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Confessions of a recovering micromanager | Chieh Huang

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Think about the most tired you've ever been at work. It probably wasn't when you stayed late or came home from a road trip — chances are it was when you had someone looking over your shoulder, watching your each and every move. "If we know that micromanagement isn't really effective, why do we do it?" asks entrepreneur Chieh Huang. In a funny talk packed with wisdom and humility, Huang shares the cure for micromanagement madness — and how to foster innovation and happiness at work.

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24 Comments on Confessions of a recovering micromanager | Chieh Huang

  1. Love you all

  2. Every parent is a micromanigist

  3. Asian guy?
    This speech should be delivered by your average female
    Usually some poor schmuck’s wife
    Who hides in his garage to avoid such micro-managing control freaks

  4. happyflowers1212 // 21st December 2018 at 9:19 pm // Reply

    Thumbs up if you are guilty of micromanaging

  5. thank you, sir

  6. This guy is hilarious much love from Ontario Canada

  7. Excellent talk. I am going to take this to my boss. He tries to micromanage some times but stops when I tell him he is doing it because he knows it’s not the best way to manage. Hopefully this might give him the personal inventory needed to manage his micromanagement a bit better on his own.

  8. One of the best TED talks I have ever watched.
    Should be required for every manager at promotion or hiring, especially in larger business or organizations. As a test; if the newly minted manager doesn’t “get it,” they should be flagged and redirected into non-managerial positions.

  9. Nothing sexist but I’ve had a job past nearly 20 years and have been A victim of micromanage what is difference between micromanaging & Harassment , , and 90% it was by women , the other 8% Gay men , 2% men , every one of them Power Narcissistic personalities , wether they had management power over me or not just Narcissism, in a Society that’s a rat race , morals have gone out the window , that’s a shame soon AI will take their jobs also ,

  10. greenhorn grower // 21st December 2018 at 10:40 pm // Reply

    Love love love this channel!!! Now time to light one up!

  11. I was having issues with one guy I work with micromanaging me. It was absolutely making my work days miserable. As this guy is quite a bit higher up than me in the company, I didn’t know how to go about the situation. I told my supervisor I was having issues and asked him to talk to the guy. Supervisor was kind enough to do that for me. Once my supervisor talked to him, the guy came over and apologized and we talked it out and he has since backed off a bit. He’s a nice guy, so once he was aware, he tried to improve. There’s still some minor issues here and there, especially when we get busy, but overall it’s definitely better.

    I guess the moral of the story is, if you’re being micromanaged and you want it to stop, talk to that person, whether it be yourself, or through someone else (HR in this guys example). If they don’t realize what they’re doing, they don’t know what it is they need to fix.

  12. SUPREME ONOWOAKPO // 21st December 2018 at 10:46 pm // Reply

    Yeah, for even efficiency in team work, we need to trust others competence and capabilities to avoid MICROMANAGEMENT!
    Good job Chieh!

  13. Analogy Accepted // 21st December 2018 at 10:57 pm // Reply

    160+ condoms…xmas…

    “Spread the joy!”

  14. My first job after graduating management read our mails, monitored our internet history (not just what sites we visited but also how long we were on there for), security cameras were used to spy on us (if they saw us at another co-workers desk they would call us to go back to our own because we have no business being at their desk – even if it was work related!), and microphones were installed so they can hear what we talk about. It was bad.


  16. The last place where I worked before retiring the owner of the company was the worst I say Nano Manage ever. He tried to drain every nano second of people’s time no matter what there job was. He thought he knew everything about everything because he read a lot of articles about . Many people quit, he fired quite a few, and he definitely sucked the life and spirit out of the staff. Never worked anyplace in my life where at the stroke of 5pm cam and the office because a ghost town, no one stayed a minute longer than required. The owner also tried to play people against each other thinking it would motivate one or both, no just more frustration. He did it with me and it backfired on him. I was talking retirement already, but I had wiggle room in my date. The owner started pleading with me to stay because he want to fire the other person in my position and admitted what I suspected he was got to outsource our jobs so could I stay and handle everything till he switches. He had ticked me off enough and really taken advantage of my coworker. Also my coworker had a family and getting fired without warning would really be a major problem. So told the owner I couldn’t stay, I also hinted to my coworker to start looking for another job. I couldn’t say more because the owner of small company had camera and I suspect microphone everywhere. I know from a coupe of the employees he pulled into his office to critize them the level of details in his gripe. So I would say micro managing and nano managing like my last job backfires more than it could ever help.

  17. Wow. I really needed to hear this. Now I know why I’m so exhausted — I’m under a friggin microscope, and she doesn’t even write my paycheck. Thanks for this.

  18. Clark Hartsock // 22nd December 2018 at 2:01 am // Reply

    “just a regular 12 hour shift” – I work in this world – it is f’n broken…

  19. I’ve been micromanaged my whole life that I don’t feel comfortable doing things myself

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