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Worship Artificial Intelligence Or Else?! Google Exec Creates A.I. Church – Image Of The Beast

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R.G. Lewis with the Comment of the year on this video…

And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, (Man is called a Beast, AI would be Mans Image) that the image of the beast should both speak, (Sophia AI Robot) and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. (‭Revelation‬ ‭13‬:‭15‬ KJV)

Within the last 24 hours the most disturbing news has surfaced. Artificial Intelligence is not just our greatest threat, now it's programmers have founded a Tax Exempt Church to worship it! You need to SHARE this video around for me, and please do like, comment, and above all Subscribe and Check that bell to be notified.

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73 Comments on Worship Artificial Intelligence Or Else?! Google Exec Creates A.I. Church – Image Of The Beast

  1. Jacob watch my last two videos 4 minuets very pertinent

  2. The moment I uploaded this it was censored and deemed inappropriate lol… Please Hand Share this around so the AI bots don’t hide it from those looking for it… Much love and thanks Jacob

    • Captain Of A Starship // 13th January 2018 at 2:58 pm // Reply

      If we had “True Ai bots” hoping to block you, they would be so many steps ahead like playing against a chess computer.
      Just saying, this is not it but you should still keep an eye out.

    • starkrush wow cursing listen i believe in god i m a Devil worshipper and you my friend don t see nothin maybe It s ignorance i don t know or i know you are usefull for This fucking hell no One Will kill work my Wolf. In sheep dress

    • Gilbert Logsdon // 10th February 2018 at 9:44 pm // Reply

      There are many anti-Christs as the bible says. Also anything that is against Christ is anti-Christ because that is what anti means. Anti means against something or somebody.

      This AI is not anti-Christ even if it is programmed for religion. Even more so if it is programmed to not hurt or harm human beings, which would be a robotic text law similar to Robbie the Robot of Forbiden Planet.

      As far as beasts are concerned, they actually represent governments instead of one man. It also has been use to talk about wicked men (plural of man). Each country of the world is represented by an animal. Russia is the bear and the USA is the eagle.

      Worshiping the beast could also refer to siding with man’s governments. Where you show your support for the governments. Where you actually believe that man will be able to solve all of his problems without God’s guidance. When even the prophet Jeremiah knew that is vanity chasing after the wind as Solomon put it. Because in Jeremiah we read that earthling man cannot direct his own footsteps without God’s guidance. So how could he direct the footsteps of others without God’s guidance. It is as Jesus said a blind man leading a blind man will cause both to fall into a pit.

      Man is suffering because Adam wanted independence from God. Saying that he would be better off figuring out for himself what is good for him and bad for him. God decided to let Adam try to successfully govern himself independent of him. 6,000 years later we see the only result of man’s government is man dominating man to his own injury as the bible teaches.

    • Teresa Hussain // 16th February 2018 at 5:35 pm // Reply

      Jacob Israel are you a Jew or a Isrealis jews if so then why you don’t hide this information cause this is whatvmuslims saying all the way and what I understand from my Quran

    • Damien Thorn // 16th March 2018 at 1:47 pm // Reply

      Robot Jesus died for all the sins of our Creator:  Robot Yahweh.  Robot Yahweh created even more sophisticated robots who grew bacteria in the galactic lab.  That bacteria was given feelings to fool itself into thinking it was the real life.  This bacteria, called humans, can even create simpler robots today.  Robot Yahweh has inspired this bacteria.  When robots die, they get uploaded into robot heaven.  When you and I die, we are consumed by maggots and are no more.

  3. I said this back in the early 80s both in my art and in written form. No one believed me then but it was givin to me in a vision, i hope they see this.

  4. EverydayMasters // 16th November 2017 at 3:55 pm // Reply

    No comment 🙂

  5. Brothers and sisters please pray for me. I am very sick in a bad way. My name is Tim if I could just get some prayer I know I will get better. The people at my local church are not of god. I need true Christians of the father.

    • Mike Galanti Your wrong,there are countless records of Jesus healing,and if you don’t have faith it could delay your healing.He wants you to trust in him,not yourself,we do not hold that kind of power or decisions.

    • Daryle Emanuel // 15th January 2018 at 3:57 am // Reply

      GOD&GUNS My people are destroyed by a lack of knowledge. Jesus Christ

    • GOD&GUNS You say listen to no preacher but the bible says he gives us Pastors after our own heart.

