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What is Biblical Baptism? Well, it’s NOT What You Have Been Told! This Video Changes Everything

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33 Comments on What is Biblical Baptism? Well, it’s NOT What You Have Been Told! This Video Changes Everything

  1. Melissa Wheeler // 12th October 2018 at 7:58 pm // Reply

    I’ve never done this before, but I need all the great prayer warriors to share this and please pray for my mom. She has felt well in awhile. I have been told she has been admitted into the hospital. It’s her heart.
    Heavenly Father I ask you to be with Patricia and to put your healing hands on her. And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” ~ Philippians 4:19

    • I have a prayer request too… my Step Son’s Cousin is on Life Support right now… it’s truly terrible and our family is praying… Lord help them

    • Melissa Wheeler // 12th October 2018 at 8:44 pm // Reply

      I will add him to my prayer list. It’s been growing very long these last few months! I’ve been out of work due to injury. Seeing a physical therapist till at least the end of the month

    • Lorraine Edwards // 12th October 2018 at 10:46 pm // Reply

      Heavenly Father,please heal this sister completely!!! I’m your name feast Lord Jesus Amen!!!!!Xxxxxxxxxxx

    • Twisted Sister // 12th October 2018 at 11:55 pm // Reply

      “Father in Heaven, it’s so hard to see beyond our pain. Please let us sense Your Mercy in this moment. Lift our eyes beyond ourselves. Let us find a new vision and source of health in the Care of Christ, who Heals.” This is a quoted prayer I have had hanging in my kitchen since February 20th.. let us pray for their full alignment with Jesus so that whatever God’s Will is (healing miracle vs mercy from tribulation) they will know beyond a shadow of a doubt who their Reigning King is!!! And as u may witness miracles in these last days.. shout the Praises of the Most High for All Glory belongs to Him!!! Amen. #PrayerWarriorPatriot #SaltOfTheEarth

  2. Robert Contreras // 12th October 2018 at 8:04 pm // Reply

    Ur cool jake

  3. Katelyn Murphy // 12th October 2018 at 8:12 pm // Reply

    Off topic but have you heard about FB taking down over 800 channels and then saying the Internet could go down for 48hrs so they can clean up the situation its not being covered in the US ..JonXArmy just put out info on this matter..blessings to you Jacob

  4. Jacob, do I need to have a person of authority to baptize me? Could I not just have another believer baptize me? I mean isn’t that what happened between Jesus and John? Please respond,this is a serious question I have had.

  5. Great video bro but you can’t sugar code the TRUTH! Is you get it or you don’t. TRUTH don’t need explanations. Next time just get straight to the point please brother we are running out of time!

    • +kev k I believe that! Just like I believe in Jesus Christ, so I must try do everything he did, to try to be like him. I know I can’t never be him! People are still talking about Jesus Christ name. How come his words in English are good enough for us, but Jesus Christ is not?

    • +kev k thank you for being blunt.

    • +john henry I just have the feeling that Yeshua is his correct name. I’d want to be called by my proper name too. It’s disrespectful to call someone named Eduardo by the name Edward. See what I am getting at?

    • +kev k I believe it too. In that language. When its time for them to persecute the True believers what name you think they going to use? I think it’s going to be Jesus Christ! What you think?

    • +john henry you are probably right. That way they can get the most fish in their wicked net

  6. Nothing is “necessary”.

  7. Just treat others as you want to be treated, love one another, and meditate on the power of the Holy Spirit. The Supreme Creator and Yeshua will tell you what to do via the inner mind (pineal gland), but you must be protected by the full armor of the Supreme Creator.

