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Paris Hilton’s Brand New Invention and LaVar Ball vs Donald Trump

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In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on Paris Hilton saying she invented the selfie, Lavar Ball's argument with Donald Trump over the UCLA players that were freed from China recently. More interesting news about Putin, Glenn Thrush, Oliver Stone, Bill Clinton, Mike Cernovich John Conyers, Charlie Rose and others.

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65 Comments on Paris Hilton’s Brand New Invention and LaVar Ball vs Donald Trump

  1. Anyone else hear/see the new laws/changes that could possibly happen to the internet in a couple days?

  2. This vid popped up went to try and watch it. But it disappeared before i could..but its back again.

  3. We are doomed

    • Shadows and Dust // 22nd November 2017 at 4:26 am // Reply

      The day of 1s death is surely better than 1s birth…
      What we do in this life…. Echos in eternity.
      This is Sparta?..
      Ha ha.. Yea… We are fooooked

    • Shadows and Dust maybe the marshmallow version.
      If we had 1% the sprit of Sparta we would have ended the authoritarian

  4. Net neutrality is actually a bad thing, which is why ISP’s are pro net neutrality.
    (Look up regulatory capture)

    • Treeteradactyl vexxed true but would you want those corps to control bandwidth of unwanted
      More controls on truth.

    • stewy2583 Stewart // 22nd November 2017 at 2:31 pm // Reply

      Treeteradactyl vexxed doesn’t that mean since Netflix needs to pay money they will charge much more ?

    • LOL… how does lubricant “stop rape”?
      I think you meant that it would make the rape less painful.

    • The entire Internet should be treated as a public utility, a commons OWNED by EVERYONE on this planet who has an internet connection. And, for those who DO NOT have an internet connection? Make it publicly accessible with Community Broadband infrastructure.

  5. TooLegit ToQuit // 22nd November 2017 at 4:09 am // Reply

    And Baltimore has been run into the ground by the Democrats the past 30 years so we shouldn’t be surprised …

    • Dude, only Detroit has declared bankruptcy so, no, you are wrong again. Also please look at the number of years IN A ROW that Michigan was controlled (or actually voted for) by democrats, Yes, get back to me.

    • Tom Dupuis that would make since except you had a black president and all black leaders in Chicago and look.

    • TooLegit ToQuit the niggers in Baltimore ran it into the ground

    • Again bcuz detroit declared bankruptcy thier the only city doing bad? Maybe check out what’s going on in flint right now. What ur logic is saying is that the president has no power but the governors run our country. Go back to the 60s till present day and see how many democrats vs republican has been in office….. it’s funny that Snyder has been in office for YEARS but still find away to blame the Democrats….. you kno what u are right…. IT’S ALL OBAMA FAULT. Grab her by the p#ssy was actually Obama but made it sound like trump. Let me ask u a question…. did u think Reagan was a good president? The trickle down economics he put in place. All I’m saying is every 8 years “they” elect the opposite side, 8 years bush then Clinton back to bush ect and everytime we as a people blame it on the other side. Hear me out maybe just maybe both sides are corrupt. Crazy to think that’s possible right? Also if you don’t kno who “they” are…. the real people running our government then I’ll end this and won’t respond again bcuz ur head is buried in the sand to deep…. hope u have a blessed holidays

    • It took the Liberal Democrat more than 50 years to ruin Detroit and you expect Snyder to FIX it all in a couple of years? And just to the record two things. A) the Trickle down economics implemented by Ronald R. did work. In fact it was the results of that policy that made the 90s the economic powerhouse it was. Second, the ONLY reason the economy was bad in 2008 was because of LIBERALS marching in the streets screaming ‘NO BLOOD for OIL’. Well, the RESULT of that out-cry was that W. listened and did not collect war REPARATIONS from either the Kuwaitis nor from the Iraqis. And lets face it, since ALL those two countries had to use to pay back the debt WAS oil. Third, At NO point in the actual Hollywood Access Tape did Donald J. Trump ever say that HE grabbed them by the ……what he actually DID say is ‘IF you are rich, or powerful, women throw themselves at you. I mean, you can walk right up to them and grab them by the ….’ He did not say he did it. In fact I think, he was talking about people like Harvey (I believe this now more than ever since many of his accusers have said that is what he did to them. Perhaps Trump was actually attempting to point Billy Bush in the direction of a story (something Bush did not pursue and something that even Seth McFarlane has been doing with his Family Guy show for years) so that it could be exposed) and the others in Hollywood who were guilty. Maybe you could look into it. I do know there is not a hair between either party these days, but one of the main problems is that people are locked into voting either D or R. Hence we have Trump voters who did not see him as either and only support him because he is doing the right thing. LOOK at his policies, look at the things he has done with Exe. Orders, and at how everyone is feeling better about their economic outlook, their safety, and even in the outlook of day to day life. Youtube a few anti trump people and see how sad they are and how lazy they are and even how they want to destroy all the American Values because they don’t have a family to share anything with.

  6. haha great video as always. this is just the end of the old era. these satanist are on their last leg. dont let fear ever fill you. love will win

  7. Snakes and Ladders // 22nd November 2017 at 4:36 am // Reply

    Canada ended its own Haitian refugee program months ago…

  8. I don’t know about selfies but Paris can probably say she invented the celebrity sex tape.

  9. Keep up the good work Luke

  10. I’m in Saudi you can feel the tension in the air, either that or camel gas

  11. Q – Anon +++

  12. Why the flashing images during the video?

  13. Halid Shafiullah // 22nd November 2017 at 9:46 am // Reply

    It is not Poo-in ….it is Putin 🙂

  14. If you hear that we have 500 troops somewhere, there are 10-15 times more contractors which are all former tier 1 SF with 25 deployments.

  15. Compulsive Learner // 22nd November 2017 at 10:26 am // Reply

    Yay! I’m a beautiful and amazing human being!

  16. I lived n Tripoli Libya in the 60’s. there was slavery there then

  17. Wow….. that lying little. …… I invented the selfie!

  18. nothing about the military coup in Zimbabwe?

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