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SPACE is 95% Dark FLUID?! Were FLAT EARTHERS Right? Oxford Theory Turns Physics On it’s Head

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Please Do SHARE, SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, COMMENT and CHECK BELL for Notifications it is the best way to help this channel if it has helped you. I love you for it! JI
Please Do SHARE, SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, COMMENT and CHECK BELL for Notifications it is the best way to help this channel if it has helped you. I love you for it! JI
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58 Comments on SPACE is 95% Dark FLUID?! Were FLAT EARTHERS Right? Oxford Theory Turns Physics On it’s Head

  1. I am a Biblical flat earther, and yes believe it or not, there is a difference…….The great deep.

    • +Mike Taylor Hey brother, you seem to be saying that pool tables are spherical, and that soccer fields are spherical, and I would bet that the room you are in right now has a spherical light above your head and it has a perfectly flat floor. Just sayin.
      Oh, did you hear that someone fell off the edge of a lake too? God made bounds for the waves to halt in Job 38

    • Daniel McAnally // 12th December 2018 at 4:56 am // Reply

      +Mike Taylor Antarctic wall and firmament.

    • I really like how you put it, “Biblical Flat earther”… So am I!

    • I’ve never heard that one before. What is a biblical flat earther? How does it differ from a regular flat earther?

    • +Ryan I don’t think there is a definition or a specific group. I am a Christian and I believe in the Bible. The first reason why I believe that the earth is flat is the Bible, and the fact that I consider it (the Bible) to be God’s inspired word. Of course there are other reasons (my senses, experiments that have been done/science etc) but the first reason will always be God and His word. Also. I think there are different models of the Flat earth. Some believe that a flat earth is floating in space. Others that it doesn’t have a dome. I personally believe in the Biblical model (stationary, dome, pretty much what is described in the Book).

  2. Makes sense if you have read your bible! Thanks Jacob!

  3. Kellye Raiborn // 12th December 2018 at 2:07 am // Reply

    Yeah the Bible says there’s water so I’m going with God. I could care less what the Freemason scientists say.

    • +zephyr2010ac those clowns…look by his own acclaim nothing really matters !
      So I ask..What will this change in a world already functioning by the divisions of ingnorance ? What real difference will this make ?
      Truth as always is meant for the whole world not the individual ! But the individual independent free thinking mind which claims entitlement in Free will assumingly forgets Gods Will lmao ! Sure you have free will to choose yep you bet !! Voluntarily we choose Gods way as a map to creating Heaven(Peace) on Earth..not pieces or in pieces as everyone looses faith in this new age deception since the advent of A.I.

    • And how about freemasons that created the bible? Lol

    • Kellye Raiborn // 12th December 2018 at 6:22 pm // Reply

      +Super Clark The Freemasons dis not create the bible the original writings were from Jesus the apostles and the others who lived it. The words were given to the writers supernaturaly from God Himself by the Holy Spirit. Yes there are many bad translations out there. I use the HalleluYah Scriptures it’s the closest best translation of the dead sea scrolls and the original Greek writings. No masons involved. GOD has preserved His Holy Word I mean He’s God you don’t think He has the power to do so?

