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75 Comments on The Battle And Future Of Bitcoin In Jeopardy

  1. Jeff Burwick, The biggest Crypto Con-Man out there .. His info may be good, but dont get anywhere near any ofer he makes to you !!

    EDIT ::
    after Jeff says “many people will say Im a bad person”

    When hes talking about block chain … etc etc …
    did you understand a fucking word he said ?

    when hes talking about how bad normal curency .. I can understand him, can you …

    Is ther a place in the middle there where you can get conned ?? IDK … be carefull with your monies people please..

    I really dont understand Crypto, I do understand how Con Artists work though.

    • I dint say his advise was bad(I said is info is good), I said please dont get envolved with his schemes

    • Gabriel Vincent Moon // 13th November 2017 at 11:25 pm // Reply

      Bro look at what he’s doing, he’s trying to push a narrative: Bitcoin is compromised, everyone needs to use Bitcoin Cash

    • @Gabriel Vincent Moon
      If you had ANY idea behind the tecnology behind bitcoin, the satoshi whitepaper and the inital goal of bitcoin you would know that he is speaking the truth

    • I know he did some scams.

    • I don’t know about him, just that his analysis of the segwit 2x situation, the increase of the blocksize and the drift to bitcoin cash because of the “core” bitcoin team is spot on

  2. The banks must not be allowed to control blockchain

  3. The Organic Hologram // 13th November 2017 at 11:07 pm // Reply

    Bitcoin is bullshit…invest in metals and ammo

  4. No need to worry about cryptocurrency, the bible says it will be successful.


    • Lol, very true.

    • Quran says anything traded without physical delivery is haram and gold for gold, silver for silver and a camel for a camel or more is also haram, how does something prohibited in Islam become permissable in Christianity?

    • “how does something prohibited in Islam become permissable in Christianity?”

      Last I checked, Islam and Christianity are different religions. Also, I’m not sure what you’re saying. The mark of the beast isn’t a good thing in Christianity.

    • Stand Up PDX “in it’s current state may be”
      That is highly unlikely. The “mark” is known by being on the right hand or on the forehead. Having a cashless society could just be a unrelated concurrent event.

  5. Głos z Ameryki // 13th November 2017 at 11:14 pm // Reply

    funny money hehehe in 2009 you could buy 100 BC for 10 US $, now one BC costs 7000 dollars, galloping inflation or madness in speculation

  6. isn’t bcash a more centralized version controlled mostly by Chinese miners?

    • A Martinez this^

    • A Martinez Both chains are mostly Chinese miners. Both are decentralized. Don’t be racist.

    • A Martinez yes it is, so too is Bitcoin at the moment. They are both miner dominated. But the thing Jeff isn’t mentioning is that it really doesn’t matter, both are only as strong as the users. SEGWIT is fine, it’s been running on light coin for a while now without errors and its design makes it atomic swapping with other coins simple.

      SEGWIT is the way to keep it out of centralised hands.

  7. I think Quantum computers are in the wings, ready to hack all the crypto currencies, like a false flag, to bring in the NWO one world currency.

  8. what happens to bitcoin in the event of a long term power outage? or a internet crash?

  9. Bcash would be nothing without the bitcoin brand, and some people believe it will replace the real bitcoin, lol

    • It’s centralised like hell, can be umped and dumped like hell – and IS. This run was a complete pump action.

    • Yeah most people shilling for bcash apparently don’t know that altcoins have already solved scalability problems a long time ago, that market manipulation that night was disgusting, it’s what happens when a coin is centralized and controlled by miners and suits behind closed doors

    • You idiot, Core would be nothing without them holding on to Bitcoin label. Only reason people buy BTC now is because they think its actual Bitcoin, but its not (or if they need to buy Altcoins as most places don’t allow buying Altcoins directly). Fact is SegWit is not Bitcoin and Lighting is a completely different system, you are so ignorant.

    • Hi Troll. First of all, it’s “Bitcoin Cash.” Secondly, if you don’t think the hijacking of “Bitcoin” to transform it into a completely different tech with their “soft fork” was a bad thing for humanity, then you are an idiot. The “tech” of the original Bitcoin was about the economic structure of it = individuals acting in their own self interest secure the network. (Lightening… off chain transactions… screws up this finely designed system – will throw it out of equilibrium.)

    • Patrick Dukemajian // 14th November 2017 at 1:02 am // Reply

      Hey! Stop calling it BCash ok? It’s BTrash.

  10. Ripple is the Banksters BACKDOOR!

  11. Petmycatwiththosetoo // 13th November 2017 at 11:38 pm // Reply

    Admiral Ackbar warns us all… ******IT’S A TRAP******

    • Petmycatwiththosetoo
      How do you control bitcoin?

    • Petmycatwiththosetoo // 14th November 2017 at 12:39 am // Reply

      Abba Okoro…You can’t. That’s why it is a BIG risk that can be wiped out with a world wide computer glitch. They eventually will bankrupt tons of people in the near future.

    • It’s impossible to control bitcoin by government entity hence it’s crypto currency but the system is not without the flaw. It can be condition to go down in near future. Beside EMP, cyber warfare and power supply is still in control of government. Anything that is against the interest of bankers, they will make it illegal or destroy it.

    • Petmycatwiththosetoo
      What glitch? What wipe?
      Do you know the difference between a cold wallet and got wallet?

  12. You support Roger Ver who is literally the Judas of Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash and Segwit2x are attacks on bitcoin by the miners trying to centralized and take control of the project from the core developers.

  13. I am buying more Bitcoin today. Thank you for the insight! B-Gold!

  14. So bitcoin is controlled by globalists too? They always have an agenda!!

  15. It’s already won bitcoin cash is crashing

  16. Bitcoin Cash is centralized, Once they increase the block size they have the power to change the code. what stops them from making more changes in the code in the future to further their agenda. I would rather have a slow immutable store of value then fast centralized pay pal. Side chains won’t affect the actual bitcoin protocol. They are built on-top of the code, and wont change the code that Satoshi originally wrote!

    • Suburbia Sound What about segwit and lightening network, as far as i know bitcoin transaction is way more expensive than bitcoin Cash transaction. I wonder where is all the money from expensive bitcoin transaction fees going?

    • Phillip X to the miners

    • You don’t have to use segwit or lightning if you don’t want to , modification was made off chain and backwards compatible. Bitcoin cash changed the code multiple times. Including the hardfork that occurred today. Bitcoin is immutable, Bitcoin cash code belongs to Bitmain and all the Chinese miners

    • superstitionadd // 14th November 2017 at 1:07 am // Reply

      Jac KSon Absolutely you can choose to use the main blockchain, may take a while but if a person fears the sidechains then they are free to not use them. It’s a choice which doesn’t exist in BCH where the fees will rise and keep rising.

  17. bitcoin-fake electronic money-cashless society-banker dream future-rfid chips

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