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Me Too is a movement, not a moment | Tarana Burke

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In 2006, Tarana Burke was consumed by a desire to do something about the sexual violence she saw in her community. She took out a piece of paper, wrote "Me Too" across the top and laid out an action plan for a movement centered on the power of empathy between survivors. More than a decade later, she reflects on what has since become a global movement — and makes a powerful call to dismantle the power and privilege that are building blocks of sexual violence. "We owe future generations nothing less than a world free of sexual violence," she says. "I believe we can build that world."

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19 Comments on Me Too is a movement, not a moment | Tarana Burke

  1. Here we go…

  2. MeToo is a joke.
    Expecting to believe women just because they are women is ridiculous.

  3. Sort it out ted

  4. Talk about rape in Sweden.

  5. Steven_Duller // 4th January 2019 at 3:46 pm // Reply

    #metoo has been hijacked by the liberal SJW’s and the mainstream media to hunt down the major corporations competitors by thrusting public mobs on people that may or may not have committed acts before getting all the facts and deciding on actual criminal justice.

  6. Doc Holiday203 // 4th January 2019 at 3:46 pm // Reply

    Innocent until proven guilty!

  7. ElectricAngel // 4th January 2019 at 3:48 pm // Reply

    Me Too movement is a movement? DUHHH?!

  8. I’ve heard enough! You encouraging the Christine Blasey FordS to stand up against what? You want to talk about equality yet you continue to make it black vs white and men vs women. Dam

  9. Samuel Kuivenhoven // 4th January 2019 at 4:08 pm // Reply

    The metoo movement has done a lot, they have given a voice to women who have been hurt and abused bt it has also been used as a cruel weapon to tarnish people’s name and impede people who have done no wrong. It is no longer innocent until proven guity but guilty until proven innocent. Even if proven innocent they are ridiculed and hated and impeded when they have done no wrong.

  10. GamenMetRobin // 4th January 2019 at 4:09 pm // Reply

    A good cause turned bad because of idiots

  11. How are the accusations credible?
    How are ‘accusations’ a problem in the first place?
    Is/was there legal follow up? Why not? I’m quite certain it can be easily proven Common Law that lack of legal follow through is admission of the accused being ‘Not Guilty’.

  12. A movement that is trying to destroy Due Process and has ruined innocent men’s lives!

  13. Prashant Bajaj // 4th January 2019 at 4:12 pm // Reply

    People who need to speak up, this is great for them but who will check the imposters who use this movement for publicity and fame. Who will check these people, who use this movement to share their story after exchanging their favor and using it for monetary gains?

  14. Koketso Tsele // 4th January 2019 at 4:24 pm // Reply

    Most people don’t really want to hear the truth. The number of people being sexually assaulted speaks volume. The number of people who disliked this video speaks volume too about how we view sexual assault and violence against both women and men.

  15. Finn Phillosa // 4th January 2019 at 4:27 pm // Reply

    It’s all justice and equality until someone makes evidence-free allegations.

  16. Yes it’s a moment in time when people who have been assaulted need to start reporting and collecting evidence from the beginning because we have this thing called presumption of innocence and that is way more important than your feelings, and sorry to say, more important than singular cases of any crime, rape included.

  17. Douglas Goodfellow // 4th January 2019 at 4:41 pm // Reply

    Sexual assault is terrible but needs to be tried in a court not the public opinion ie Media

  18. Speak up, but don’t condemn without evidence. Simple.

  19. Sexual misconduct should not be tolerated. False accusations should not either. To call the Ford allegations credible still, is all the evidence needed to discredit the whole “believe all accusers” crowd. All it accomplishes is to further the movement of men’s decisions not to take a chance on women. Successful men who might be great mentors to aspiring women would have to be crazy to take a female intern because they have learned that all it takes is an accusation. Credibility not needed. Guilty until proven innocent in the public eye. It also hurts the real victims too because of the exposure all the false accusers get. I don’t have a solution as to how to get the real victims to come forward or how to put an end to sexual misconduct, but the removal of due process isn’t it. One idea might be to letting dads, and other family members and friends off the hook for justifiably beating the hell out of the accused. If the accused has a problem with the aftermath, then a judge could determine if the punishment fit the crime or if a prison sentence might be appropriate for the vigilante (if accused is innocent) or guilty abuser.

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