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Yoga Backbends, Drop Back Demo with Kino

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If you’re looking for yoga videos that will show you the perfect way for you to start your yoga journey then Kino MacGregor’s yoga channel is perfect for you! Whether you are new to yoga or an advanced yoga student you will find a full yoga library with all the yoga postures that you need to develop a complete yoga practice. Yoga is more than just a physical practice yoga is a lifestyle that includes living a peaceful life. Living the yoga lifestyle is about yoga practice, inner peace, yoga diet and being a good person on and off your yoga mat. Kino is a yoga teacher, author of three books, international teacher, writer, blogger, online yoga class teacher, IG yoga challenge host and much more. She co-founded Miami Life Center and Miami Yoga Magazine as well as produced six Ashtanga Yoga DVDs. Practice yoga, change your world one breath at a time. Kino believes that yoga is a vehicle for each student to experience the limitless potential of the human spirit. You don’t have to be strong or flexible to begin the yoga practice, all you need is an open heart and the inspiration to practice yoga. Unroll your mat and do the practice!

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16 Comments on Yoga Backbends, Drop Back Demo with Kino

  1. 7ColoursofAutumn // 15th January 2015 at 6:11 pm // Reply

    Wow this is incredible! I find that I’m going to fall forwards when i push my pelvis forward and lean back. Do you know what I’m doing wrong? Thanks 🙂 X

  2. Simply wow, I’m have way

  3. Alex Chernova // 15th January 2015 at 8:26 pm // Reply

    Hi Kino, I’m a relative beginner and can’t lift into elevated postures yet and I’m not flexible enough yet to do any bends or splits, I was wondering if you had any suggestions on combinations I could try out that are mainly grounded and help develop strength and flexibility xxx
    Thanks! you’re incredibly inspirational <3

  4. kino, I have a question. If someone has really good flexibility and rom otherwise in the hamstring and quadricep muscle groups…but they can’t do some of the things like kurasamana It is mostly like a hip and possibly lower back issue right? That’s what I think and have to thank you for showing that frog split! It’s really good from the psoas !

  5. BananaBlondie108 // 16th January 2015 at 2:24 am // Reply

    Wow.  Such beautifully open shoulders!

  6. fred flinstone // 16th January 2015 at 2:27 am // Reply

    I’ve fallen and can’t get up!!

  7. What should we do if we are shy from something in ourselves or our families? How to deal with that?

  8. If I don’t comment again I didn’t survive.

  9. crâzy bîrô // 20th January 2015 at 4:21 pm // Reply

    hi can i ask you please ! so i have 18 old i want to practice yoga can i ??

  10. Hi Kino! I always get headaches after backbends. : ( The headaches are bad when I stand up or sit up, but they completely disappear when I am lying down. We did drop backs yesterday and I grabbed one ankle and then got an awful headache. Can you offer any insight? It’s scary! 

    • +Samantha Kay  That’s actually really common. You’re not doing anything wrong, but the blood or energy may be rushing towards the top of your head. Breathing deeply, coordinating each movement with your breath, moving slowly and consciously and pressing down into your legs in backbends will help 🙂 

    • +KinoYoga Thank you so much for responding! I was pretty terrified since cerebrospinal fluid leaks kept coming up on google! 

  11. pingufromindia // 14th January 2016 at 3:57 pm // Reply

    back handsprings must be so easy for her

  12. Iron Wrath 444 - Doomsday Yoga // 14th August 2017 at 4:40 pm // Reply


  13. alyse vlogzz // 18th March 2018 at 7:30 pm // Reply

    Omg it’s to fast

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