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Refugees want empowerment, not handouts | Robert Hakiza

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The prevailing image of where refugees live is of temporary camps in isolated areas — but in reality, nearly 60 percent of them worldwide end up in urban areas. TED Fellow Robert Hakiza takes us inside the lives of urban refugees — and shows us how organizations like the one that he started can provide them with the skills they need to ultimately become self-sufficient.

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76 Comments on Refugees want empowerment, not handouts | Robert Hakiza

  1. JESSEverything // 16th March 2018 at 2:48 am // Reply

    The data would suggest otherwise.

    • JESSEverything // 17th March 2018 at 12:50 am // Reply

      Wait, wait. Please show me actual data that suggest that race doesn’t play a part in IQ. Please, I’m actually interested in seeing this. Not the leading line of a wiki, but the actual data. Because in this very same wiki, they say how whites and asians have higher IQs on average, but try and explain it away as entirely some sociological phenomena. I’ve read entire books on this subject, so please, school me.

    • And you even replied just after few seconds I sent the link, on an article of more than 5.000 words? I strongly doubt you read them all lol. Anyway there are references, Idk if you knew of their existence, cause you know? Wikipedia is not written on the fly LOL.

    • JESSEverything // 17th March 2018 at 1:03 am // Reply

      Ok, so you have no data?

  2. Hoàng Kim Việt // 16th March 2018 at 2:53 am // Reply

    How complicated the refugee problem is, just ask Europe and USA :0

    • Hoàng Kim Việt // 16th March 2018 at 8:15 am // Reply

      godhead But the terrorist attacks in Europe shows that without force, Europe can be hurt by the Ismalic terrorists. Even the Islamic refugees aren’t terrorist at first, but they can beome the terrorists very easy when they listen to terrorists and do like terrorists. Or the Islamis refugees can become the shadow place for terrorists. :0

    • Yes, that is why it is better to defend and protect your people first. Your country should come first not outsiders. They can always enter legally and earn it. There are many reports of refugees becoming criminals especially the Muslims.

    • The U.S. takes in more immigrants than any other country. The difference is that it’s regulated and the country is larger. Europe has lost control.

    • >So why Donald Trump wants to build at the border between USA and Mexico, and why he always bans the people from the Islamic countries :0

      Because he’s a nationalist/populist propping up foreigners as a scapegoat for the US’s problems despite little to no evidence that they’re actually a problem.

    • Jackson Cowdrey // 16th March 2018 at 9:37 pm // Reply

      MrSafa61 yes they do

  3. Jim Griffiths // 16th March 2018 at 3:12 am // Reply

    00:43 – A quick dig at Donald Trump. He uses a generalisation about “refugees” but then attacks Donald Trump, when Trump is having to deal with a very *specific* problem of Mexican gangs bringing drugs over the border as well as chopping people’s limbs off and killing them. VERY different problem and very different solutions are needed in every individual case.

    Sorry to point it out. The world is far more complex in terms of the different reugee crises that exist around the globe. There are many different types of refugees with many different needs as well as desires.

    • johannes alke // 16th March 2018 at 12:57 pm // Reply

      hotshot Who are those exploiters?

    • Drug mules, MS-13, human traffickers, economic migrants take your pick.

    • Horrible-Artist699 // 16th March 2018 at 10:19 pm // Reply


      People who actually are escaping violence, people who have gone through natural disasters and now can no longer live where they used to take your pick.

    • We can’t support the entire third world in our boarders.

    • Horrible-Artist699 // 16th March 2018 at 11:20 pm // Reply

      Maybe if we stopped fucking with it, we wouldn’t need to.

      Btw, nice spelling.

      Anyway, no one is saying that we need to allow in every single person living in a “third world” country. But that doesn’t mean we have to block every person trying to escape from _literal war_ ,some of those wars being _directly our fault_ .

  4. Random Schmid // 16th March 2018 at 3:14 am // Reply

    “Refugees want” oh whell this talk is over, gg no re

  5. Then don’t ask for other people to give yourself “empowerment”. Empower yourselves.

    • Then why didn’t they do that for their country? l o l

    • Because dying sucks?

    • Wanting 1st world countries to help everyone else causes more problems than it fixes. There are plenty of people in need of help within your own country.

    • No, it doesn’t. Irrelevant. The point of this guys organization is to help refugees learn skills that lead towards productive lives, such as english classes and vocational skills that will help them find work.

    • Christopher Stewart // 16th March 2018 at 8:07 pm // Reply

      N.America was in the STONE AGE before WE transformed it into the envy of the world.
      But, sadly you won’t because TRIBAL warfare is eternal.


  7. It’s so dangerous where they come from that they leave their mothers and sisters behind. It’s almost like they’re economic migrants, and not refugees.

    • johannes alke // 16th March 2018 at 1:06 pm // Reply

      As much as moving to a different city for a job already makes you a economic migrant. Just that it’s migration within the country.

    • R Q That’s what a cowardly, dishonest person would say. Funny how your morals and IQ doesn’t hold up when it’s actually tested.

