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Red Heifer & Anti-Christ Candidates Appear? The Rebuilding Of The Temple Near? NOT what you think

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45 Comments on Red Heifer & Anti-Christ Candidates Appear? The Rebuilding Of The Temple Near? NOT what you think

  1. Oh crap. Why do I always miss your live broadcasts. I’m subscribed, and the notification bell is ON… lol. Hopefully soon I will catch one while it’s live! Lol

  2. This would have made a pretty good 15 min video…

  3. I love you Jacob, so much! I’ve been watching you for years now and you are 100% right, BUT, I believe there is a duality to our bible. There’s the spiritual side of it, and physical (literal) side. So are you gunna potty in your pants when Jesus snatches ya up for awhile? I’ll see you and Dan Dan at the feast. We have to be like Him to see Him. We are goen home brother!

  4. Wow I got to say how cool if Jesus is coming back real soon .HOWwe will live how God intended us to live .With love ,no sin ,peace,harmony ,no evil ,no sickness, no worries of money ,how to eat pay bills ,.i do not know about you guys im ready ,THINK HOW COOL WILL IT BE TO BREAK BREAD WITH JESUS SIT EAT WITH HIM HAVE CONVERSATIONS WITH HIM .WOW WOW ,BRING IT..

  5. Seek The Lord Jesus Christ, Who died on the cross for all the world sins. He is the Grace, the sacrificial Lamb, a perfect, sinless righteous man that died a degrading excruciating death for Us. The Father God Almighty loved US so much he came to Earth as a man his son Jesus of Nazareth, died on The cross, shed his blood to redeem us from Satan, ON the 3day he rose from the dead and walked the Earth for 40 days and ascended to Heaven a living God Man. HE is living today and sits at the right hand side of The GOD HEAD THE FATHER. All he asks is that we believe and through his sacrificial blood, THROUGH HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS WE ARE SAVED. Not our righteousness, WE CAN NOT EARN IT. It is gifted it to us through THE LORD JESUS CHRIST RIGHTEOUSNESS. If you accept his gift, his GRACE, The Holy Spirit then dwells in you once you ACCEPT The Lord Jesus as your Savior and repent of your sins. You pray/go to The Father through Jesus Christ his Son. Not through a priest, saint or the mother,. In Jesus Name you pray. You have a choice, not making one is a choice. You then have an Eternity to live with the choice you make. Jesus loves you and accepts you AS YOU ARE at this moment. Reach out to him sincerely, Ask him to reveal himself to you, the rest will follow if you receive him into your heart. He is offering a gift, all you have to do is receive it. Life is hard and if you are part of the body of Christ IT probably will get harder( a short time compared to eternity). BUT, you will never face it alone. We are strengthend by HIS MIGHT. There is POWER IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST.
    THE anti-christ will rule 3yrs, welcomed and validated probably by the Jews AT FIRST because they do not believe the Messiah has come. DO NOT ALSO BE DECIEVED. Judism forbids the reading of the Gospel The NEW TESTAMENT made Through the BLOOD of Jesus Christ. Most are not even aware of the Gift Of Love by his blood, his death and resurection the atonement for Our sins are covered if you recieve it. The scales will eventually be lifted from their eyes and they will realize They Crucified their Messiah and will then LOOK for the 2nd coming of Our The Lord JESUS Christ our SAVIOR, KING OF KINGS to RETURN on the clouds AND and EVERYONE will SEE, every knee shall bow every tongue confess that he his KING OF KINGS! AND woe to the evil ones and those that continue to deny him. They will go into the mountains into the under ground dwelling they have built ( they knew this day was coming) and cry unto the rocks to fall upon them.
    I pray in Jesus Christ Name you will SINCERELY Accept his gift..
    Something to think about:

  6. They’re doing it on purpose. Trying to make Revelations prophesies come to pass in correlation with fake news, false flags and current events. Red heffer is probably genetically engineered. Could the planet X sightings be project blue screen? The September 23rd, 2017 sign I feel was real, but could also be project blue screen. We know they can control the weather and earth changes. At least to a large degree. I’ve seen a major push today, just on YouTube alone, of videos saying it’s prophecy and this can’t be stopped. The evil ones are too determined and powerful and they will not stop. These events they have are prophecy and must come to pass. You can do nothing but pray and accept it. Bullshit! Some of these videos are by a channel calling itself XAnon. This isn’t related to Q. There will be no other comms. It’s demoralizing and that’s obviosly the point. Pray? Absolutely! Accept it? Never! We can do anything. Remember who we are and our all powerful God. We have them against the ropes and we will win. Today has been such a hard day and I was feeling demoralized for a short time, but then I remembered and considered all of this. Let’s pray for eachother and our intended outcome. Let’s have each others backs no matter what our views. Regardless, of whether or not I’m correct about the dark forces manipulation of our reality. I feel that’s at least partly the case though. Let’s unite as Americans and then spread it throughout the world. It’s time. No fear. Thank you Jacob and everyone here. Love Eric.

    • +Rejoice and Praise Yeshua, King of Kings! Good day. Love your comments. However, you do express something in your comments that makes more sense than you know – and that was that all this information overload can’t possibly make sense. You were told you were supposed to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. Scoffing is not wise because you will miss vital information which leads to doubt. Doubt will leave you defenseless in the coming darkness.
      To be blunt, your overlords count on you not understanding and depending on them, in trust, to have your best interest at heart. It is reinforced with sayings like “don’t trust your fate on justice, get an attorney” or “you don’t know but your doctor does” or “don’t trust yourself to do your taxes, get a professional” – all to say only trust us or who we say are professionals or you will be sorry. They don’t want you to lean on your own understanding and ridicule anyone that does. This is why people scoff at the turn of phrase “conspiracy theory” – it is designed to make people instantly dismissive of anyone with opposing view points, and paralizes critical thinking.
      Let’s get to some meat and potatoes. First this goes back to the first overthrow of the papacy by the original overseers of the Rites of Freemasony. Originally the HRCC condemned Freemasony. The heads of that day decided if you can’t beat them join them. Up pops up the Jesuits and Opus Day. Once infiltrated, the take over of the papal seat was evident. Yes political popes of the past from families like the de Medici and Borgias were in it for family wealth and regional dominion but they were the blue prints for these heads for totalitarian world domination. See in the end they all want to be master and that desire opened them up to be controlled by those we fight – those higher principalities. My goal here though is to cut through some of your earthly confusion. You seem to have a handle on the rest.
      Projects High Jump, Blue Beam, Rainbow and quite a few others are the compartmentalizational breakdown to achieve their ultimate goal. If you look up each methodology you will eventually be led to patents for the tools they utilize to make it happen. The Iridium Satelite Constellation through Telsat is just one. They also count on you not reading tech journals or white papers on projects for patents either. They count on the lead me guide me mentality they have already instilled in us, keeping us ignorant of their grand scheme. You have to dig (read books/alternate search engines – Google is not always your friend) because there are a tiny few who aren’t controlled opposition, even on social media.
      For example everyone has their cult of personality glasses on this Serge Monast and his Blue Beam theory but you can trace it back to planning and blue prints of Albert Pike. Read his books – might have to boost one or two from a Masonic relative if you can’t find any in print. William Cooper had some good input but go back as far as William Guy Carr – you’ll like him. He wrote ‘Pawns in the Game’ and ‘Satan, Prince of this world’s back in the 50’s. On thing that comes to mind is Identity Culling – the goal here is to destroy both White and Black National Identity by causing tensions inciting them to violence. Yes today’s headlines are truly yesterday’s real news. The point, unfortunately by Pike who was mason and a Satanist, isn’t to give you an actual rapture but a fake one. All the lead me guide me population has to do is buy it. The Bible said this deception was designed to fool even the elect. Besides, if David Copperfield can make the statue of liberty vanish a fake rapture could be done. By the way everyone wanting to see the principals of the technology of blue beam in action should go back and watch that stunt. Interesting stuff there.
      There is so much more to this stuff and there are no basics. Just read it all and with decernment. Father will show you if you really want to know. I can’t cover it all in one post and you shouldn’t be leaning on my understanding anyway.
      So please understand this won’t be done exactly as you have stated but if you see Jesus in the clouds and he morfs into the human Jesus of today you best run. That is the plan, and if you know scripture you will know it’s not what is supposed to happen.