  8. Kendall James Ford // 12th October 2018 at 9:15 pm // Reply

    IAm Christ revelation ch.12:5 I have a Rod of iron. Crowned Chakra #King #simba lion

  9. Rainbow of Boxes // 12th October 2018 at 9:35 pm // Reply

    A Cucumber doesn’t become a Pickle until it is saturated in the Vinegar 🙂
    Cucumbers = People
    Vinegar = Love
    Pickles = God’s Followers
    Love saturates the People so they may awaken to God.
    You’re a Pickle Jacob! 😉 heehee

  10. Barmey Roberts // 12th October 2018 at 9:53 pm // Reply

    Biblical fact#1 New Testament baptism was administered exclusively in the name of Jesus signifying the original and the fixed formula. Alteration in the apostolic mode and form of baptism for any reason is Scripturally unwarranted.
    Biblical fact#2 That worthy name, which is to be called over every believer in the waters of baptis, is the name “Jesus”the name above every other name!
    Biblical fact#3 the efficacy of baptism is not in the water itself, but in the saving name of Jesus, for He bears a name attesting to his power and absolute Deity.
    Biblical fact#4 baptism is always with reference to Jesus Christ alone, his saving work and name,and thus an aspect of the believer’s own identification with Christ and the Gospel.
    Biblical fact#5 Water baptism in Jesus name is “for the remission of sins” and, therefore, and integral element and the new birth experience of salvation.Got blood? Acts2:38 repent and be baptized everyone of you in the name of “Jesus Christ” for the (remission) of sins and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

  11. Barmey Roberts // 12th October 2018 at 9:54 pm // Reply

    For one of the best teachings on water baptism check out Michael Rood.
    3 part series the Mikvah.

  12. Robert Langford // 12th October 2018 at 10:00 pm // Reply

    If Jesus died for all…..then surely He was also baptised for all!!! Excellent!

  13. Hi Andy and Leonard – Appologies – I got kicked out of the live chat! Hope to chat to you soon again!!

  14. Some notes, good message!

    Being is IN the Heart, we call a “name”, a subtle thing, IN the Being ‘name’… not stuck in the neural ‘net’ of the “Egyptian” mind, but Being in the Incorruptible mind of putting on the mind of the Mesi-Yah is by the baptism of the water and of the fire. So, do we sign off a prayer by a ‘name’ or are we speaking IN, from the Being of Dwelling there? Powerful difference to know for oneself?

    About the signs in the Earth.
    Isaiah 17. DammeśeQ “Damascus”
    Dam = Blood
    Mese = Water
    Q = Door into the whole tabernacle of the Passover by the baptism of the Water and then of the Fire, into the Incorruptible man, within the Heart Construct = YAH. Being rather than names. No deity, just information for the Heart. O = Whole Being. into the O = the door. Represents the path of Abiding in the Vine of the Confession of the Mouth together with the Spirit of the Heart, Breath of Life of the Loving Mother from His side, and Breath of Life of Gentle Father in the mixing well of the Heart. The Breath of Life of Father’s Fruit under His Fig Tree carried in the Vine of Yahushua in His Blood is the Blood of the Lamb represented by the Ten Commandments and Aarons Almond Branch that blooms in the Testimony given of Moses. Water. Elijah. Fire.

    Also, Damascus = the woman with the issue of blood. Jacobs wife, hid idolatry by the issue of blood when leaving her father Laban’s house. Joseph’s mother. “Type” of problem of we all who need to “Come out of Her”, Hosea 14:3, doing Hosea 13:16 things, War, Abortion and Human Sacrifice of all sorts and kinds.

    The woman, as the mother of Joseph, is healed by Yahushua! Just a touch of the hem of his garment does the job. The war on the saints, world wide and in Damascus, there will be signs in the Earth, where the rebellious external forces have been, are destroying as the ultimate goal real YAH healed hearts.

    Rachel died giving birth to Benjamin, Gen 35:18. If the last ‘time’ now, is being born, in the sign of the heavens of 2017, will Damascus die? Will the woman die? And the ‘baby’ is born?

    Heart Construct Healed = By His Stripes we are Healed = YAHushua.
    You are ‘gods’ Heart constructs, corrupted images, copy of YAH in fallen state.
    Reconnected, reconciled by the Blood of the Lamb, out came from his side water and blood.

    Yah, Heart Construct contains Hue’man’, Breath of life of Father is in the Blood of the Lamb, U is the ‘cup’ of the crossing over, Passover and the Mixing well in the heart of the Hue’man Breath of life of Mother is in the Water of the Lamb and that is where the Vines, veins, run out of the Well of the Heart. A ‘Roman’ soldier cut open the DOOR and out came the Water and the Blood, Baptism of the Water and the Fire was made possible as that blood fell on the Mercy Seat, witness of John and testimony in the Earth of the Arc and the Covenant.

