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ORIGINAL SIN On Display for the Holidays?! Baphomet Next To A Manger? END TIMES INDEED

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Pray of Cody and Do What You Can

From his Mothers post on Facebook:
“If anyone would like to make donations to help with Codys medical expenses you can go to any Redstone Federal Credit Union. Tell them it is for the Cody McNeal donation fund. Please continue to pray for him.”

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56 Comments on ORIGINAL SIN On Display for the Holidays?! Baphomet Next To A Manger? END TIMES INDEED

  1. Could be quite fitting when you consider Christmas is a pagan holiday and has more to do with Saturn worship (saturalia), sun worship (winter solicits) and satan (Santa, materialism)…

    • Dan mars thank you! trying so hard to just know its right for my fam and not judge or me upset at how other christiand celebrate. Its hard tho when i see the main focus being on Santa. I find its best to just stay away from it as much as i can and keep our beliefs to ourselves. I want people to wake up and be aware but most the time people just make fun of me or call me crazy. I don’t know their heart. Only God does. I guess my main thing is i wish people would stop the santa thing completely. Last year in church we asked some kids what their fave part about christmas was and they either said santa or presents. None of them said Jesus. I just cant wrap my head around what me getting a flat screen tv has anything to do with Jesus. Accepting everything means you believe in nothing and i pray God helps me just focus on what i think is right and not condemn others and just pray for them.



  2. Donna Taliercio // 6th December 2018 at 3:44 am // Reply


  3. Love you’re passion keep it up brother

  4. Miranda Fleming // 6th December 2018 at 3:45 am // Reply

    It’s almost time they will introduce the beast. In Florida they give kindergartners satanic coloring books! Sickening but true!

    • Jeff Richmond // 6th December 2018 at 4:48 am // Reply


    • Dakota Harwood // 6th December 2018 at 5:04 am // Reply

      Florida has been gettin hit hard with all sorts of crap

    • Miranda Fleming // 6th December 2018 at 8:29 am // Reply

      +Dakota Harwood after the start of Florida introducing satan into their schools along with other places, the Red Tide is plaguing the entire Florida coast. Just as our Lord told us of the waters would be the color of blood from God’s wrath. So it’s all coming together. I pray for all especially the ones that are innocent in the towns and states that they live in with horrible things going on and don’t even recognize that this is God’s wrath because of the evilness and if they would stop it would all be better but they will not and it is not going to get any better as we all know! Peace be with y’all! Seasons Greetings to all of you!

    • Miranda Fleming I live in Florida – where is this? Thank God my kids do not go to public school…

    • Miranda Fleming // 6th December 2018 at 5:48 pm // Reply

      +Ms Janet It was Orange county schools it claims.
      That is the link

  5. Miranda Fleming // 6th December 2018 at 3:47 am // Reply

    Prayers for the boy and his family! God bless!

  6. Wow the end is actually here. Jacob I’m losing faith almost gone. I need strength to go through this with a smile, times are strange life is changing.. this satanic stuff is coming in hard to get to us make us lose focus.. I need to strengthen my faith. A video about faith would help

  7. josephsonoftheuniverse ahuramazda // 6th December 2018 at 4:04 am // Reply

    Well I know miracles are real and anyone can create one when you call from that place in you….

