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OMG, I was so WRONG about the FBI

3rd January 2018

The Health Ranger explains why he was totally wrong about the FBI and now is aware of the extreme fraud and corruption of front-line FBI agents. Stay informed by reading [...]


12th December 2017

In this video, Jason Bermas breaks down the recent events in Times Square and everything you need to know, while exposing the truth behind past related events. Visit our MAIN [...]

Mandatory vaccines echo the THIRD REICH

27th October 2017

Compulsory vaccines are medical tyranny, with hints and echoes of the Third Reich and its campaigns of eugenics and genocide. Medical tyranny is here. Learn more at [...]

The medical police state is HERE!

21st October 2017

A Michigan woman has been thrown in jail for five days for refusing to vaccinate her son. The medical police state has arrived, and government will now put a gun to your head [...]
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