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To transform child welfare, take race out of the equation | Jessica Pryce

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In this eye-opening talk about the impact of race and neighborhood on foster-care decisions, social worker Jessica Pryce shares a promising solution to help child welfare agencies make bias-free assessments about when to remove children from their families. "Let's work together to build a system that wants to make families stronger instead of pulling them apart," Pryce says.

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54 Comments on To transform child welfare, take race out of the equation | Jessica Pryce

  1. In before all the hate comments from alt-rights who are gonna auto dislike after seeing the thumbnail and see the word race in the title.

    • Whatever race you are I would prefer you function well in society, raising any child correctly benefits me and them.

    • CrossoverMagicX l // 11th September 2018 at 6:11 pm // Reply

      In all actuality, I’m pretty sure it’s the left that continually uses identity politics to get votes. I promise I don’t mean this in an argumentative way, because both sides play the card at times. (I’m black.)

    • +S B it is very obvious that you do share the same narrative

    • +S B u assumed that we were alt right, and disliked the video before we watched it. Hipocrite

    • +CrossoverMagicX l thank u for not being like Eric by calling us alt right and asauming that we disliked without watching. Im a conservative, we really need more minorities on our side to combat the left’s identity politics

  2. Oh god, you wrote race in the title. Now this video will have a million dislikes because of young white mens inability to even imagine that race may actually be a factor in a lot situations.

    • I edited to avoid confusion.

    • It’s okay to be white.

    • Ben Saber
      I think you talk a lot of rubbish, stop watching the young turks.

    • Stfu. First, there all white men who agree with what ahes saying, even though im not one of them or white its obvious to me. Second, race is a factor, just not in the way they are presenting it. Black fathers are more likely to be absenties, black people tend to commit more crimes on average. The reason black kids are separated more is because their living conditions tend to be worse. Crimes occur more often in black people. Black people kill each other a lot in gang related crimes. This causes chaos in the lives of kids in these neighborhoods. It is not because of implicit bias, it is because of black culture.

  3. Hey Ted, could you link sources in the description. Would help a lot with raising the quality of arguments.

    • Ted is not a source of information, is about people giving ideas

      If you want sources you need to go and ask the speakers about the sources or look for them yourself

      I’m not attacking you, I’m just telling you that ted was never about info as much as it is about ideas

    • Samiul Alim ★Designer★ // 11th September 2018 at 6:21 pm // Reply

      Hello dear,

      Are you looking for a graphic designer.

    • +Kael 93 yeah, but if the talkers just linked the studies the reference, it would make things way easier. And it is nearly no extra work for them. For most people Ted is a YouTube thing, not talks given in real life, and then that would be useful. Especially fot students as a starting of point.

    • DarkFlame ShadowNinja // 11th September 2018 at 6:45 pm // Reply

      They most likely will not and you will need to dig further and find out yourself on the internet u might be surprised by the study better than the video imo

    • +DarkFlame ShadowNinja
      Link to study? =P

  4. Yea but you don’t talk about how people just depend on welfare and don’t work out of it …

    • The StoryBook Tree // 11th September 2018 at 6:07 pm // Reply

      Because the way welfare works, many actually lose income by working, because they dont just subtract from your welfare what comes in your check, they subtract more. Lets say you’re a single mother in a low income area with 3 kids from a failed marriage, and one was unintended. You get on welfare, and let’s say you’re getting 1000 in welfare a month. It’s barely enough with rent and your kids are usually hungry. You go get a job at the local Burger King because it’s the only place that will hire you with your background of little education. Your check brings in 400 dollars every 2 weeks, and your welfare drops 500, so you now have less money than you did before

  5. “High numbers of black kids going into foster care”. Well madam, if one thing is true it is the fact that more black children are born into single mother homes and more black children are raised in communities where fathers are near non-existent. The issues isn’t the child welfare system, but the welfare system that is in need of a complete overhaul. Stop rewarding single family households and start rewarding complete family structures.

    • Anthony Sims so…what you’re saying is that people aren’t being rewarded by way of receipt of welfare benefits?!? Please explain?

    • I think that some aren’t quite understanding my original post. To clarify, I believe that intact families created via marriage or long-term committed relationships should be eligible for welfare benefits. If the family dissolved for whatever reason and had a financial impact on said family then they would still be eligible. On the other hand, single families created without any structure simply because someone laid down with someone else that they barely know should not be eligible for benefits. The reason why I say this is because these are the people that abuse the system for the long-term and benefit from taxpayer dollars whereas actual taxpayers have more difficulty finding aid when it is necessary.

