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ANTIFA triggered at Portland Rally!

5th August 2018

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange is on the ground at the Portland Rally when a member of ANTIFA is triggered by his existence. Although Luke tries to calmly talk [...]

Why “progressives” are the new NAZIS

13th February 2018

Here's why progressives are the new Nazis: They call for violence and mass murder to silence their political enemies so they can install a totalitarian left-wing regime. [...]

NY Times Glorifies Antifa Terrorists

4th December 2017

Even though the FBI and DHS have recently labeled the group as Domestic Terrorists, the commie-loving New York Times decided to give potential Antifa members some fashion and [...]

CIVIL WAR in America by 2024?

21st November 2017

Civil war may be coming to America in the years ahead, most likely following the election results of 2020 or 2024. Stay informed at [...]
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