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HUBBLE Telescope BREAKS After ALIEN Signal Arrives?! What is Going On?!!!!!

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27 Comments on HUBBLE Telescope BREAKS After ALIEN Signal Arrives?! What is Going On?!!!!!

  1. Conspiracy Coffey // 10th January 2019 at 9:19 pm // Reply

    I like a lot of your content but I have to call you out on something.
    It seems like you take scripture and only mention certain ones without the full context.

    For example when you say all things work for good for those who love him and you’re talking about God-you never mention the rest of that scripture that says for those who love him and who are called according to his purpose.
    Makes things a little more specific doesn’t it?

    • +kid heartz give ya a little lesson… Well for anyone seeking and accepting truth. In greek IE means hail and SUS means zeus. About 500yrs ago they changed the i to a j when they introduced the letter j to the alphabet but the meaning didnt change. Jesus literally means hail zeus and you can really even zeus when you pronounce the name.

    • +kid heartz lord means baal.
      Baal – Wikipedia

      Wikipedia › wiki › Baal

      Baal (/ˈbeɪəl, ˈbɑːəl/), properly Baʿal, was a title and honorific meaning “owner,” “lord”

    • +kid heartz Jeremiah 7:9 ESV / 40 helpful votes HelpfulNot Helpful

      Will you steal, murder, commit adultery, swear falsely, make offerings to Baal, and go after other gods that you have not known,

    • +kid heartz Jeremiah 23:13 ESV / 39 helpful votesHelpful Not Helpful

      In the prophets of Samaria I saw an unsavory thing: they prophesied by Baal and led my people Israel astray.

    • +kid heartz enoch who was taken by Yahuah and did not see death wrote this about the devil…or i should say god. God is short for gadreel pronounced “god”reel
      And the third was named Gâdreêl: he it is who showed the children of men all the blows of death, and he led astray Eve,

  2. Aliens…extraterrestrials… they give me a shot of nanotechnology LMFAO! :alien

  3. Kimberly Macomber // 10th January 2019 at 9:20 pm // Reply

    Did you hear about the big alien that appeared in the fog….lololol

  4. Stephen Harrison // 10th January 2019 at 9:27 pm // Reply

    There is no such thing as coincidence

  5. Or, em pulse from Px. Mike from around the world, speaks of 5 waves of energy, but seems like we had more than 5?

  6. MileHigh Scribs // 10th January 2019 at 9:29 pm // Reply

    Nothing happens by accident

  7. Stephen Carter // 10th January 2019 at 9:29 pm // Reply

    Israel there are two, more powerful telescopes than Hubble. They are seeing 300 trillion light years into the cosmos with no end in sight. They believe they will build even more powerful telescopes and they will still find no end. Fallen angels yes aliens no. GOD has his angels out there to. Everyone has an angel that looks over him. Until you do enough bad things then the angel will leave you. satans angels will then attach Themselves to you .JESUS LOVES YOU !!!!

