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3 “I AM” Success Beliefs

10th February 2019

Complement with my new podcast episode on THE BRENDON SHOW: Get this episode's summary, related quotes, and podcast version: Like this? Want 2HRS of live high [...]

Motivation – 3 Themes for 2013

27th March 2018

More motivational thoughts and videos from Brendon Burchard here: . Brendon is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of "The Charge" and "The Millionaire [...]

Demonstrate More Love and Validation

17th February 2018

Get the podcast link, summary, and related quotes and posts on my blog: Fave quote from this episode: “People want to be validated. It doesn’t mean you have to agree with [...]

How to Attract More Love

6th March 2017

How do you draw in more love into your life? In this episode, I share with you four methods to draw in more love and positive people into your life. Desire a text message [...]

Where to Start to Reach High Performance?

3rd March 2017

The something that always differentiates high entertainers from low performers is discussed in this episode. There are other things, obviously, but this one is a BIG ONE. If [...]
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