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WITCHCRAFT On The Rise In the US! Why Is No One Talking About This?

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58 Comments on WITCHCRAFT On The Rise In the US! Why Is No One Talking About This?

  1. Wow I can comment finally
    Hi buddy love the show, long time follower .

  2. See what Harry Potter got started?

  3. Just liked! You are genuinely a good person.

    • YES! Thanks so much for the support broethrr

    • Chrissy Shunda // 20th February 2019 at 3:14 am // Reply


    • William Rodriguez // 20th February 2019 at 4:43 pm // Reply

      +Jacob Israel I hope you get this message! My partner and I just watched this movie on Netflix called “await further instructions” and you definitely need to watch it! So much symbolism it was outrages. Has to do with aliens, witchcraft, black goo, technology. Everything put together in that movie with of coarse blasphoming Christianity as well! Would love to see you talk about this!

  4. Thanks Jacob for spreading true love and reminding me to turn to god always!!!

  5. Thank you for the show Jacob…if it wasn’t for God…i would be so scared for my daughters. All glory to him !!!

  6. The Fully Awakened // 20th February 2019 at 1:53 am // Reply

    Hello Jacob, I really feel like this is just not the same Earth I remember !! I feel like CERN has made a most noticeable change …. Mandela effect and all ! God bless and blessings to you and yours.Peace be with you my Brother in Christ.

  7. The Best Damn Podcast // 20th February 2019 at 1:54 am // Reply

    Cool video, nice work! Sad but true.. I did a video on Witchcraft today too… Synchronicity. It’s so prevalent now days it’s not funny… Thanks for what you do brother, God Bless.

    • The falling away, gaining momentum, turn your back to Jesus, he will not know you, Jesus does not give up on us, we give up on him, Witchcraft, some have no idea, playing this game, decieved by the promise of power, the rebellion continues, the Love of God will prevail in the name of our saviour Jesus Christ.

  8. Miranda Fleming // 20th February 2019 at 1:54 am // Reply

    Well that is the reason why you now can abort a baby up to birth. they’re going to start sacrificing the babies right in front of our eyes because we’ve made it legal for them to do. So gut wrenching, pray for the babies. Sing for the baby, sing because the glory of God is coming to get them out of the hands of the demons!

    • Erik Blak Chaos Theory // 20th February 2019 at 4:07 pm // Reply

      Miranda Fleming how you just responded was not of Jesus my friend. And Jesus was a witch. Study the Kabbalah or ancient Jewish Magick. It existed when Jesus was alive and was practiced by many who were against the traditional Jewish teachings. He used “magick” aka the “Will of the All” to do miracles utilizing the faith of others. Sorry but that’s exactly how witches today do it too! Try not to forget that the entire Bible foundation is from Moses, a man raised by Pharaoh who practiced Egyptian High Ceremonial Magick. But I don’t want you getting fired so have a good life!

    • Miranda Fleming // 20th February 2019 at 4:39 pm // Reply

      +Satan I know.

    • Miranda Fleming // 20th February 2019 at 4:53 pm // Reply

      +Erik Blak Chaos Theory well I hate to break it to you but I don’t think that Jesus Christ went around teaching how to practice any kind of witchcraft. He taught of love and loving others I didn’t say I didn’t love you. I pray for all and I’m not the judge but I also know that there is no witchcraft in Jesus Christ. I don’t know what your trip is but I’m telling you now my Lord Christ Jesus said turn to him only and do not idolize anything or anyone. Worship and praise him only is the only way to the father he is the epitome of the perfect family. To deny Christ Jesus is to deny your own self. He is the firstborn he is the only begotten son of our Father in heaven created our Holy Mother Spirit and gave Her some of his light and they had a Child, The Only Begotten Son, Christ Jesus. And he also told us to be aware vipers. now I don’t know if you’re trying to make yourself feel better but I still feel the same way I did before I started talking to you. I don’t know what it is about your witchcraft I’m not even going to read about it because I’m not going to focus my attention in that area. I’m going to work workout and go home pray and listen to Zen Garcia and I listen to Jacob and the sweetest lady on WGON. Then I will talk to my Muslim friends who are missing something in their lives they tell me and they are oppressed because they have been misled about Lord Christ Jesus. I’m sorry you don’t like the way I’m answering. I hate no hate in my heart. You’re saying something about Jewish magik, let me tell you this the Jews don’t believe that Christ Jesus has came and was ever born because they’re the ones that killed him. Yes I know some of them are Christians and believe in Christ Jesus and that is so good that they recognize that the Jewish people God’s Only Begotten, and I pray for them and ask for forgiveness and the Lord forgives. The only thing that needs to happen is all the Jews that think that Christ Jesus has not come to this earth yet are the ones that need to repent and turn to Christ and recognized him as their Lord and worship him. miracle not magic is the only thing I know about Jews. So I won’t be studying up on your witchcraft of any kind you do and what kind you perform. you better get on your knees and pray to Jesus that’s all I’m telling you. That’s the only practice I can see unless you’re practicing to be some doctor or scholar to help humanity that’s the only practicing I believe in. Have a good day. I won’t respond anymore I’m turning the notifications off.