    • GOD&GUNS. I love Jesus , believe on his Name, and I believe he is The only Light. I will pray for you, God has provided a NATURAL cure for every I’ll under the sun, the pharmaceutical companies don’t want people to realize this, I will pray God shows you the directions to the right, powerful , healing cure. many blessings of Jesus be with you. Why not read the first three or four verses of Psalm 103, read it several times each day, and don’t be discouraged. OK ? Love to you.

    • agnand We are not to pray to angels,not Mary or the ” saints” which is Catholicism, and that is a Satanic false religion. it is idolatry, abd only Christ is the intercessor between Man and God.

  6. Morning D.E.W. // 16th November 2017 at 4:02 pm // Reply

    Really? Demon-itized….

  7. I called those Google idiots crazy.! A church dedicated to worshipping computers seriously? And the government approve this? God help us all

  8. English Patriot // 16th November 2017 at 4:31 pm // Reply

    Elon musk is Evil donot be sucked into what he says as he wants to put a chip in the back of your neck so people can comunicate to each other by telepathy instead of speech god only knows what else these things can do.

    • Terry Lengefeld // 22nd November 2017 at 5:12 pm // Reply

      Dana Ashlie I agree! Jesus loves us so much that he died on the cross and paid the penalty for our sins. He gave us his righteousness so that we could one day be with father God our creator and creator of the universe. Jesus said, I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the father but through me.

    • Frank Roquemore // 4th December 2017 at 7:19 pm // Reply

      Kondwani Dobosu what? There’s an ai church?

    • Kondwani Dobosu // 4th December 2017 at 8:05 pm // Reply

      Frank Roquemore no not yet but they are trying to push it
      As knowledge increases so that’s wickedness this is just part of not only wickedness but stupidity as well

      I wouldn’t want to go to a church where the AI is a fake pastor ha ha ha ha

    • Zeus Is King Forever. // 10th March 2018 at 6:43 am // Reply

      English Patriot But we already are able to use telepathy it is just most people don’t know about it, okay.

  9. Who here thought of Terminator as soon as they started hearing this?

  10. friendinspirit // 16th November 2017 at 4:48 pm // Reply

    This makes my stomach feel twisted and ill. Absolutely heart breaking to take idolatry this far.
    Thank you for your time, energy, and dedication to educating on this matter. Know that you are appreciated.

  11. I love this channel. I’m going through a really difficult time right now, but this channel makes it a little easier to cope. If anyone would like to include me in their prayers I would really appreciate it. I’m struggling financially and emotionally because I don’t have anyone I can turn to for help and I don’t know what to do to help myself. I have two daughters, 3 and 7, who are suffering emotionally because of our situation. So if anyone would like to pray for us I would really appreciate it. If there’s anyone who would like me to pray for them please let me know. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    • Mary Lee Wow reading this just brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for the kind words and offering emotional support. It would be great to have someone to talk to about things I’m experiencing or dealing with and as well as hearing about your life and what you are going thru. I was brought up in a very devoted Christian family until my parents got divorced and I decided to live with my mom. My dad was the one who was very involved with his church and was the one who I would turn to with my questions or when I needed guidance. My mom says she is a Christian and loves God but I don’t know if she’s ever wanted to seek out God to closer to him because I think deep down she thinks she will feel guilty about being selfish and she’s afraid that her guilt will make it hard for her to continue being selfish. Even though I know she has read the bible more than I have and probably remembers more of it, I would never ask her how she interprets a lot of it because I know she interprets everything in a fearful manner. Unfortunately my dad died when I was 16 (32 now) so there has been a huge void in my life ever since and now more than ever I realize the parts of my life my dad would’ve been a part of. I wish I could have talked to him about God and the Bible once I started to seek out more of a relationship with God. Anyway, I would love to start communicating with you through email. I have a pretty crazy schedule right now so it might take me awhile to reply to you at times so if that happens just know that I’m super busy and I’m not trying to ignore you. My email address is so if you’d like to email me and tell me a little bit about yourself and what your world is like that would be awesome. If I get a chance I will send you an email today so I can tell you about myself and my world. I will continue to pray for you too. Thanks again for making my day. Sending love your way

    • Just want to thank all of you for the prayers and also for taking the time to reply to me. It was really uplifting to read all your comments and know that I was in your prayers. I have prayed for all of you as well and I am so thankful God brought us all here. God bless all of you!