    • +Super Clark I propose very simply the truth as it is so confusingly written.
      God spoke ! So God speaks everything into existence, perhaps!!
      Not as important as understanding the wisdom in the synopsis..bluntly and blatantly under our own noses(mouth/tongue) it’s equal to your instrument as a horn with a reed.
      A tongue no man can tame and the mouth is a world if iniquity(sin)
      God speaks by being the 1st observationist in things of Natural occurrences and can be found as the only truths originally established as the foundation for everything.
      We shall live our lives by truths and feel comforted in that no other way !
      Now lets look at God he finished everything and says it’s very good and done, rest on 7th day.
      Who then is Lord God that establishes a Garden(control over food) when God said all things provided ?
      Why don’t people see Lord God as “plural” when one becomes two ?
      Lord God forms man and so on…then the Fall of Man..Guys see whats happened in the subtlety and slickness of the story….The Fallen ONE…ironic is the ONE and only way Christians now follow…The church a human construct when Jesus tells you to follow no man even him…he told you everything was done in Spirit(unseen=understanding world through knowledge)…Seek and Find necause the World is Evil and belongs to Satan(the evil construct)…and it starts by framing the mindless in thy youth !
      Indoctrination disguised as education that sways our allegiance to this country 1st over God making you 1st Patriots over the rightful Christ consciousness that’s required.
      Most might look at the Freemason symbol and automatically subject it to a secret group and perhaps your right…but consider the 2 sides always and know the truth to what you see…
      Compass=so much “circle of life”, drawing boundaries by knowing what Is real in resisting evil.
      The circle represents the whole truth(holy) and not we’re able to know of evil and resist it…The square or 90° also meaning the right angle is also the cornerstone=to El and L…all represents the Truth and again this holds the structure together.
      Together these overlap and form a triangle or tetrahedron the point is they mirror one another…As above so below is balance in being equal also known as even.
      Eve is evening and would be the mother of all the living as she represents the light leaving us and we enter darkness.
      The triangle is the 2 side coming to a conclusion we also call the point..also truths …arriving to an understanding everythingis the point anyways.(God the all knowing).
      The G is always God,Good, Geometry and Guidance nothing evil or maniacal about it.
      We are God as it says we’re built in that image…not sure why we imagine anything else supernatural etc…Jesus says the same about being one with God…hummm so I’m sure he wasn’t a conjoined twin must mean one in the ideal of…as following advice or perhaps what we call Gods will (scripture)as a likely source for adherence to someone’s final wishes…acting out a kind of script to fulfill…representing loyalty and dedication oh and a love that Jesus demonstrated by the story itself.
      Doubt if anyone really gets it and most likely consider I’m speaking nonsense a real psycho babble and you’d be right considering knowledge rest in knowing…so if ya don’t know then why and how could ya question !
      Spoken are invisible words versus the written contractual ones that are bound and binding.
      Declaring freedoms God already had destined not to be detained or controlled by us. Perhaps a delusional and deliberate act of greed and self righteousness that runs this country by its faithful and lustful followers we call sheeple…as being observant following traditions and customs of men…please note servant is within that word intended to enslave us by the subject matter itself through our subconscious which so happens to pick up on everything….No thyself and thyself will be known.

    • S.W.S Ministry's // 12th December 2018 at 8:04 pm // Reply

      Kellye Raiborn AMEN that’s the whole point either have faith in GOD or have faith in scientists who we can never double check because we cant go to space so I’m putting my faith in JESUS CHRIST!!!

  4. yoo Jacob I’ve come to this conclusion a couple years ago especially when I realized astronauts train in water if space is a vacuum then water doesn’t exist so why even train for that second there suits are over glorified scuba suits or deep sea diving suits also the footage of the water bubbles dead giveaway to the secret they’ve been hiding but NASA is definitely full of poop lol love ya bro great vid

    • Paul O'Riordan // 12th December 2018 at 2:26 pm // Reply

      I like this but if you take it even further, where are the air bubbles going? They appear to go up, from our perspective but what defines up and down in space? Not asking you personally but just asking the world.

    • Paul O’Riordan I wondered that as well how do u define direction in what is considered space hmm got me thinking

  5. Sunny Dee Light // 12th December 2018 at 2:09 am // Reply

    Its always sunny in my days knowing that the bible’s meaning is both literal and spiritual. We are the center of the universe, we are God’s temple if we let him in.

    Sunny D
    Dalton D
    Much love Jacob

  6. Computer Simulated Atomic Coded Reality // 12th December 2018 at 2:12 am // Reply

    that “dark fluid” seems to be the coolant of this super quantum computer it seems

    • Donna Taliercio // 12th December 2018 at 3:22 am // Reply

      It’s y these aliens want the sun blocked out. Tems. Of outer space is ideal for d wave. AI which will run all things to evil ones!!!

  7. Flat or round… Would it really make a difference either way?

    • +DATONE GAMER Gravity come from latin word Gravitas and was used by Medieval philosophers to translate the Aristotelian heaviness, i.e. the quality of a body “having weight”. The one who did ”shift of meaning” was Isaac Newton, a freemason. And how he did put the base for ”Law of Gravity” ? Seeing how an apple falls from the tree. An what ? An apple. An apple like in Genesis. This freemasons mock God. So Gravity isn’t what NASA want you to believe it is

    • JCis TW “quality of a body having weight.” E = MC squared?

    • JCis TW whether the earth is flat or round I will always believe in a God or a supreme being. I don’t believe what the government tells me. I have my beliefs.

    • JCis TW “in a round earth system you will end up being manipulated, deceived and controlled by man.” Well, that is happening everyday. So the earth must be round lol. If it’s flat, then why are men manipulated and deceived? I don’t see why being flat or being round would determine manipulation.