    • Erik Blak Chaos Theory // 20th February 2019 at 5:43 pm // Reply

      Miranda Fleming I don’t get on my knees for anyone. Witchcraft teaches love of self and others as well. Hinduism taught devotional love to all sentient beings over 5,000 years before Moses was even thought of. You live in fear. I live in rationality. I should put my own videos together breaking this down better for people to understand and inspire their own research

  9. Christ Iesus is the only truth @ way through the Holy Spirit

  10. Witch witch knows to love your enemy, judge not, and love thy neighbor, no matter what and unconditionally?
    Fyi witches; be nice

  11. and your family are protected by Father God and his mighty angels!!

  12. WITCHCRAFT is label for something that is not understood. We ALL have the ability to cast our intentions out. BUT it is up to the person if they cast out good intentions or bad intentions. No matter what (RELIGION) IT ALL comes down to the GOOD or EVIL that is in each persons HEART.

    • +Ruth Bates hey not sure what your asking about Harmony and joy but that is how ALL intentions should be cast out to others(with harm to no one witch includes yourself) like you said the glue can be turned into a weapon with (evil) intentions in the HEART or be used to make someones live easier with (pure) intentions. Something so simple yet…

    • Cast our intentions? do you mean acting out on your intentions?
      That is of course not witchraft as all men do that but witchcraft is mainly contacting evil spirits and following their demonic doctrines and that is rebellion against God our Father in Heaven as rebellion is witchraft according to him.

    • If u actually read the Wiccan law of 3 anything positive u put out comes back to you 3 fold likewise with anything negative. I believe there are multiple paths to salvation but to all come down to the golden rule: love others as you love yourself or do unto others as you would have done to you. Blessing to you all❤️

    • You are all deceived, as I was when I was younger. Jesus is the ONLY way, period. Read your bible and pray.

    • Read it. Still studying it, but to say any kind loving person that hasn’t had that opportunity is damned is part of the reason people turn away. Blessings and love

  13. Nick nack patty wack show // 20th February 2019 at 2:23 am // Reply

    Theres a movie called . The last witch Hunter. With vin diesel. …..
    It points out that, Witches, demons and evil people of works still exists.
    They just changed with the times. And put on a suite and tie. …..

    Any who great information brother i really like that background its fitting …keep up the Great work. Ill continue to tune in every time

    • Erik Blak Chaos Theory // 20th February 2019 at 2:17 pm // Reply

      Nick nack patty wack show lol that movie has nothing to do with real witchcraft. Hollywood has actually never come out with a single movie that accurately depicts witchcraft. They push the hocus pocus D&D fantasy but that is not witchcraft. I do believe that “Christians” have more murders than any witch or coven ever has in the history of mankind

    • Nick nack patty wack show // 20th February 2019 at 3:19 pm // Reply

      +Erik Blak Chaos Theory well i dont know about ✌REAL✌ witchcraft , and dont really care 2. It was just a small comparison.

    • Erik Blak Chaos Theory // 20th February 2019 at 3:50 pm // Reply

      Nick nack patty wack show you compared a Hollywood B rated movie to a spiritual path. Not really a ✌️small comparison✌️. That’s like trying to compare Jesus Christ with his cartoon on Family Guy!!

  14. When I realized that God is love, God is compassion, God is justice, God is kindness, God is generosity, I realized that I loved God before I ever knew Him.