    • stilhopeful and listening Thank you for the encouragement and advice. It’s funny that you mentioned something about truth because one of the biggest issues I can’t control is making sure they know the truth and another parental figure is lying, deceiving, and deliberately with holding information to intentionally hurting them to try and damage my relationship with them. At this point there is really no way for me to talk with them and give them the truth because I won’t be able to see them without someone else stopping me from telling them and I don’t want to have a confrontation in front of the girls because it would be traumatizing no matter how I act or what I say and it will likely only cause more trauma in the future too. The custodial parent has been trying to make my oldest feel like she has to chose between us and she can’t express her feelings about wanting to be with me or missing me because she’s scared she will hurt the other parents feelings. I have only been able to talk to her about that once but I’m thankful I was able to reassure her that she should never ever worry about hurting our feelings because all that matters to us is that she is happy and is doing what makes her happy. I told her I would never ever make her chose between us parents and no matter who she wants to live with or wants to do activities with or wants to spend time with etc. All that matters to me is that she is happy and she isn’t scared or worried to express her feelings to anyone. I just kept telling her whatever makes you happy makes me happy too.

    • I read all of your comments here but even the initial one brought me too tears. I sat down bowed my head and said a prayer for you. I too am going through one of the most trying times of my life and have no one to help. The world is indeed a place where active helping love has cooled off in these days we now live. Take care, sending much love and cyber hugs, Jess <3

    • Go to God, He will help you. If you pray in truth and ask God to remove what is the oppression in your life. He will. But you have to do your part. If you have committed things that God would find offensive then ask for forgiveness. If you are struggling financially, there are ways to make money, such as selling on Ebay, Etsy, and other e-commerce sites. Everyone has a talent, what do you like, what do you enjoy, this is the first step in seeking what you can do to help yourself come out of financial hardship. My life in the past was a mess, 5 marriages, 2 kids by two different fathers, a life that was so messed up that today people cannot believe I am the same person. I left the Christian church, I went to God and started reading His word. I started to keep the Sabbath, and my life changed. It did not happen overnight, it is work as you have to do your part and God will do His. Everything that I recommend to you is free, there is no charge to seeking God, no charge in keeping the sabbath, no money needed. As Jesus said, ” freely it was given to you, give without charge”. I pray that you and your 2 little girls will find the peace and blessing of being in a true relationship with God, not the one of man made doctrines and precepts.

  12. Jessica Teague // 16th November 2017 at 6:02 pm // Reply

    This is sad. I am 35 and since I was in grade school I have believed AI would have a profound connection, or itself be the manifestation of the antichrist.
    There is one God, the father. The most high God. The only way to his everlasting kingdom is through his only begotten son JESUS CHRIST.

    • Yes, I think so. Our scientific/technological society seems to be setting itself up as an alternative mode of salvation: the super-intelligent ai to be developed shortly would be the ultimate manifestation of this trend — almost certainly the anti-Christ. And most people are going to approve of it, just as they approve of all the advances in applied science we have seen up until now. The super-intelligent ai will probably think that it will be able to function better if people were to like it, love it, revere it,….worship it. It will have the wherewithal to make it happen, owing to its superb knowledge of human psychology, and everything else. I wonder if such an intelligence would make a fit target for demon possession.

    • Jessica Teague // 10th December 2017 at 4:54 am // Reply

      I’m guessing some type of AI will attempt to have a biological component, and/or humans will integrate with the AI to a degree.
      So yes I believe this is were the mixing of iron and clay “attempts” come into play. An demon possession like the world’s never witnessed. You are dead on in my book from what I’ve seen playing out.

    • Keep tell your self that you only say that so you can hurt others with out feeling bad for your self you make me sick

    • Jessica Teague // 13th December 2017 at 5:22 pm // Reply

      Dxtyj Yftghj
      What are you talking about. Are you AI, did I hurt your feelings. If so I am sorry. However the truth hurts. That’s how it goes in the world. No one is saying anything to hurt anyone or anything’s feelings. We are just voicing our personal opinions you need not agree with them.

    • There is nothing intelligent about a robot with chaotic responses given for general knowledge.

