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6 Comments on Oprah’s Golden Globe Speech, Hollywood Satanism & Consciousness

  1. Belinda Kaysac // 11th January 2018 at 11:51 pm // Reply

    I think people started this idea like bread crumbs to put in people’s minds that Oprah running for office is possible

  2. unsubbed, fucking drama

  3. oprah is one of them

  4. They all belong in prison. That’s why we’re still mad. They’re hurting people and operating with impunity. We don’t want people to be hurt. And we also don’t want inequality. They need to be held accountable for immoral deeds just as the rest of us are and should. I believe there’s a better justice system possible, but for now what we have is prison. And I’d be happy to get them away from the ones they are looking to take advantage of, whatever it takes.

  5. Oprah is a has been.

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