  8. Jasmyn OrilliaBeachHouse // 6th December 2018 at 4:15 am // Reply

    why would this not be considered treason? people are deeply confused about the bible, especially the old testament. the bible is the greatest love story ever told (how much OUR Father loves his children) – I still have lots of books to read before I even reach the revelation story (still on book 8 – it IS a deep read) only you’re talking 1400 years of human philosophy and over 40 authors. The old testament is a map out of hell. Not an instruction manual to make the same mistakes. the whole story of Abraham is LEAVING his fathers way and trusting in something bigger and better and good. He and his wife/sister and brother Lot start the big old testament story. When a society removes God from the equation and starts sexualizing its children – like LOT did – you DESTROY the whole society. I don’t think the bible could make it any more clear – AT THE SAME TIME – Abraham and his crew are cutting off the tip of their – circumcision – while Lot is offering his virgin daughters to be raped instead of God’s Angels. Master your sexuality or destroy your societies. As for the Lot story – whom ABRAHAM begged God to save as many as possible in Sodom…only his brother – who by the story itself did NOT sleep with his
    daughters, yet that kind of thing was going on in Sodom…ended up being tricked and raped by both his daughters who survived. Messed up childhoods can mess up minds and choices. That’s why God wiped out so many in the beginning. Anyhow – the whole point is – IF the country is based on the laws and ideas of One God One Law…then how would helping the known and stated enemy of the bible not be treason? There are many gods in the bible and each individual is to choose who their god is. The bible IS the foundation of a free and civil society. We don’t kill each other, we don’t steal from each other, we don’t sacrifice to idols and we don’t make ourselves our own god. Instead we are part of a bigger and better family that values FAMILY and Children. and we ALL agree to the rules of a free and civil society. and everyone loves to use the Issac story…how could a good God ask that…well there’s a back story and what Abraham did to please Sarah was wrong wrong wrong – he sent his first child and the mother into the wilderness and to certain death. the mother who did no wrong cried out to God – that’s one side. the other side of that same coin. it was a set up for the story of Jesus. How far would one go to prove love and devotion – Abraham LOVED his son Issac. He was willing to show God that he loved God most – killing Issac would also mean killing Sarah because she had to wait forever to have a child. Abraham would have lost everything he loved and cared about in the physical world. All a big set up so the mind would realize that OUR FATHER LOVES US SOOOOOOOO MUCH THAT HE ALLOWED JESUS TO DIE for our sins (haven’t got to that story – its just famous) And most importantly – God does NOT ask of us what he wouldn’t give of himself! Read the bible – it is so much more than the quotes and snippets people throw like knives. It is the greatest love story ever told! and the love story is YOU. Oh you’ll find yourself in the bible, that I promise. may not always like what you find only it will help break whatever stronghold is keeping you trapped. thanks for sharing

  9. I think it’s no coincidence Netflix paid temple of Satan. They are employing several Satanist aligned public figures. Obama’s and Susan rice

  10. Awesome story! Prayers to the family and I pray Jacob continues!

  11. Your beautiful spirit gives me joy .

  12. What I scene in you brother is the Love you have and the faith you have showed me over this past year. Thank you for sharing my son’s story. I miss typed and i dont want people to think wrong I said Codys name and he opened his eyes and starred at me and even moved his thumb for me On command. He followed me and i new he was there.He had a tube down his throat being incubated. But either way i scene the sign that God sent me not to give up on him that hes in control and not The Dr’s and faith and will can shine through the darkness. Im not fooling myself brother he may never be the boy i once had and we got a long road ahead of us. But I was loosing it facing the decision to keep going or let him go home to Jesus. The Drs still down playing it but me and the 2 nurses no what we saw Gods hand. and please any one that drives buckle up. If we can save one life from all this tragedy it will be a blessing. One bad decision can change your life and everyone you care about. Much love to all and especially to the one upstairs without him i wouldnt be here.

  13. They are showing the truth; Christmas is pagan, another satanic day; so actually all this shown together fits quite nicely.

  14. I love you Jacob you’re the man and I am subscribed to you but there is nothing biblical about the Christmas tree.

    • Never said there was brother … the tree actually has pagan roots … hope you dig the show the ending is worth it

    • All though the Christmas tree is indeed pagan originated, I believe it’s more about what it means to us as individuals….

    • Of course I dig the show brother. That’s why I’m a subscriber. The ending is worth it. Drives me crazy when people say I don’t believe in God because I can’t see him but his miracles are everywhere I see him wherever I go

    • Mary McReynolds // 6th December 2018 at 3:28 pm // Reply

      Jona Hex Christmas is pagan. If you like it, that’s your choice. We do not observe any of it.

    • I did not say I like Christmas.

  15. Netflix is in bed with Satan. Hello. It was the most legal way they could donate money to the Satanic church without looking like the Satanists they really are. Duh!

  16. YouTube has stopped the View Count on this video since early this morning… new comment after comment new like after like and yet, the view count is the same… it can be disappointing when you feel like it’s not an even playing field, but once again God is in control of even this… and so I will take it as it comes 🙂 love you all!

    • MikeyBizzle4Shizzle thx . It’s ok I understand. Just wanted to let the family of the boy know I think on them .