      Start here with these key words. Webcrawler is not mobile but contains sites google says are 404.
      Totalitarian New World Order
      Military industrial complex
      Committee of 500
      Trilateral Commission
      Council on Foreign Relations
      Albert Pike
      Admiral Byrd and High Jump
      William Guy Carr

    • SsstarssS I can understand that we will see if god made it with no blemish

    • ‘you mean blue beam .yes I agree alot fake stuff ,you really have to read through the smoke and mirrors .I just pray hard for Jesus to lead me the right way and not be fooled by the evil ones the deep state satanic worshipers,Thank you for replying it also seems you have been doing your homework ,So important to wake everyone up to all the evil and lies we have been told .God bless you Eric

  7. I can’t believe people leave rude comments when clearly they don’t understand what’s going on…Jesus has so much love he could melt you like wax if he wanted to, with just a tiny bit of his love.Mankind cannot even begin to imagine the powerful love that a perfect sinless God must possess, we cannot wrap our minds around that…

  8. Kristin/ Flower Of Christ // 12th September 2018 at 1:23 am // Reply

    One more question… God says Fear him all over the Bible??????…..

    • The idea overall in scripture is to “reverence Him, (The Father) ” Jacob spoke well.

      However fear of YHWH is the beginning of knowledge is only the beginning of the “fear of Elohim”.
      The beginning of knowledge from the fear of the Father is to resist evil. When we resist evil focus on the things Paul and Tanakh speak of. Think on what is good, just, and commendable; the commandments, judgments, etc of the Heavenly Father. This is a special season of the birth of the first man and now in this age we have the second Adam to show us the way of our Father to do what is right. The whole purpose of the sacrifice of the lamb of Elohim was so we could receive with a good heart that which was meant for man in the beginning. In case you’re wondering it is the instruction renewed with a life giving spirit for us to live in and be blessed. Remember the Sabbath days friends. Time is short so hold on to what you have and remember what has been lost for so long. Keep the feasts and bring glory to the Son of Elohim our redeemer. Shalom in Messiah John Talmid

    • Fear is meant as a form of utter respect. To understand how powerful He is and how weak we are. To acknowledge that He is able to snuff us all out with a single word and yet He concerns himself with us. He does expect our loyalty and respect… Of course He does. He is the Almighty. The first and the last, the begining and the end… But His ways are pure and good and kind and loving… Thankfully. Lol He is the creator, He could be a tyrannical dictator if he wanted to. He has every right. And yet he is GOOD. think about it.

    • Brian Sturtevant // 12th September 2018 at 6:46 am // Reply

      Do not fear him who can destroy your body but fear Him who can destroy both your body and soul in hell. Matt. 10:28 I think it’s a little deeper than just reverance.

    • Rejoice and Praise Yeshua, King of Kings! // 12th September 2018 at 12:28 pm // Reply

      Brian Sturtevant:
      reverence — [rev(e)rens]
      1.) deep respect for someone or something
      2.) profound adoring or awed respect

      “Pharoah brought destruction upon Egypt because he did not fear the power of God and was foolishly convinced of his own power.”

      “Christians fear the power and majesty of God each time they gaze at the stars.”

  9. We all have the God spark

  10. SUNSHINE OF ZION // 12th September 2018 at 1:49 am // Reply


  11. Yeah I caught you first yesterday. Not notified today. But greater is he that is in me than he that is in this world. And no weapon formed against me shall prosper.

  12. Jennifer Kiesling // 12th September 2018 at 2:00 am // Reply

    Jacob I’m not fearful because of my soul however the worldly influence on all the little ones. Not all children are as blessed to have parents to teach them right from wrong and to Love ❤️ I mean go to some place and just watch. People are different today than when I was younger. I’m 41. It’s not a good place now for children. I feel like I try so hard to teach them love and patience and kindness. Pray love and seeking always

  13. I love you Brother GOD Bless your mission LOVE JUSTICE POWER WISDOM Pray for ☺️

  14. I’m in SC, gettin a lil intense here.

  15. Jesus died on the cross, he did it for us, we have to accept this, we have to accept that he was the son of God, we have to accept that he died on the Cross, we have to accept that he rose from the dead on the thrid day, we have to accept him as our SAVIOR and we have to accept his spirit and be born again! or we will be lost for eternity! We will be left behind to face the coming storm and people it is going to be a monster storm literally a monster storm of evil and death! Our hope is in Christ Jesus alone, the Father gave him Dominion over the bride we are his. He is our judge, he is our king, he is our savior, and he is coming for his bride! May God open your eyes that you may see truth.