  8. Lois Verhaeghe // 12th December 2018 at 2:19 am // Reply


  9. Marcus ArealOneus // 12th December 2018 at 2:20 am // Reply

    I think DARK MATTER IS THE SPIRIT REALM .. holding together the physical realm

  10. I love the speed talk Haha.
    I have a broken rib due to a fall on stairs .
    It hurts to laugh but still good

  11. jacob brother can you do an article on the last days? what will happen first, WW3, Nibiru, Tribulation, Antichrist, Armageddon? thank you so much. Im donald. if you remember me i messaged you before that my daughter Clarice 15 yo was suicidal, and on oct 16 she jumped from a 10 story building and died and now im so broken all i want to know is what things are coming to us i want to be ready. thank you for understanding. I long to leave this world

  12. Do you believe the Bible? Re-read Genesis and using your own God given senses. Forget what schools “teach” you. What’s the most compelling “evidence” we are spinning. Why would Gods word, this not be mentioned one time? The sun and moon are lights. Not rocks that are able to be landed on. I laughed at flat earth (can’t 100% say its flat) at first till I researched it, re read Genesis.. one you see it you can’t unsee it. God Bless.

    • +Truth Is in Christ how would you ever feel the earth spin?
      That makes zero sense.
      And the curve is over a great expanse. You’ll never see it from ground view. Stop with all this nonsense.

    • Truth Is in Christ it’s hard to undo all those years of indoctrination and paintings of Earth.keep fighting the good fight brother!.

      Find a real photo of Earth from the vast number of satellites… I’ll wait Remy..

    • Remy Lebeau Merry Christmas. God Bless.

    • +Ata2d99 happy holidays
      Christ be in you as is the father

  13. Roll Tide Warrior // 12th December 2018 at 2:36 am // Reply

    Teach me the truth no matter what the cost..those are just beautiful selfless words of wisdom. Beautiful approach to such a controversial topic.

    • John kostik will teach you truth in the original hebrew. A MUST WATCH. EXEGESIS OF GENESIS 1:1. This is proof that man did not write the bible. Please share if you are blessed by the experience.

  14. Im really Not here // 12th December 2018 at 2:36 am // Reply

    Why do you need man to tell you the waters above? The Creator made it flat.

  15. tama yeager gibson // 12th December 2018 at 2:57 am // Reply

    They invented dark matter because there was not enough matter in existence to account for the amount of gravity. Instead if saying, “our explaination of gravity does not work when applied to real life. So we bettet go back and try again. Cause that is how science works. Right? Naw! Just invent an imaginary thing so the theory works”. Thats the establishment for you. Ignore the evidence. Play make believe. And they call believers stupid.smfh

  16. It’s funny I loved coming to see these videos until you started with scripture then I’d click the next vid lol now I’m a Christian and love the vids that much more

    • @Colez. There are two channels that you should check out, The Academy of Light and Angel TV. The info on them will clear a lot of things up and also tell you how to prepare for the coming of Christ.

    • +Colez there’s many people you can talk to online , welcome to the family. Many channels for guidance. And most certainly pray for discernment from Father. He will guide you. Bkessings

    • Jimmy Hamilton // 12th December 2018 at 9:16 am // Reply

      Amen! Let God’s Word be True!

    • The man calling himself Jacob Israel is not a Christian
      He believes that We are God
      That there is no God besides us
      And that Jesus and Lucifer are the same person
      And that that is what scriptures teach
      And only he knows it
      Like all gnosticists
      Who worship their own wonderful thoughts ..
      Be careful what you swallow
      May God bless you

    • Ok then. Too each their own..

  17. Naps And Snacks Rule // 12th December 2018 at 3:10 am // Reply

    NASA – Never A Straight Answer, lol. I have Faith, that’s all I need. I lean not upon my own understanding but do entertain all the fascinating topics surrounding the mystery of Life. I know what will be done is already done and there is nothing new under the Sun.

    • +Naps And Snacks Rule I highly recommend John Kostik the exegesis of Genesis. ENJOY

    • Except one Will that isn’t done !!!!
      Gods Will…Our Father who art(created) Heaven, hallow(should be hollow as we fill up with Gods wisdom) be thy name ! *THY KINGDOM COMES WHEN YOUR WILL IS DONE*..Where ? Here on Earth as it is in Heaven !

    • There’s new discoveries on earth to be made. I believe in space. I mean, flat earth is very fairytale like. That said, it would be wild if it were the case.

    • S.W.S Ministry's // 12th December 2018 at 8:01 pm // Reply

      Naps And Snacks Rule AMEN!!!

    • +S.W.S Ministry’s you bet it does youngster lmao take a nap ! Ohh and S.W.S. Ministries hehe..also The Church may lie but the lion is in you as whale with a tail !
      Now explain what the symbolic nature of that statement is and in turn should show the readers your acclamation in truths.
      I’ll have you know there’s many ways to your house but in the end where would I arrive ?

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