    • godhead
      Haha you know what’s actually funny? The fact that you so enthusiastically insult me shows that you have no real arguments other than petty personal insults. Lol

    • R Q And now you’re projecting your hypocrisy like every other low IQ weakling who has nothing to say after being proven wrong. Stupid people like you who can’t use logic are easily exposed and dismissed.

    • godhead
      Tons of insults. Zero arguments. Keep going tough guy.

  8. Beggers cant be choosers

  9. Marco Barros // 16th March 2018 at 3:59 am // Reply

    Hasn’t ISIS been defeated already? Wasn’t the whole point of the Syrian refugee crisis because of that? They should be packing their bags to go home now and rebuild their country

    • aparna muthuthai // 16th March 2018 at 8:05 am // Reply

      Marco Barros follow the news the war in Syria is still raging with even more factions like isil isis the Kurds and other rebels (to who, the weapons are provided by the Pentagon and these weapons finally find their way into terrorist hands when the rebels are attacked and dominated over ) the govt (supported by russia). Syrian war is the perfect example of a war fueled by first world govts for their greed escalated into something else. With no end.

    • Rhiannon Burgess // 16th March 2018 at 2:06 pm // Reply

      People are still dying, foreign countries are bombing, Eastern Ghouta is starving to death and Assad is still there

    • Marco Barros – Maybe watch the video.

    • PresidentialWinner // 16th March 2018 at 6:45 pm // Reply

      After tasting the good life, no way are they going to return to the bad life

    • Horrible-Artist699 // 16th March 2018 at 10:21 pm // Reply

      In trying to look smart you’ve exposed yourself as an ignorant person. Good job.

      ISIS was only a product of the ongoing crisis going on in Syria, and much of the rest of the middle east. Put simply, its not safe for lots of these guys to go home yet. Most refugees go home the first chance they get, so the fact that they haven’t yet shows you something.

  10. Came here only to see the comments…

  11. James Zamora // 16th March 2018 at 4:21 am // Reply

    I want I want I want and I want it now!!! Can’t you hear me? I want it!!!!

    • James Zamora // 16th March 2018 at 6:19 pm // Reply

      Hahaha jumping the border. That’s a good one buddy! Another “fact” you claim about someone you have never seen in person. Good job, R Q!

    • James Zamora // 16th March 2018 at 7:29 pm // Reply

      I do not identify as Latino nor does my family. Sorry to disappoint you in that assumption. Please try to understand, I have this name due to privacy. And my family taught me a very important lesson, that one has to empower oneself, not request much less demand it from others especially from a country that is not their own. You can tell people what you want, that doesn’t mean you’re going to get it, or even that you “deserve” it. So yes I make fun of refugees that say they want empowerment if they want it so bad the best way is to acquire that degree of empowerment with their own efforts in regions where that is possible.

    • James Zamora
      Sorry to burst your bubble about your family but if you’re not Native American your ancestors did the exact same thing as the refugees, that packed up and moved to a new country with better opportunities. If your ancestors did it, these refugees can do it too.

    • James Zamora // 16th March 2018 at 8:39 pm // Reply

      So to be clear you’re saying my family, or my ancestors “asked” for empowerment? Somewhere in the history of my family tree, there was an individual or a group of individuals that explicitly said: “We don’t want handouts, we want empowerment!” Is that another fact in your book about me and my family? Because the subject at hand is about refugees saying “They don’t want handouts, they want empowerment”, that’s what we’re talking about or are you going off on a tangent and saying everyone somehow someway is a descendant of a refugee or is a refugee, therefore, we should give em whatever they want because we are all descended from refugees or are refugees? Hahaha what bubble are you referring to?

  12. first name last name // 16th March 2018 at 4:39 am // Reply


  13. Be empowered and stay in your own nations and fight. If you wanted empowerment, you wouldn’t have come to invade a first world nation to live off of benefits and leave your women and children behind.

  14. Milton Mumfrey // 16th March 2018 at 4:55 am // Reply

    Maybe if they want to feel proud of something, they should go back to their own country, fight to make it better and and actually create something there. It’s called nation-building, mate. Try it sometime.

    • TheHappyLeperBeaver
      Studies have shown conservative minded people lack empathy and are generally more close minded and distrustful/fearful which is why you see conservative media constantly peddling stories about crime and immigration to stoke their fears. Conservative politicians use this tactic as well in order to get votes, they rile people up by stoking their fears and promising to protect them.

    • I’m sure you were once a great war hero, Milton

    • Milton Mumfrey // 16th March 2018 at 11:42 pm // Reply

      The British actually vastly improved the great majority of countries it colonised. It’s only since independence they have gone backwards. There are countries that even re-joined the Commonwealth because they realised they were better off in it!

    • Milton Mumfrey // 16th March 2018 at 11:46 pm // Reply

      Because the USA fell apart in 1865? Or Europe fell apart in 1945? Or Japan was never rebuilt in 1945? No. People who are proud of their country fight for it, and they live for it, and they work at it.