    • James Mansfield // 20th February 2019 at 11:48 am // Reply

      and Jesus gave it all

    • Michael,
      I truly believe we stood before our heavenly father and have an agenda here on earth .a path to follow . many things we were sent here to fulfill. some we pass up because we are too into this world which Satan has cleverly distracted us from God.
      that memory of our path here has been erased .. only prayer everyday will open our eyes and asking God to keep us on the path he sent us here to walk . NO ONE WALKING THE FACE OF THE EARTH CAN BE TOO CLOSE TO GOD…I believe the closer you are to God the more your eyes are opened to the truth of whats really happening.. God bless you and keep the faith…
      and if you come across someone who does not believe in God suggest to them that the only way they are going to know God is if they put God into their heart and soul ..tell them no one can do it for them but themselves..and that God is always waiting for you to accept him…xo

    • Michael read the Bible and you going to find out that God it’s war god it’s mean God it’s terrible God is Satan jerk wake up smell the coffee

    • +Nick Nova you’re talking about a different god.

  15. Witchcraft is not always demonic, it is all about intention. This stigma around magick is meant to keep you from waking up. Think for yourself, and you will find the truth ON YOUR OWN. Not all that is “evil” is actually evil. You decide. I am just watching.

    • TRUMPGIRL1971* * // 20th February 2019 at 3:07 am // Reply

      According to the Holy Bible, it’s not something we should practice and being that your profile name is “satan”, I can’t take a thing you say as “not demonic “…

    • I agree. And if these Christian would actually do some research instead of relying soley on the bible but ancient text of which the bible was derived from might just see a connection to ancient accepted practices and what is known today as witchcraft. Which jacob did not mention. I really enjoy his videos but he did not give the full background nor indepth understanding of how intention, manifestation, law of 1, the elements, even as above so below. how it is connected to the bible and even what christ, buddha, Krishna etc. How many ancestors spoke of. And i am not a Witch, i believe in God more so Father Creator then the General term “God” and their for I believe in good and evil, yin and yan. Intent of good or evil. but I have left christianity due to the evil that resides in the vast about of truth that has been deliberately hidden and or distorted to keep control of the m-asses that will follow. I fully believe “Christ” in me, yet i have had family call me pagan simply cause i left religion not spirituality nor my belief in my creator.

    • TRUMPGIRL1971* * // 20th February 2019 at 4:11 am // Reply

      Faris S. Religion is dangerous, not the Bible…

    • the picasso team // 20th February 2019 at 6:39 am // Reply

      good joke and all. But satan will have his spot in the lake of fire, so misery loves company. Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand for it will be soon over.

    • TRUMPGIRL1971* * AMEN SISTER!!!!

  16. Please stop calling them witches… They are satanists not witches. All magic is is frequency and energy… You learn how to direct it. That’s it.

  17. inner stillness // 20th February 2019 at 3:45 pm // Reply

    Interesting subject that I’m not sure I quite understand, but looking into Strongs real Greek 5331 ‘pharmakeia’ translates to the English words witchcraft and sorcery and where we get the words pharmacy or pharmacist and it can mean drug, druggist, spell-giving potion, poisoner etc ….pointing at big pharm possibly with all its chemical cocktails that sometimes only place bandaids over gapping wounds rather than help people get to the root of the problem…or maybe a step further in the intoxicating doctrine religion teaches lulling man further asleep and forgetting its origins. I will certainly take this into my prayer closet. Love your take on it Jacob and the many layers that you teach.

    • inner stillness // 20th February 2019 at 3:56 pm // Reply

      wow, change the numerical value by one ‘5330’ ‘pharisaios’ translating to Pharisee…I’m sure you know what I am suggesting.

    • +inner stillness YES!!!! Any organization teaching of outside entities is preaching a form of witchcraft my friend… ALL of them. Your first thought wasn’t entirely wrong either but I ask you to look even further Tony…think about our speech and the things we say… SPELL words… TELL time…BINDer and so on and so on….we are a society so in wrapped with things that we don’t truly understand…even scripture itself has a few anomalies….God CAST the fallen out of heaven.. the three Magi who found Christ in a manger ( no one likes to really acknowledge this and we for some reason call them the three Wisemen) this is another one of those topics that I feel is really important because we are so indoctrinated to ideas of magic that we don’t even realize that we actually are preforming..what the churches state anyways…’witchcraft’…every single day of our lives…all of us…there is not one individual who hasn’t….so is what we were taught to believe as witchcraft not actually witchcraft or has someone inserted it into our everyday lives so smoothly that we never even noticed?? I have to tell you my friend that no matter how much training in theology, ancient scriptures, writings or glyphs, artifacts and symbols I have aquired over the years I still couldn’t tell which one is actually right… I don’t know Tony… nobody I have ever asked this question of knows either..and it’s probably the only thing left in this subject that actually causes me a little bit of caution to be honest.

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