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PROPHECY ALERT? JACOB’S SHEEP Returns To ISRAEL! Flock Miraculously GROWS in End Times

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14 Comments on PROPHECY ALERT? JACOB’S SHEEP Returns To ISRAEL! Flock Miraculously GROWS in End Times

  1. Revelation 1:14 1:15 Daniel 10:5 10:6

  2. Ride On VICTORIOUS Ones // 13th December 2018 at 8:47 pm // Reply

    Ride On Victorious Ones!! Ride on!!

  3. Another awesome show! Love you my SPECKLED brother…Lol

  4. The most important point of you sharing on you tube is that Our Heavenly Father is working through you to bring people that listen to you to the Lord… Love the topic. Keep digging deeper I Love the Bible

  5. Good stuff brother. Utilized you in a video the other day. You gave confirmation on something that I’d been praying about and working through.

    Thanks brother. As always much love, and God bless. ✌️

  6. Thank you Jacob for the last 3 years of sharing every week whether your sick or post op.. You Truly are a dedicated servent of The Lord…. God bless Love your sister in Christ Kimmm

  7. Thank you for talking about us Little Speckled sheep LOL and NO this is not too deep

  8. Go deep…. I will tread water.

  9. Margriet Brandsma // 13th December 2018 at 9:51 pm // Reply

    This was great. Good to remind us of this. I felt speckled all through my life. And its great to be here with you all. Loved the chat. The fellowship in awakening in all of the truth is just … wow, always had a feeling of loneliness although I wasn’t alone and had great friends … but it never went deep enough for me … and now we are, out here … Love you all !!!

  10. Pretty sure old testament sheep died 3000 years ago lol

  11. Knowledge at UPS // 13th December 2018 at 10:07 pm // Reply

    Dude I love your shows I’m so glad I caught a live one so I could tell you what a positive influence you have been in my day-to-day life man keep it up

  12. Thank you for another great show. Been listening to you for quite some time. I love your energy and enthusiasm and your positive outlook on life. May peace be with you brother. ML&R

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