    • +Christian Man further if he did know Jesus like he says he does why would he respond in that manner to some who had only watched a few times, it would put them directly off Jesus, you know yes it’s obvious this is what he talks about but in the same breath denys you have to accept Jesus as your Savior, that the beginning of the have to be on fire for God or he will spew thee out of his mouth, that’s BIBLICAL, the Bible says, we have to decern the Spirits, I thought he had possiblity of being for real. But after him SMUGLY saying you know that’s what I do right I teach on these things, he could have answered more plainly why he said what he said! But he left it at you know I teach on that right, listen if you teach on it there has to be Biblically sound verses to back it up. And from what I have seen he really doesn’t do that much. If he is for real I think he needs to start showing it.

    • +Christian Man does he really teach or does he end up saying I don’t know. Check it out.

    • Sally Idol way to not answer the question, makes me wonder if you even actually read the Bible or you just attend a lame church that teaches just believe and be a good person but never preach against sin.

    • +Christian Man nope it will not and you must walk the walk and talk the talk! While do not believe in religion for it does more harm to God’s people than help, I must say “Christian man” isn’t being very loving, now are you, you when you get down from your high horse you might want to take a good hard look at your BEHAVIOR! Not very Christian like now are you, look if you want to get down to brass tacks , let’s do it then! God expects obedience to his word! Moses missed out on the promise Land because or disobedience! You must be on fire with love for him, ” for if you are lukewarm I will spew the out of my mouth” ,, you have the power to accept of deny Christ Jesus, if you so not accept him then you reject him and there is no in between! You acknowledge him as savior or you don’t no two ways about it! When you acknowledge him you accept that what he did he did for you, died on the cross, rose again in three day you either accept it or deny it, it is black and white right there in your face, you reject say hello to Satan as your prison mate in hell. You accept it sing with the angels, praises to God almighty, listen I don’t have time for your foolish behavior, ” “Christian man” so I will say I love you and hope you work out your salvaion with fear and trembling, yeah that’s BIBLICAL look it up sweetie. May God bless you.

    • +Christian Man how old are you two! I bet you go to some lame church, let me tell you I have been to churches on fire for God and would put you to shame acting like you have today in this comment section, shame on you for being a childish brat in the eyes of your father in heaven you think there are no consqences to your actions, you will be sadly disappointed when you miss the catching away. Where is the love of the savior for his people in you for i do not see it, instead of speaking of lame churches do SOMETHING instead speaking against them, pray for them that they see the light and love them any way for that is what we as watchmen of the Lord Jesus are called to do cry out to God to lift the veil from there eyes that they may see and hear the truth before it is to late! What are you doing for the Lord thy God and how are you going to answer to him for doing nothing but calling his people and their church lame. They are still his people, his creation, where is the love we are supposed to have for them, where is the compassion, or even passion for God’s word, because you have blatantly IGNORED IT! YES I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH People who twist the word of God till it fits their veiw!

  16. DEAR JACOB IZZY: After reading the replies to my comment, I would highly suggest you maybe POST A SLATE or upload some generic ALERT so that we will be notified BEFORE you actually go live. Other people do that and it is very helpful, and gives us a better chance of watching live… AND it would also give you HIGHER RATINGS. 🙂