    • Sky Watcher Risey // 10th January 2019 at 9:38 pm // Reply

      The Name of Jesus is a Mis-Translation and Mis-Transliteration of the Aramaic name Yeshua, which came out of the time of Babylonian captivity, when the Hebrew Name Yahusha was changed and shortened. The Hebrew root YESHU means: to blot his Name out or “May his Name and Memory be Obliterated”, this Name Yeshua was then translated into Greek, which came out a Feminine Name Iesoua, which was then changed to Iesous to make it masculine, then translated into Latin under the Name Iesus (King James 1611 version), which was later changed again into the Name Jesus about 500 years ago when the letter “J” entered the English Language, which the Letter “J” did not exist then and still does not exist in Hebrew today! Ancient Hebrew, before Babylonian captivity = יהושע / Yahusha, translates in English as Yahusha Strong’s: 3091 says Yehoshua, which means “Yahu is Salvation or Yahu Saves. Modern Hebrew = ישוע / Yehsua, Greek= Ιησούς / Iēsous; Latin = Iesus (Hesus), English = Jesus, Hebrew Root Yeshu means: May his Name be blotted out and may his memory be remembered no more! Remember: another will come in his own Name and you will receive him, but will reject the true messiah’s Name! The Ancient Hebrew Scriptures uses Yahusha (יהושע), and later changed to Aramaic/Modern Hebrew form Yeshua (ישוע) after time in Babylon, which translates as Jesus, which the Root Yeshu means: May his Name be blotted out and may his memory be remembered no more!, ” Yeshua (ישוע, with vowel pointing יֵשׁוּעַ – yēšūă‘ in Hebrew) was a common alternative form of the name יְהוֹשֻׁעַ (“Yahusha” – Joshua) in later books of the Hebrew Bible and among Jews of the Second Temple period after the time in Babylon. The name Yeshua (ישוע, with vowel pointing יֵשׁוּעַ – yēšūă‘ in Hebrew) corresponds to the Greek spelling Iesous, from which comes the English spelling Jesus. The Modern Hebrew spelling Yeshua (ישוע) appears in some later books of the Hebrew Bible after the time in Babylon. Once for Joshua the son of Nun, and 28 times for Joshua the High Priest in the KJV “Joshua” and other priests called Jeshua – although these same priests are also given the spelling Joshua in 11 further instances in the books of Haggai and Zechariah. It differs from the usual Hebrew Scripture spelling of Joshua (יְהוֹשֻׁעַ / Yahusha/Y’hushua), found 218 times in the Hebrew Scripture. The Heavenly Father did not leave us without witness’ of this “grave” error. The Greek form of “Jesus” being Iesous, is pronounced “hey-soos” and can be found in the Hebrew writings! Hey-soos is a legitimate Hebrew word! “Jesus” transliterated into Hebrew is “hey-soos”, Hey” in Hebrew means “Look, Reveal or Breath”, “Soos” in Hebrew means “Horse”. (Strong’s #5483) (Beast) A horse is a false hope for Salvation; Nor does it deliver anyone by its great strength. Psalm 33:17 He delight’s not in the strength of the horse (Jesus): he takes no pleasure in the legs (works) of a man.Psalms 147:10 Picture “Je-SUS” pronounced Gee-SOOCE and this is from the Latin word/name “Ie-SUS” pronounced Ee-SOOCE. The suffix is the same as the latin word for “PIG”. “SUS”: A swine, hog, pig, boar, sow: (According to the dictionary this word SWINE can also mean a CONTEMPTIBLE Person, a Beast)! **Remember he told us to not eat the PIG, could he have been also referring to it Spiritually as well? Yahusha said: I have come in my Father’s name (Yahuah), and you don’t receive me. If another comes in his own name (Jesus), you will receive him. John 5:43 For false messiahs (known as Christ’s) and false prophets will rise up and perform great signs and wonders so as to deceive, if possible, even YHUH’s chosen ones. Matthew 24:24 If you knew this Name Jesus has gone through so many changes, would you still believe this could be the Name that is Above ALL other Names? Would you continue to call upon this Name? Or would you want to know the True Name Given to us in the very beginning, if you could pronounce it and call upon it in English? “Jesus” comes from “Iesous”. “Iesous” comes from “Yeshu”, ‘Yeshu” comes from “Yeshua”. “Yeshua” comes from “Yehoshua”. Yehoshua is the paganized Masoretically pointed version of the ancient Hebrew “Ieushuo”.The Babylonians shortened the longest version of the name from “Yehoshua”, to “Yeshua”. Then the Orthodox Jews shortened the name “Yeshua” to “Yeshu”. Then the Greeks turned “Yeshu” into “Iesu” and “Iesous”. Finally in English “Iesous” was changed to “Jesus”. The name “Jesus” is an Anglicized variation of “Yeshu” which is a curse to blot out the name of the Messiah. Jesus (English/Spanish) is Yeshu (Hebrew) is Yesu (Chinese) which is a curse to “blot out” His name In China, the Messiah is called “Yesu” – NOT realizing it actually means “May His name be obliterated. Also Jesus was the name of a slave ship called Jesus of Lübeck that enslaved thousands of innocent Africans and Jesus is a Spaniards name not Hebrew and Galito a Roman Catholic monk invented the letter J The Encyclopedia Americana contains the following on the letter J: “The form of J was unknown in any alphabet until the 15th century. Either symbol (J,I) used initially generally had the consonantal sound of Y as in year. Gradually, the two symbols (J,l) were differentiated, the J usually acquiring consonantal force and thus becoming regarded as a consonant, and the I becoming a vowel. It was not until 1630 that the differentiation became general in England.” There is no equivalent letter or sound for “J” in Hebrew, Greek or Latin. It’s impossible to say that “Jesus” is the heavenly name given for salvation and redemption from sin and transgression. Changing the Savior’s name to “Jesus” was Changing the Bible. Remember, the Torah Law demands that we never “add to or take away” from His inspired Word. (Deut.12:32; read the warning in Rev.22:18!) Those who are praising and praying to “Jesus” are are honoring a Lie invented by men. It does not fulfill Acts 4:12 nor the words of Apostle Shaul in Philippians 2:8-10. Even the Prophet Yeremiah predicted that the Scriptures would be mistranslated. (Yeremiah 8:8) The truth is very clearly revealed when you do a little detailed study of History and Scripture. The deception runs very deep to steal from you, now you know, you can take back what the enemy has stolen from you and your Family. Choose this day who you will serve