      How many citizens abuse welfare like the girl in the following clip:

    • ThisIsMetv People on welfare are struggling to eek out a meager existence. Even long time recipients. Welfare is about making sure kids don’t starve period.

    • ThisIsMetv You end your post with a very important question. One that can’t be answered by a video about one mother’s story. I agree with the guy that long-term cash handouts shouldn’t be a thing but how can you find fault with food for kids?

    • I worked in the Front line and I know what she is saying is correct racism does play a part

  6. I am on the right and I agree blind removals sound good, black and white case workers must be honest though or they are harming the children and they could be accountable for what happens to the children in this life and maybe the next (If you believe in that).

    • Samiul Alim ★Designer★ // 11th September 2018 at 6:21 pm // Reply

      Hello dear,

      Are you looking for a graphic designer.

    • I would agree in principle. However, this video is the equivalent of a sound bite. How have the children involved within the Nassau county example, faired in comparison to those elsewhere ? Is the difference attributable to the difference in practices ? Wasn’t this video about implied bias ?

  7. The Bear Minimum // 11th September 2018 at 5:25 pm // Reply

    Spoiler alert she’s describing a white home. Now ima finish the rest if this cause it’s that obvious they wanted us to think “their black”

  8. Devon Tracey’s “Racism of the Gaps”

  9. So the blind removal reduced removal bias based on demographics. The important question to ask has to be was this in the best interest of the child? That is what needs to be addressed here, not the basic idea of bias.

  10. Well given that there seems like there is a father yes I thought they were White.

  11. I thought that the correlation between implicit bias and actual behavior was scientifically debunked.

  12. The StoryBook Tree // 11th September 2018 at 5:52 pm // Reply

    I think a lot of places naturally push minorities into positions of poverty. People in poverty have a tendency to commit more crimes, and when its people of this racial background committing a large number of crimes, their backgrounds disregarded, it looks like a racial problem. My state Oklahoma has one of the highest native populations in the country, of course also one of the highest drug incarceration and lowest income places in the country. We have a different problem, where we imprison more women then all other places(that register it) on earth.

    Theres a lot of factors that go into these situations, racism created a socio-economic divide between races, that divide caused crime to grow, breeding more racism. This racism caused a more standoffish and violent bender in a lot of youth black culture, which breeds more racism. When I say it breeds racism, I mean on both sides. its this circle of socioeconomic bullshit feeding into racism and vice versa. The millennials, and gen Z, might be the generations to start reversing this trend.

    The foster care system messes a lot of kids up, I would know, I was in a mental institution and met quite a few. Also they told us they used the institutions as a half way house for the kids when they didnt want to deal with them, or had nowhere else for them. That wasnt the kids saying that, that was staff. I think the blind evaluations will help keep kids out of the system more often, but it’s only a small sub problem of the clusterscrew that is socioeconomic driven racism in America.

    • The lie peddled is that these broken children are the result of a dysfunctional government…..when the truth is that it is a result of broken families. Their is no psychological substitute for a thoughtful mother and father. Men have become trash, and women have fallen to meet that….thank you atheism and moral relativism

    • There are more white poor people in the US than there are black poor people, so whats your fucking point ??

    • dimebagmetott666 // 11th September 2018 at 8:44 pm // Reply

      the richest black neighborhood has more crime than the poorest white neighborhood

    • +dimebagmetott666 well thats not factually accurate and itd be pretty hard to determine what you even mean. I would say on average predominately black communities have higher rates.

    • dimebagmetott666 // 11th September 2018 at 9:21 pm // Reply

      the richest black area View-Park Windsor Hills,CA has a higher crime rate than the poorest white area Beattyville,KY

  13. Mal Taumoha'apai // 11th September 2018 at 5:52 pm // Reply

    Great presentation. Let’s be thankful that they are doing this work. It’s so easy for people to comment here. Listen up and learn something.

  14. Child welfare does not have anything to do with race why ted, why ted have you become a left wing company

    • Because in USA people do not see the difference between class (middle class, poor etc.) and race.
      Black = poor. White = middle class.
      Help the black = help the poor – hence Afformative Action etc.

      They have race-driven (racist) scholarships and such, to help “the poorest” etc. They are mental.

  15. She says take race out out of it but this was all about race, specifically one color vs a second color – as if there are only two colors.

  16. Interesting “solution” but these social workers seem to forget why most kids that come from disfunctional families are black. Welfare is the problem that keep the poor poor.

  17. There’s probably a lot more white kids who aren’t in foster care who should be, because of this bias. You always hear so many stories about people being horribly abused and the system doing nothing. Everyone I’ve ever heard of was white.

  18. This needs to be done everywhere, not just with child welfare.

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