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Why the “wrong side of the tracks” is usually the east side of cities | Stephen DeBerry

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What do communities on the social, economic and environmental margins have in common? For one thing, they tend to be on the east sides of cities. In this short talk about a surprising insight, anthropologist and venture capitalist Stephen DeBerry explains how both environmental and man-made factors have led to disparity by design in cities from East Palo Alto, California to East Jerusalem and beyond — and suggests some elegant solutions to fix it.

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52 Comments on Why the “wrong side of the tracks” is usually the east side of cities | Stephen DeBerry

  1. This was fascinating to watch.

  2. GTA San Andreas

  3. Mauricio Moldes // 12th September 2018 at 4:48 pm // Reply

    Really interesting. Thanks @ted for this great service.

  4. “Go west young man”

  5. Artifacts – Wrong Side Of The Tracks

  6. All we had to do was to follow the damn train CJ

  7. “Gentrifiers”!! or, People who rebuild slums.

    • Gentrification=bad, poor neighborhoods=good….. And then he goes on to try to prove that poor neighborhoods suck so we should do something about them….But definitely not by improving/gentrifying them……Seemingly suggesting that we should just bulldoze them and move everybody to get out of the way of the wind…….. Jeebus the mental gymnastics necessary to be a leftist is mind boggling.

    • +Eugene S Yes, I totally agree, you need to do mental gymnastics. Sometimes also known as… thinking.
      But then again studies do show that conservative people can’t really think on many different levels, it’s more of a straight line of this + this = that. No other options, no history, no future, no background, no intertwining of various subjects. No gymnastics required. So yey!!

    • The people renting who get forced out often don’t get to benefit

    • +Zekholgai, the people who are renting are choosing not to take a risk on a mortgage. If you believe that the value of your rented property will go up in the future, than invest and get all the same benefits. The renters aren’t getting forced out, they just can’t afford it anymore, that’s how economics work. If you want to keep being able to afford it, then expect your neighborhood to only get worse and worse. You can’t expect to live in Beverly Hills while paying Compton rates. Remember, you’re always free to move, therefore you’re always there by choice, not force.

    • +Bunny, that’s a nice hoop you’ve just jumped through. Congrats, I see you’ve got plenty of experience. How about disproving my argument instead of regurgitating the fact that you believe all conservatives are dumb? You’re really not doing much to prove your point other than claiming that you’re right and everybody else is wrong. Not even a citation to your study? Why? Because you said so? Do a barrel roll!

  8. All you had to do was follow the damn train CJ!

  9. I thought it was racism, but he’s saying its the wind.

    I’m listening?

    Edit: its racism

    • Francesco Salvatore // 12th September 2018 at 9:34 pm // Reply

      +Whippy Wawa True. It does correlate with racism, but that’s not the main point. I live in one of the most rich cities in Germany and the disparity east/west is still the same, just on a higher level.
      It’s all about power and marginalization in the end.

    • racism. funny. there’s twice as many white people living below the poverty level as blacks. it’s rich advantage vs poor disadvantage. take his socialism and go to venezuela. be sure to pack your lunch.

    • Chansook Saechao // 12th September 2018 at 10:07 pm // Reply

      If you looked at the racial make up of the people living inside these zones you’d understand. It’s something much deeper and obscured.

    • i worked for thirty years in those “zones”. i would venture to say i have a fair understanding. perhaps more than even yours.

    • Technically, it’s all set and done but he tryna make more sense over common misunderstanding as wind and smoke for example period.

  10. Marko Kraguljac // 12th September 2018 at 5:09 pm // Reply

    I like how his graphic @5:11 puts *Income as most important and above Jobs.*
    That’s the reality we are still stubbornly refusing to recognize, institutionally and socially.

  11. Atlanta?

  12. Plus, Sunrises. Hella annoying to wake up when you’re facing the East.

    • Been living on the East for a long time. I would rather the sun at my back in the morning and evening instead of driving into it!

  13. RealEstateInsider247 // 12th September 2018 at 5:24 pm // Reply

    I don’t understand exactly what the problem is or what solution is being proposed. The presenter wants “to start with the EPA”? What exactly is he talking about? He wants to “have policies” that benefit everyone? If there is a campfire where no one sits on the west side, is the presenter saying he would make it illegal to own or sell property on the west side? How would he want for government to step into the lives of individuals in order to control the individuals and to control the resources of the individuals? Is he talking about retroactive zoning??? And who are these people in the government and where does their bias lie? You know, the problem with these utopias that are dreamed-up in the minds of some people … the problem is finding the angels who are to run the utopias. The minute you give someone power to run a utopia is the minute greed begins. If the presenter wants to more clearly define the “problem” and provide a specific solution for that “problem”, then he should bring that before a governing body. There is nothing solved by the absolutely vague notions in this video. I would love to know the specifics if there is anything real or practical that is in this video.

    • “The minute you give someone power to run a utopia is the minute greed begins.”

      Sure, and the same problem arises when giving someone power to run a non-utopia.

      The solution to greed and corruption has never been to stop trying to come up with better systems. The solution to greed and corruption is distribution of power by design. And no, it’s not perfect, no, it won’t end greed an corruption (because it can’t end), but it’ll provide ways to manage it.

    • RealEstateInsider247 // 12th September 2018 at 7:54 pm // Reply

      Pawan Kumar – Specifics are not needed? haha No need for reality? hahaha I guess if you live in a fantasy, then who cares about reality. That’s the thing about utopias, they don’t exist except in concept. If someone can better elaborate on the “problem” and demonstrate a real life answer, I honestly would love to hear it. I claim an answer doesn’t exist except in non-reality. Please, convince me otherwise.

    • Sir the truck just arrived, but he says there’s no more straw for your strawmen, you used all they had at the factory.

    • RealEstateInsider247 // 12th September 2018 at 10:41 pm // Reply

      chloupichloupa – I’m just looking for a reality-based proposed solution how the government is supposed to legislate who lives in less desirable areas of a given city. This TED talk is hogwash IMO and I don’t think anyone can provide an answer that is based in reality. The free market decides where people decide to live.

    • EPA = East Palo Alto

  14. It’s because of Communism!

    I live in Berlin…

  15. I’ve got some gripes, but over all good talk.

  16. TheAnthraxBiology // 12th September 2018 at 5:33 pm // Reply

    Aw man I wish this was longer.

  17. Is TED running low on public speakers. I’ve come here for something intellectually stimulating and found nothing

  18. I grew up in Tacoma, Washington. (It’s in his first slide). The east side of the city sits across I-5 and the smell of sulphur (from a papermill that’s always been there) and rotting shellfish blows eastward most days onto a native american reservation there and more of the cheaper housing. I lived with that for years, after a while it’s hard to even notice.

    This is real.

  19. Anderson 63 Scooper // 12th September 2018 at 6:55 pm // Reply

    Jamie Foxx is way smarter than I thought, but what happened to his voice and accent?

  20. Zygmunt The Cacao Kakistocrat // 12th September 2018 at 10:38 pm // Reply

    In Australia, in every capital city it’s exactly the opposite. ‘Westies’ are the scumbags.

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