to believe what they want but come on people the earth is not flat. God bless all of you. And remember Jesus loves you. And so do I.
    P.S Jacob is the man love ya brother.

    • My Channel's Name // 4th April 2017 at 12:06 pm // Reply

      Brittany Goodman what evidence? Can you provide any “proof” not supplied by an agency that gets government funding?

    • The Millennial Sage // 4th April 2017 at 12:34 pm // Reply

      My Channel’s Name nice troll lol

    • Mikki Refur // 20th June 2017 at 7:52 pm // Reply

      Flat earth holds up to sea level, no curvature found anywhere. No planets but luminaries.

      The Lord needs nothing and sits above us, we are like grasshoppers to him. We dont believe the earth is flat we know it is not a spinning ball through the fictional place called space.

      Yes Jesus loves us and Genesis 1 does not fit into modern cosmological explanations.

    • Shane Raines // 22nd June 2017 at 1:14 am // Reply

      Mikki Refur climb mount Everest and then tell me there’s no curvature.

  16. awesome job. i know a lot of work went into this and i for one really appreciate it. thanx jacob.

  17. Excellent video Jacob, this was one of the best. lots covered, very entertaining, keep up the great work man! Love your videos.

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