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How empowering women and girls can help stop global warming | Katharine Wilkinson

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If we really want to address climate change, we need to make gender equity a reality, says writer and environmentalist Katharine Wilkinson. As part of Project Drawdown, Wilkinson has helped scour humanity's wisdom for solutions to draw down heat-trapping, climate-changing emissions: obvious things like renewable energy and sustainable diets and not so obvious ones, like the education and empowerment of women. In this informative, bold talk, she shares three key ways that equity for women and girls can help stop global warming. "Drawing down emissions depends on rising up," Wilkinson says.

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27 Comments on How empowering women and girls can help stop global warming | Katharine Wilkinson

  1. Discover Your Awesomeness // 15th February 2019 at 3:48 pm // Reply

    *I am not young enough to know everything. ₩*

  2. Millionaire Mind - How To Succeed Online // 15th February 2019 at 3:49 pm // Reply

    This was actually very good and valuable! Thanks for this upload! ❤

  3. This is a very interesting take on global warming, poverty, and empowering women. I have not heard anyone make that connection before.

  4. vinnade the gamer // 15th February 2019 at 3:52 pm // Reply

    why not educate everyone on climate change and empower everybody women say they want equality but we have to treat them differently?

  5. Come on people it’s 2019.
    I think the more serious is problem is unequal distribution of wealth then gender inequality .

    • Gender inequalities in developing countries are often typified by wealth inequality between equally skilled people. Watch the talk again; there’s lots of good that can come out of giving women the same opportunities as men in developing countries.

    • People get what they work to earn.

  6. sExIsM dOeSn’T eXiSt

    *looks at dislike bar everytime there is a subject about women*

  7. The link between cosmetics and other chemicals and climate change is often over looked. People, not just women and girls, have a lot of power to not buy things from the construct which excuse industrialization, and are causing the rapid degradation and globalization of our world. Have you ever asked yourself how much water is polluted from the creation and use of laundry soap? How many billions of tons of water is used every year to create the chemicals we buy and soak into our bodies, and breathe in our air. There was a study last year in the US in Seattle I think, where they recorded a noticeable daily uptick in ground level VOC’s during the period when people wake up and start doling out the chems they use every day, and are so convinced are totally normal. Do something about that, which everyone can, and you’ll see real change not just at ground level by at the level of industry. A healthy environment and vanity chemicals can not exist in the same space at the same time.

  8. I didn’t know climate change creates more prostitutes. Sexist.

  9. DURMUŞ BAYSAL // 15th February 2019 at 4:25 pm // Reply

    By consuming less.

  10. I geniuely think that Ms Wilkinson talks about climate change to have more publicity.
    Women’s problems (in third world) she mentioned are real, solutions proposed by her aren’t bad, but connecting them with climate change is a stretch.
    I gave this video hand up, because she talks about important problems, and this video has too many dislikes.

  11. everyone should just stop brainlessly consuming everything, making just a few extremely rich and staying poor and stupid in the process, but no one will so we all die thanks to the greed of a few rich people and corporations, who spend their whole time keeping the masses dumb and blinded…

  12. Jessica Rodriguez // 15th February 2019 at 4:57 pm // Reply

    I always know any video title that contains the word women in it will receive a lot of negativity. Sometimes I think we could just say “Women” and it’d get a lot of hate.

    • Christoph Münch // 15th February 2019 at 5:14 pm // Reply

      That is simply because TED has morphed from a platform which was dedicated to science to a platform which tries to hammer feminist propaganda in our heads over and over.

  13. I really think that some people like this speaker, would ACTUALLY want to do some good to the planet or mother earth. Glad that these people exist, and striving to influence other people to contribute in this together. Great work!!!!!❤

  14. I dont know why people accuse environmentalism and feminism of being a front for communism.

  15. i agree that changing climate has to be halted with technology,but the photos you show have their problems,you show,1) solar panel in a sunny country
    2) windmills offshore great,on land a disaster,ask the french, 3) efficient transportation in china,a polluting moped,and there are a lot of them in asia,brought to us by a woman who is clearly a sjw,the only thing that brings solutions to all problems is knowledge,not gender

  16. I’ll save your time.
    Educate women in poor countries to plan their family –> Reduce population –> Reduce global warming.

    • Try telling this to Japan or Italy. . And they actually disproved that ideology. I forget a bet putting matals and fuels in in safe betting and on the value increasing. As population goes up. But as population went up value actually went down.

  17. Goat Farm Productions // 15th February 2019 at 6:19 pm // Reply

    No, you must do this to stop global warming

    *cow farts*

  18. although she’s telling the truth why is everyone(I mean, men) so mad about this?? haha I guess you guys are living different centuries than ours. Its 21century everyone! but misoginy still exist. period. I perfectly agree with her opinion. good speech. I wanna give her all of my support.

  19. Patricia Ollikainen // 15th February 2019 at 7:06 pm // Reply

    I don’t understand why this video has so many dislikes. This is just one perspective to this issue, one that many people haven’t even thought of. I find this very interesting point of view.

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