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20 Comments on Christ’s TOMB Finally DISCOVERED! What’s FOUND Within Will SHOCK the WORLD!!!! END TIMES PROPHECY?

  1. Hey man god bless

  2. We Don’t Need The Police // 28th September 2018 at 9:28 pm // Reply

    Who are you?

    • Kristina Massey // 28th September 2018 at 11:38 pm // Reply


  3. I figured the J’s would pull whatever they had to out of a hat to DISTRACT PEOPLE from important things going on. Very old trick.

  4. The awakening is here! The end of one age and beginning of the next. Big changes on the horizon.

  5. Slisk Lindqvist // 28th September 2018 at 9:48 pm // Reply

    We are consciously connected to all because its sound of intent. Even if you put out things there will be people that believe what you tell them and then if they are afraid they will create that fucking reality. The things you put into their heads is exactly what they will go through to believe in; when they have their awakening.

  6. Noticed gas stations selling gas at $3.11 look up significance

  7. Jesus, of course..First thought.. Jesus was a Nazarite.. long hair was part of their it’s not Jesus..symbolically.. Jesus was the “Living water”.. come down from our Father

  8. Wow that reminds me of Jesus reference to the kingdom of God being like a mustard seed. Before the birds can take nest in it the seed has to grow. Just as when reading the Bible we learn and grow each day. The beginning is tough but the results are amazing. Luvs hugs and kisses God bless and God’s speed

  9. Wow my jaw hit the floor with the man and the pitcher

  10. Its 40 generations

  11. JI- 2 century is a couple of hundred (not a thousand) years dearie….I know you know that.

  12. Kathleen Stallings // 28th September 2018 at 10:32 pm // Reply

    Why don’t you just spit out the story? Not trying to be mean, it’s just you are dragging out the point.

  13. I’m so glad that you actually understand the world of the kingdom of God…with a name like Jacob Israel …you are definitely written in the book of life…your name has so many layers of meanings…i really enjoy your channel

  14. Revelation is when the truth shall be revealed. When it is revealed we will then have perfect spiritual vision. What is perfect vision? 20/20. What year is fast approaching? 2020. Coincidence? We’ll see, won’t we.

  15. I am a person who left the churches long ago and have been building a relationship with God through Christ Jesus on my own. The bible is the most incredible book ever written. Everytime I study I find more and more mysteries and layers that i never saw before. Although I have enjoyed your show I am at odds with many things youve said today. You seem to believe the old testament such as the Exodus as being a real account of what actually happened but when it comes to the New Testament most of what has been documented for us you claim is spiritual metaphor. I do inderstand that there are deeper meanings of the spirit in these events I also believe it happened as it was written, literally in the physical element as well. It disturbs me that you are reducing or completely dismissing the miracles and the incredible sacrifice and fullfillied promises of Christ as he physically returned from the dead after 3 days which was prophesied all through the old testament. Much of the bible or I may even say all of it has borh spiritual and tangible layers and to dismiss one or the other is doing an injustice to those who follow your teachings. The Holy Spirit was not poured out in the upper room at the last supper but could only happen after Christ had ascended to the Father. The disciples had to wait until after he wasngone before recieving rhe Holy Spirit. The book of Revelation is the testament of Jesus Christ himself given to John – the disciple whom he loved and it is a shame you think Its nonsense. Althoigh God is a most magnificent loving God he is also a wrathful God yet being patient and long suffering for the benefit of man because as you pointed out he is the God of the living and not the dead. You are proposing to your listeners to believe parts of the bible and not all of it which is very similar to what the churches of today are also doing. If people choose to believe the way we are called to believe you are reducing that belief to those of a blind or lost spirituality, that they just dont get it or arent ready for Your truth. Im taking the time to write this not to attack you but because i like you as an individual and believe in my heart you are treading on dangerous ground.

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