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20 Questions with FullyRaw Kristina!

19th March 2019

20 Frequently Asked Questions with FullyRaw Kristina! The Top most Popular FAQ's that I am asked, and my responses to them! DAY 9 of the 14-Day FullyRaw Bikini Body [...]

What I Ate Today to Get Bikini Ready!

19th March 2019

What I Ate Today to Get a Bikini Body! DAY 11 of the FullyRaw Challenge meal plan and exercise guide here: Video today: Want to keep up with me daily? ❤ Co-op: [...]

The FullyRaw 14-Day Body Reset!

18th March 2019

Announcing the FullyRaw 14-Day Bikini Body Challenge! I will be starting this free challenge on June 1st to help us ALL get in shape, eat well, and feel confident in our [...]

Is Eating Vegan Healthy?

18th March 2019

Is Eating FullyRaw Vegan Healthy? What's the difference between eating FullyRaw and vegan? This video addresses the common myths that people face when they first [...]

How to Get a Bikini Body in 14 Days!

18th March 2019

How to Get a Bikini Body in 14 Days! DAY 1 of the 14-Day FullyRaw Challenge begins! Sign up now to get free recipes, meal plans, exercise routines, inspiration, and more! [...]

BMW i3 GIVEAWAY! Enter Now!

20th November 2017

BMW i3 GIVEAWAY! Win a free car for a year! No extra fees. Sign and drive! Perfect holiday gift! Enter the giveaway here: . Subscribe: | Follow my FB: | Follow My Instagram: [...]
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