    • Milton Mumfrey dude the biggest war you ever fought was probably some comment section on a youtube vid

  15. You liar!!!!!!!

  16. The Iron Egg // 16th March 2018 at 6:49 am // Reply

    Family of 12…
    Have my own children…
    Ever heard of condoms?
    Make fewer children to save more money

  17. Even legit refugees who escape war are still a burden on every society they flee into. They often disrespect the law of their asylum countries and play guilt card, using their own children as shields and anchors to transform into economical migrants.

  18. Brody Rutherford // 16th March 2018 at 7:31 am // Reply

    Out of 100,000 refugees in Sweden, 5,000 are employed according to government statistics. These people will vote for big government and will unintentionally feed the beast. It would be catastrophic

    • Willing Nihilist // 16th March 2018 at 8:53 pm // Reply

      They can’t vote.

    • Brody Rutherford // 16th March 2018 at 9:03 pm // Reply

      Willing Nihilist They have the ability to become employed. They will have the ability to vote. And when they do it will be by the millions in unison, more government. More tyranny. More government intervention will not fix the damages caused by government incompetence.

  19. I remember a time when TED talks were from leading scientists talking about cutting edge research, now they just seem to be far left propaganda pieces.

    • johannes alke
      You’re needlessly jumping to a conclusion when you assume that I label something propaganda simply because I “don’t like it”. What I was saying was that years ago TED talks seemed to be focused on breakthroughs and innovations in science and technology, but in recent years they are leaning much more towards pushing a particular political position. I have nothing against this speaker or his work. I was commenting on the organisers of TED who choose who to bring on, and recently it is a lot of far-left, identity politics, SJW, pro-refugee. Many TED talks nowadays are explicitly pro-immigration, pro-feminism, pro-globalism, and this is because of choices made by the organisers. I don’t see what’s wrong with merely pointing out this change.

    • Christopher Stewart // 16th March 2018 at 8:10 pm // Reply

      +johannes alke That IS the definition of propaganda, looking from the outside in.

    • Just because you *like* this propaganda doesn’t mean it’s not propaganda.

    • Horrible-Artist699 // 16th March 2018 at 10:13 pm // Reply


      Errors in your comment [I know that its in the best of interests, though]:

      Africa is a continent three times the size of europe, and many regions had figured out agriculture. Zimbabweans were practicing it before they were kicked off of their land by foreigners [and thus losing agriculture], contrary to popular belief.
      Much of the horn of africa, the nile, and west africa also had agriculture for centuries prior to foreign intervention. Kerma, one of the worlds oldest civilizations [up there with Egypt and Mesopotamia’s city states], had it. The Kongolese [future Congolese] practiced it for thousands of years, etc.
      Of course, not all of Africa had agriculture, but it wasn’t as bad as you’d think.

      Second, Africans were not as vulnerable as one may think. Besides the fact that the Sahara did not cut off all “africans” [in West africa, the Mali and Songhai empires were prominent trading states, and a Caliphate originating in Senegal actually contributed to the moorish invasion of spain], [and, in east africa, a myriad of states popped up that Im too lazy to name], By the time that Europeans did go south and explore the “uncharted” regions of Africa, they were amazed to find multiple civilizations, who did _not_ fall easily. Kongo was a highly centralized government who the Portuguese got into a FORTY year long war to take over, even after two failed attempts prior. In the north, the Ashante kingdom held off the british in multiple wars [three, if I remember properly], and even upon being defeated, managed to protect their greatest object of pride from the British, who desperately wanted it. These are just two examples of resistant african states, and theres a reason why it took Europe so long to topple the continent of Africa [if it were that easy, surely they could’ve done it shortly after discovering them, no?].

      Africans mostly “lost out” because, while they had states, due to unfortunate geography, it was harder for them to rise. Rivers are the basin for civilization, and Africa has one third the amount of Europe despite being three times its size. Thats a problem. It hinders a civilizations possible size, and thus makes development within the civilization slower.
      Extreme rivalries and tensions between different civilizations were also a problem. And, not unlike Europe, different ethnic groups didn’t always get along [sadly], and Europeans would take advantage of this. Furthermore, while some Africans, like those in Benin, did innovate and produce their own guns, many didn’t [why would you need to learn how to make them when you can easily trade them?].

      Anyway, this is a nuanced subject. I’m not trying to hate on you, its an interesting and in depth concept and theres no easy answer. I can see why presenting that one may be beneficial for when you’re too lazy to explain stuff.

    • Horrible-Artist699 // 16th March 2018 at 10:14 pm // Reply


      Who is actually using those hospitals? And who are those roads really meant for? I think that France’s attitude [of burning all the infrastructure they build upon leaving], most accurately reflects the answers to my questions.

      As “Effect” said, ignorance is not a desirable trait.

  20. To anyone who thinks refugees are a good idea, look up *Rotherham scandal* . That’s what happens when you invite foreigners who don’t agree with your culture and aren’t civil.

    • Rhiannon Burgess // 16th March 2018 at 2:07 pm // Reply

      godhead yeah let’s compared hundreds of rapists who were actually mainly born here! To thousands of refugees who haven’t done anything wrong apart from fleeing a war torn country

    • PresidentialWinner // 16th March 2018 at 6:45 pm // Reply

      One does not come without the other Rhiannaon

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