    The name of information to DO is the path of Life within to the Heart’s door of the Baptism of the water, of the confession togethering, twisting in the Vine Within, to cross over the water of the “pericardium” into the threshing floor where the blood is squeezed, consciousness can go there into the Heart’s mind literally to know pure Love, and into the Baptism into the incorruptible mind of the Mesi-Yah (Water of the Heart Everlasting), Across from the corruption to the incorruption, into the “Sea of Reeds” Heart Strings singing out there a Song of Life by the Plasma power from above the rain pouring out on the just and the unjust. No respecter of persons. “Testimony of the Great Pyramid, and now the Heart Mind is Known. A picture of ‘us’” Literal evidence of that testimony of what needed to be healed by a real living being, the man who came as the Mesi-Yah Yahushua (Path of Information). Deity ‘names’ get all confused. We are free to Rip the information out of the ‘matrix’ of ‘scripture’ and find the real Freedom of Life at the Heart’s door. Room to move, out of the ‘box’ living, moving, having being.

    In the incorruptible place of the baptism of water is to find the place to leave out of the “Egyptian” neural net of the sands of ‘time’ having the mind renewed, Rom 7:22. To enter into the Timelessness Love within and then one might ask what is the ‘fire’ of the ‘wings’ found there? The baptism of fire can be then known to enter into the Holy of Holies to visit with the Source of Life, the Father and the Son, first individual who made the way for his family of Kindreds by the Confession of He Himself of the Tongues and of the Nations of all found in His body Incorruptible where the corruption puts on the incorruption, beyond the ‘temporal’ where the end is Death, there higher thought is found of that there is no Death, only Life and a transition from the place not knowing to that of knowing Life, Love Timelessness, Eternal no more polarization but then in the non-polarized place on the Sea of Glass is peace that surpasses all comprehension found in the temporal parts. Yahushua is Yahsarel “Israel”. In the Timelessness there is none other than He the One. Temporal parts will perish. The Everlasting Incorruptible will remain forever. Who is “Israel”? He only came to build His Body Everlasting. Is that more than a place? Or is it rather known in Being, there? Deitized in the “Egyptian” neural ‘net’, brain of the decaying sands running through the hour glass? No name from the perspective of Being? Do we call ourselves by our name when we think? Where is the no name? Where is the hidden place? Priceless. Willing doing of the Father’s Love.

    The main controversy of “Elijah”.

    Whether Baal is supreme authority, [xes] at the crooked gate of the Menorah.
    Everything interpreted from ‘scriptures’ is taken as something to do with [xes], Phileo and Eros.

    Whether YAH is supreme authority, Heart Construct at the straight gate of the Menorah.
    Where the Oil Pours out from Within.

    Everything interpreted from ‘love letters’ is taken as something to do with information for the Heart and of Timelessness Love to visit with the Creator there.

  15. Lorraine Edwards // 12th October 2018 at 10:43 pm // Reply

    Dear brother Jacob, Thank you so much for this video, this subject has been causing me confusion for a long time and is something I have prayed about. I had been feeling within that if I was to get baptized in water i would be working for salvation instead of accepting our Fathers Finished Work on the Cross. I now feel I can rest and know that My FAITH alone in Jesus Christ is what Saved me, it is done, it is Finished his blood is what washed us clean free of condemnation. This such an important subjectS Bless you Jacob and your Gamily!! God Bless you all my Brother’s and sisters in Christ!!!Xxxxxxxxxxx Love and Peace to all!!!Xxxxxxxxxxx

  16. slipperyfishdem86 // 13th October 2018 at 12:02 am // Reply

    to submerge yourself in his word.. to learn.. and follow his ways.. to become an new person in heart and to examine and remove the blindness of our own hypocritical ways.. to keep learning and searching for the wisdom of our creator.. that he has left for us in his word.. when you hear the truth you know! That’s a true baptism of the holy spirt of our Father.

  17. I,m giving you props, the holy water a chance of renewal, receiving mercy for God love is pure

  18. Jacob, I really Love the way you explain the scriptures. You have great insight and make them come alive. THANK YOU!!!

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