    • Sky Watcher Risey Jesus KNOWS who we are talking to when we call on his name!!!!!!! You think he is so limited that if we pronounce His name incorrectly (according to you) we won’t be heard? Then your God is too small!

  8. Gorgrin Twofeet // 10th January 2019 at 9:30 pm // Reply

    People believe there is no space? The first beast denys the heavens also. Rev 13:6  And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven.

  9. You’re so prolific! How do you find the time. No wonder you have achieved 16 thosand subs in three or four months. You deserve it

  10. Jacobs videos are gold and platinum

  11. Gwendolyn Ure // 10th January 2019 at 9:35 pm // Reply

    Hi Jacob!

  12. Coincidence is just God’s way of staying anonymous

  13. Micro novas in our vicinity- in our galaxy are kicking off their outer layer and send out radio signals. Our micro nova is in 2046. They all (stars) go off at the same time but we think they haven’t but it takes time to get to our eyes and or signal.

  14. Aye Aye Ron 1995 // 10th January 2019 at 9:46 pm // Reply

    Jacob stream whenever you want. We will listen

  15. Jacob, you look too tired… get some rest and good sleep, you have plenty of time for everything. bless ya

  16. lesley holloway // 10th January 2019 at 9:58 pm // Reply

    They are Getting Ready for the blue beam project
    ( Aliens and UFO holograms ) with a few real demons, AKA Fallen Angels and a few Government built UFOs thrown in. They will make it very realistic to deceive the masses. Don’t be fooled people!

  17. Jacob !! Will you cover this new comic book “The second coming” by DC comics? Just watched a vid by a call for an uprising and I wanted to know your opinion on it too. It’s pretty crazy and seems very twisted

  18. don’t feel bad about the “dodo” comment… I am a mother of five children whom I love, and I am guilty of saying “potty” been made fun of at work for it too lol… fallen angels who didn’t keep their first estate…

  19. There are no demons just Archons (masters) who wish they are gods. If there are many waters of the universe, then there are many peoples. Good, bad, and in between like us. Some are more spiritually evolved (more angelic), some are intoxicated by the illusion of the material (more demonic) just like humans. The only difference is that we humans are more shortsighted and are awakening to this notion. There is a one true god, but it is far beyond the material. Constantine’s trick has been believed for far too long. The truth is simpler and can be found within your own self.

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