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Roger Stone’s Emergency Warning To Trump’s Lawyers

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Roger Stone Thinks Trump's Lawyers Are Failing Him

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39 Comments on Roger Stone’s Emergency Warning To Trump’s Lawyers

  1. What is the most effective infowars product to reduce my soy levels I’m no longer vegan

  2. Look, another Trump video..

  3. Whites will lose the race war

  4. The Fudge Packer // 6th December 2017 at 10:43 pm // Reply

    President Trump should do as me did this summer and get free public Lawyers , people no understand Lawyers are free ,when I was in Montreal main Police Station they put me in tiny room with phone and it had like 50 free Lawyers me could call and none of them charging me anything 🙂

    • are you getting released soon?

    • The Fudge Packer // 7th December 2017 at 12:23 am // Reply

      @ Rob White , I was in Saint Luke Hospital in the Emergency Room intoxicated and I in Black Out and I punched one Montreal Policeman in the face and I bit a nurses hand, the judge order me 5 year probation , and treatment program , I left Island Montreal living back home in Chibougamau Quebec with my mom and providing I not get arrested within 5 years I will not have to go to prison for 3-5 years and I walk away with a perfect clean criminal Record, I been completely sober over 60 days now so in a few years this be all forgotten 🙂 The best part the Lawyer no charge me anything ,he liked me so he did it all for free !

  5. They have their nerve when WE THE PEOPLE ELECTED HIM? I can’t believe it. What the hell is going on here?

  6. Alex the water boi keep shucking and jiving for massa Trump the Zionist puppet

  7. Danielle Beattie // 6th December 2017 at 10:45 pm // Reply

    They’re a joke. What’s he paying them to do.

  8. Captain Murica // 6th December 2017 at 10:46 pm // Reply

    Trump has to blame everyone around him.
    I really laughed when Trump’s lawyer came out and said he wrote Trump’s incriminating Flynn tweet.
    His lawyers are jumping on grenades for him.

    • Death by a million cuts is not making your point.

    • Gregory Van Dugteren // 6th December 2017 at 11:40 pm // Reply

      @ Captain Murica………I really laugh when another of the brainwashed fails to comprehend where the real obstruction of justice has come from.
      Comey,Clapper,Clinton caught lying under oath…there is the real obstruction of justice.
      Obama constructed illegal surveillance …there is the real obstruction of justice
      FBI,NSA,CIA refusing to hand over full and un-redacted reports to congressional hearings….there is the real obstruction of justice.
      The list goes on and yet sleepwalkers like you seem to want to go back to the same kind of corrupt system you had before Trump was elected ….what do you actually expect will happen if this occurs? Do you really think that the Obama’s,Clintons,Bushes,Soros’s of this world are out there to make a better world for you and I to live in?

      Only a blind fool could be capable of ignoring the litany of costly disasters these unscrupulous self serving globalists have delivered over the last 30 years….but you want more of the same?
      Time to wake up

    • As for that tweet? No, it does not hurt trump. This is just like the ABC fake news – they mixed up that Flynn was told to talk AFTER the election – not during!

      However just like the Friday ABC mess up (Flynn actions were AFTER the election not before), they are royal messing up again.

      Trump did not fire Flynn for lying to the FBI! He fired Flynn for lying to Pence (not a crime!!). But what Lynn lied about to Pence was also what he lied about to the FBI (he withheld context of what he talked about to Russia – and what he talked about was NOT a crime).

      How can Trump have known what Flynn testified and said to the FBI when it was a closed session and sealed indictment?

      So Trump tweet is in regards to Flynn lying to Pence, NOT that Flynn lied to the FBI you silly fools here!! Flynn lying to Pence is NOT a crime!!!

      How can Trump know what Flynn told the FBI when Flynn testimony was sealed and closed to everyone?

      The press is confusing Trump finding out Flynn lying to Pence as opposed to Flynn lying to FBI – massive different story. And the MSN is getting this 100% wrong again!

      Trump had no knowledge of what Flynn said to FBI or even what he was going to say. If Trump had said he knew what Flynn lied about to the FBI, then you have a MASSIVE different issue.

      Trump is 100% in the clear here. How could Trump know what Flynn said or was going to say to the FBI?

      So while both Trump and FBI canned Flynn for the same lie, in Trump’s case it was Flynn lying to Pence – not the FBI!

      Now that we ALL know – including Trump, then we all guilty now?

      So me, or you NOW knows Flynn lied to FBI. So now WE ARE guilty here? (are you kidding).Do you realize how silly this is?

      The tweet is a big fat nothing burger.

  9. The best lawyers money can buy failing trump??bahahahaha maybe it’s because trump is a crook.

  10. He shouldn’t fire Mueller. Because the case is weak. Flynn is no good for Mueller!!!

    • BIG A That fact should be the importance of the president’s life. If they have there way, he will be as dead as JFK. I’m sorry to say that.

  11. Just my own personal thoughts: Trump is on to it and no doubt has seen this video. He is always 10 steps ahead of everybody else. Trump is a genius!

  12. Trumps attorneys are shills. their job is to get him to relax long enough for them to find something.

  13. There is going to some arrest and indictments or there will be no safe place for Trump or any other person in this country to live in safety or prosperity ever.

  14. love our king trump!!! God is trump

  15. long live the king

  16. trump the best

  17. We should have just let Hillary win. So we can overthrow the fucking government and restore the Republic the right way. The liberty tree is dying because of it. It needs blood of both tyrants and patriots… not just patriots.

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