  17. This was something written to someone with stuff omitted and more added. I did force myself to stop adding more!!

    I love you, I’ve been a Christian since I was 12yrs old and didn’t have or understand the true concept of being a Christian until I was 52. I hope I can explain. And YOU even had a message from The Lord on the bottom of your supersized cup at In and Out Restaurant (not sure if that’s the name). You looked that verse up and read it. You didn’t know what that verse was without looking it up or did you? The KJV I think says it best. A Christian, John 3:16 tells you everything needed for salvation and an eternal life with The Lord Jesus Christ. For GOD so LOVED the world that he gave his only begotten SON that whomsoever BELIEVETH IN HIM shall not perish but have everlasting life… ONLY (One, Unique), Begotten (Gene). I said I was Saved, I had FAITH, I HAVE and HAD NO DOUBT about my Lord God Almighty becoming a man In his Son Jesus of Nazareth to die on the cross for all the world’s sin and all he ask from us is to believe. It is by HIS GRACE and righteousness that we are saved. We get to sit at the right hand of the Lord God Almighty ONLY BY FAITH in our Lord and Savior riding into eternity on his coat tails by his Blood and his righteousness. I thought as a Christian I became righteous and more or less earned my salvation because I believed and I would try not to sin. We sin ask for forgiveness and he forgives us over and over again. But we never never will be righteous (without sin) to be in the presence of the Lord God Almighty. My heart feels JESUS pain when he cries out on the cross, ABBA ABBA why have you forsaken me. When Jesus took on the sins of the world literally into his body and flesh The Lord, The Holy Spirit left his side because he is HOLY, HOLY, HOLY and could not be present with that SIN. We are not saved it IS THROUGH CHRIST WE ARE SAVED. THROUGH CHRIST all things are possible AND ONLY Through Jesus Christ(In prayer through his name only does it get to the Father’s ear)(NOT through Mary or a Saint)do we get to the Father. I don’t want to hear the by works garbage. If you accepted Jesus Christ as your savior, repented of your sins the HOLY SPIRIT will be in you. But you have to everyday discuss the Day with Jesus and learn to listen to how he is guiding you. Eventually that daily discussion becomes several times a day and then with every decision as a normal practice. But, We usually do what we want to do, we don’t listen and wait on what God would have us do. AND IT’S HARD, the devil will attack every chance he gets and we give him permission by example (quidgy board) sic, you just open the door for that evil spirit or demon. We are strengthened through his MIGHT. There is POWER in the Name JESUS CHRIST and THE ARMOR of GOD.

    I have proof, lots of proof of Jesus Christ existence. It’s funny how stupid we humans are, it takes only 2 generations for a truth to become a fable, legend, or silly wisetale with Satan twisting reality and History to hide The Lord God. I just heard of another proof that Jesus Christ as the Savior that was used world wide that was hidden to me until 2 weeks ago. I knew He divided the timeline of history BC(before Christ), AD(Anno_Domini; In The Year OF OUR LORD) but, they also used i895 and or j895: i(iesous; Greek name for Jesus), j(jeshous; Hebrew name also used). You can read, research how that is not common knowledge to all, but believe me you have to dig deep to find it. The SMITHSONIAN, Vatican and other Governments Cover ups of giant skeletons and artifacts proving the Bible and have been very effective in hiding our true History but the facts and data still exists if you RESEARCH DEEP. I could write a novel length book of proof(data) that they have tried to hide, destroyed or called a hoax.

    Just another few interesting notes: EVERY Major Religion Christian, New Age(Gnosticism),Judism, Muslim, Buddha, Hindu and on and on recognizes Jesus Christ and all agree of his time on this earth; Jesus is listed in the Quran 25xs, The name Mohammed 4xs and Mary the mother of Jesus is the only female mentioned in the Quran.; Check out Tartaria, but you will have to go really deep because wikiliepedia and your history books have omitted The Largest and Oldest Empire to exist or mentions a blurb about it. What is really interesting is the 12 banners (flags) that represented the 12 tribes of Tarta, they are known to many. Oh, and if you can locate some really old world maps Tartaria is covering those maps on everyone.

    I wonder how OUR educators IF knowing our true History and surroundings with factual DATA would feel knowing they were used to perpetuate the lies and deceptions to us all. But, we the uneducated is at fault we don’t read the actual text or see if actual data supports the lies written or believe what we see with our own eyes. And, it all started with some lucerferian elite and a Dr. Mesmer. No, he was instrumental with the evolution lie. The rest begin with the beginning of humanity.

    And that includes the Lies of the Devil that Religions have incorporated and twisted with those leaders leading their flock astray. YOU MAY WANT TO ACTUALLY READ THE Holy Bible. IF YOU DO YOU WILL see the catachism is in direct conflict with the Gospel and all other Religions do the same thing, either omit reading and teaching certain scriptures Or the biggest thing that athiest also do is take 1 scripture to use for interpretation. If 20 verses were read before and after that one verse would have a total different meaning. Reading the whole book with those chapters would give the whole picture. Now, there are those that do not have eyes to see, ears to hear to ever comprehend The Holy Bible but that is by the choice they have made for their eternity..It’s funny it really takes MORE FAITH NOT TO BELIEVE IN GOD! THE FATHER, HIS Son JESUS and THE HOLY GHOST, yep a lot more FAITH to NOT BELIEVE!

    Anyway..I hope you felt the love and prayers that night because there were a lot of us calling out to Jesus to protect you.

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