    • Jacob Israel I watched k. j videos he did do an interesting video on that subject wow! Teach me the Truth no matter the cost!

    • Don’t worry Jacob I will share your videos til Our Heavenly Father takes me home…

    • Jacob Israel you are weird BUT God is in you is why! God shows me things n leads me 2 beautiful people. as he’s shown me others. Thejohnathonkleck knows how 2 get our wings back beautiful friend. he’s weird like you BUT full o God like you also. I love y’all. thank you

  17. Thank God.
    My oldest daughter has a rare cancer, call nuroendocrine cancer, we, she found out about it when one day she bent over to pick something up and her back broke. The doctor ordered a CT and found she has tumors through out her body and a tumor on her optical nerve next to her brain. She was told that, She is terminal and she really didn’t have much time left. That she needed to start chemo right away. Things still didn’t look good, so we started to go to church. This I’d my testimonial, through the power of God our father and Jesus the son, our saviour and the power of prayer, she is winning this fight. Like the boy, She is not out of the woods yet. I really felt that Christ heard my crys that one day in church. A week later she had another CT done and things are looking real good for her. Well…anyway, God Bless you, your family, and MERRY CHRISTMAS, TO ALL!! Keep up the excellent work you do.

    • Wow Ed I am both sorry for what you are going through and excited that things are turning around as a Father I don’t know how you held it together save the grace of God

    • Jacob Israel. Thanks Jacob. That really means a lot to me. O! This is my brother’s old phone, mine suddenly crash so give me his old one. My name is Don

  18. Love your channel. I’d like to hear your thoughts on our current “Christmas” celebration. I’ve been doing some research and am finding that “Christmas” evolved from Pagan rituals, right down to the tree cutting. Jesus was actually born in what we know as the month of September. I love the holidays too, I love decorating my home, having a beautiful tree all decorated up, but now I can’t do this in good conscience… it’s kind of weird that the words “Santa” and Satan are the same word just scramble the letters!

    • It’s like they took a bunch of aspects and religious views mixed them together. Christmas or Holiday season as it called now is just to keep ppl buying and spending money it’s just another segment of the year that propagated for programming

    • Cheesesteak22 ! // 6th December 2018 at 4:46 pm // Reply

      It was all due to Constantine when he converted Rome to Catholicism…he wanted the Pagans to easily assimilate.

    • Christmas as we know is a pagan tradition and is a corporate holiday instituted for bumping up end of year profits. Though, it is the spirit and heart of the celebration that matters. Do we decorate and celebrate the birth of the savior or do we line up at five in the morning for the best deals on hard to get gifts, sometimes ripping out each other’s hair for them? For the little ones, Santa replaces Christ. In today’s environment, if you ask a child what Christmas means to them, they will say presents and Santa and never mention Christ. Also, the tradition of Santa was a tool instituted to destroy faith. Example, old as I am today, I don’t remember a lot from my youth, but I do remember the day I found out at school that Santa was my parents. My heart was broken and I’d never been so disappointed to realize the magic that I believed in so wholeheartedly wasn’t real. But, as I’ve grown and strengthened my faith in the Lord without anyone’s influence, I’ve learned to take the traditions of men and turn them into tools to demonstrate love and compassion and that is the spirit I hold dear when I set up every manger scene in my house and place that star on the Christmas tree. I couldn’t care less that Christmas is a pagan tradition because it means so much more to me than swapping gifts and is, at least, one time of year when people in the world behave a bit nicer.

    • There is a lot more to say about this however yes Christmas is not even a scriptural holy day. The actual season we are in is the festival of lights also known as Chanukah. It’s amazing to me that so many people who claim to be following Christ don’t know this or reject the truth when confronted with it.

  19. CreatorsDaughter // 6th December 2018 at 7:52 pm // Reply

    I just subscribed, you were mentioned on marfoogle chat…so the Lord will get your channel out in some way!! God Bless you Jacob and subs and Merry Christmas everyone!

    • Hey there! I love Adam… so happy to see his channel continue to grow and so glad he mentioned me … I really hope you sub and enjoy the inspired fun and faith

    • CreatorsDaughter // 6th December 2018 at 8:00 pm // Reply

      Thank you Jacob!! And yes, he does seem to be growing, but we need more like you who will spread the good news! Have a wonderful week!! :0)

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