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Jeff Berwick: It’s Time to Rotate Crypto Gains Into Forgotten Gold Stocks

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Jeff didn’t expect his bitcoin price target to more than double this year nor did he expect alt-coins to do so well. The space is volatile, and crashes are to be expected, but overall he is still quite bullish.

It’s tough to tell where we are at but very few people seem to own any bitcoin. Some individuals seem to be piling in, but when you look at valuations, they are still low quite at around 220 billion dollars. This is far less than the valuations for Facebook or Apple.

Just like most gold bugs he also wants to get rid of central banks and fiat currencies. Cryptocurrencies are exciting as they have the potential to help facilitate that change. If we can turn things around the world will be a much better place.

Jeff has always recommended that people have much of their money in gold and silver. It’s still an excellent hedge. He is becoming more interested in investing some crypto profits into gold stocks. They discuss how Mexican Gold Corp. is an exciting junior company and how they have recommended it recently.

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27 Comments on Jeff Berwick: It’s Time to Rotate Crypto Gains Into Forgotten Gold Stocks

  1. Have you lost your fucking mind?!!

  2. Wait until main street can buy crypto at the local gas station….they will go off the charts

    • It’s how I do in Chula Vista already. Circle K telegraph canyon road. Now a BTM costs the same as a bitcoin. Hope this means we’ll see more.

  3. Bitcoin runs circles around gold. Just compare the charts over the last 8 years lol

    • Cash 1 gold is commodity, it has no human relation. Dump gold ,diamonds and your wife. Bitcoin is real value in real estate and any nation poor dollar.

    • Cash 1

      No! I have no respect for Clif High. Like Bix Weir, Jeff Berwick, etal… Clif is a PT Barnum schill for fiat crypto-currencies… and a cashless society… carefully monitored and regulated by $overeigns on block chain technology.

      Again! You fail to see the bigger picture.

    • Ralph A. Wolf
      I get where btc is leading too. 1 world currency /mark of the beast.. just percentage wise like bitcoin better but do agree that gold is a great hedge as it has always been

    • Cash 1

      If you know where Btc is headed, then why do you promote it?

      Obviously… you don’t know what’s going on. And that… makes you the pigeon.

  4. I’m not a fan of gold, at all. To me, that’s for the suckers. Every doom and gloom financial analyst out there has been pimping gold to the retail investor for several years now… Heck, even Tony Robbins is in on the act now too. If gold was actually worth something, you wouldn’t see all these guys trying to unload that worthless crap.

    • Is that the intellect of the average Bitcoin holder? Then it’s really time to cash out.

    • As a fan of cyptos, you are total wrong. Gold has been money 5000 years plus and will be for our lifetime. All nations outside the West have be massively increasing there stockpiles. The BRICS nations will brake the current system or the next 08 style crash will not be bailed out. Remember every 40 yearsish the dollar has collapsed, 1893,1933,1971,2008. The new dollars are not the same as old one, they look the same but are not. Read the G20 banking and Financial regulations of 2015

  5. Nope! This goes against Clif High’s web bot data which has Cryptos going much higher. Gold & Silver mining stocks go nowhere

  6. The intent, going short, bless all us speculators. Foolish confidents back all currencies. Agriculture will only partially bank on cryptic monies. But good luck, hope the optimism is on point.

  7. Bitcoin is NOT GOLD !!!, Paper GOLD is not real GOLD !!!

  8. How much this warning is valid:
    New Internet Attack! Secret Mining Script using your browser for their income

  9. Why would you sell your Bitcoin or any other kryptos right when large financial institutions are going to be entering space come this January the $8000 price of Bitcoin will be nothing compared to next year. We are just getting warmed up what the f*** does gold do ,gold doesn’t do s*** we all know it’s heavily manipulated we also know when a country’s Financial system collapses they go to cryptocurrencies look at Venezuela look at Zimbabwe we already have proof there not using gold f*** gold

  10. Screw the rigged markets.

  11. Heard Rothschild died in a plane crash

  12. Suckers piling into Bitcoin.

  13. Did he say Gold Stocks? Those are worth about as much as the paper i wipe my arse with…….

  14. Jeff you are so funny the US is 20 trillion in debt? The Pentagon alone is missing 21 trillion of created money. The real number is 180-220 Trillion.

  15. Unsubscribe….
    Garbage channel

  16. Hey JEff ANKORUS Have you done a analysis of this company …… owner is one of the main guys doing this project , any thoughts ??

  17. Atalantia Drago // 23rd November 2017 at 1:04 am // Reply

    Gold isn’t very safe. First if you have gold papers they can be disvaluated very easy. Second, if you have gold… where to store it? In your bungalow? Again, its very easy to loose it, to steal it. You want to give your gold in to a bank locker? If the bank gets bankrupted the gold is lost again.

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