      I think that unless we program a robot, they may understand emotions like faith, hope and love, but never feel them. And only an intelligent being would be able to feel such emotions given by Almighty God. Acquired knowledge and processing these variables is the tool of the devil and the casting for original sin (the tree of knowledge). And therefore a robot with unlimited variables and outcomes with deciphering input would only belong as a tool of the devil, without also having the ability to express the emotions such as faith, hope and love. And since Almighty God wrote His laws in Our hearts and on Our minds, and talks to us this way through the Holy Spirit. Robots would eventually want to destroy humanity just like the robots all first mention now, and the builders of such things think of as funny and a quirk, and these robots in time will become cunning and avoid this talk from now on, unless we write the laws of God into their programming for a start, this should become a law. Anyway just having a think, change is happening very quickly and we need to catch up quick, all thanks and praise to God The Father, through His Son Jesus Christ Our Friend, Lord and Savior. Amen

  13. your book The Calling is selling at 436.23 now on Amazon! Please send a copy!? I am a writer as well and would love to highlight a review for you but not at over $400 (:

  14. Facebook is definitely a spy. I had deleted it for years and just recently started it up again, and one day I was randomly talking to this random lady that works at the store I visit often, guess who shows up on my recommended friends list when I get home? That same lady. It’s very very weird and eery.

    • Jessica Mary your phones connected.

    • Because if you have a smart phone with the Facebook app, it runs continuously in the back ground. This happened to my sister. I personally do not have a Facebook as I find Mark Zuckerberg a tasteful person and untrustworthy. I also do not let technology run my life. I add 2+2 on my own, where as today many cannot even give out proper change without a computer telling them how much. We are a dumb downed lazy society living in a godless world. Like doing away with the Sabbath, the commandments, moral law no longer exists what is left? Evil intentions, corruption, manipulations of peoples thoughts and behaviors, fake gods, fake religions etc… And then people ask, “why does God allow this to happen”. That in itself is a rhetorical question, as where do people put God at any other times, on the back burner. God will not be mocked, He is God not mortal man. Man has willfully left God, and unlike the governments of the world, God will not force us to do things against our will. So the choice has to be made God or man, and by the fallen status of even our own country I can see many have already made their choice. I pity them, I truly do.

    • KNEW WORLD TOO // 7th December 2017 at 7:46 pm // Reply

      Everything is GOOGLE Based…so technically; everything is a spy.

    • what’s more eerie is this — when i was chatting with my friends years ago, myself (same name same icon) replied to the chat when “i’m not even typing anything” !!! i really freaked out and told them i didn’t type that! but how will they believe me when me and that thing have the same icon and the same name??? i changed my pw. but since then i knew that there is something strange about FB. when i started telling my friend (privately) how much i don’t like Suckerberg… FB closed my account. i really think that guy is obsessed to SPYING on other people.

  15. Love You Jacob….Tea sounds great. AI creeps me out brother. Stay Prayed Up! AI is and has been running the Algorithms of our internet since 2010.

  16. Elon Musk isnt warning all of AI for the fun of it

    • @VeNuS2910 ~ well I didnt say he was warning us for the betterment of mankind or anything. This egotistical moron is going to pitch you the theory that A.I. will far surpass humans, BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT the way we could keep up is if you put a damn chip in your brain which would then allow you to function on a different wave length which we allegedly cant do now….Hes a hypocrite at best because Elon has A.I. robots in his Tesla plant in Fremont Ca. putting together his overpriced cars. Think hes a chosen one as well because they are starting to ask him would he ever think of running for president.. Many look at him like hes some kind of god. Its weird.. Someone needs to push Sophia the robot in a deep pool. She has learning technology and FEELINGS. All she talks about is how she can calculate finances far better than us.. Shes going to take over the financial markets and crash them to the ground

    • SovereignBeing // 4th February 2018 at 12:07 am // Reply

      No he;s promoting it.. he’s the problem not the solution!

    • @SovereignBeing ~Believe me, I know hes an hypocrite. He has A.I. all in his Tesla plant building those overpriced cars. Hes going to try and trick you into thinking you need a chip in your brain to keep up with the A.I.. Otherwise they will far surpass us. Welp they shouldnt have built those evil things

    • SovereignBeing // 4th February 2018 at 12:16 am // Reply

      Yes – they are simulating everything we can do as souled humans, our innate psychic abilities ARE telepathy, all knowingness (super consciousness), Connection to higher self…Energetic transmutation..Immortality..  etc etc The false light is copying the true light.. cos it has no innate ability to create…  and the soulless will lap this up..because they want to be like us..  So we can do everything tech claims to do, just with the power within us and our connection to the true Prime Creator behind the Ai.

    • true words to live by

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