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The Republic Is Teetering In The Face Of A Coup

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Roger Stone: "The Republic Is Teetering In The Face Of A Coup"

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38 Comments on The Republic Is Teetering In The Face Of A Coup

  1. Agree

  2. The world is looking to kill Trump, we’ll never let them.

    • Brian Schwerin // 6th December 2017 at 11:21 pm // Reply

      the world is flocking to President Trump it seems to me. so….many other over run western world country’s are against their own lib leaders and pray for a leader like President Trump. goverments and globalists hate him not the people.

    • Oliver Steele Good Luck from Nepal. You guys are lucky to have a such an experienced head of state. Will start a rally in Nepal if anything happens to him.

    • DieNetaDie thanks 🙂

    • Oliver Steele Doesn’t it make you feel happy that your Head of State is not a lying politician? Wish I could say the same.
      And have a good day friend.

    • DieNetaDie you too, have a great day

  3. AntiquityCentury21 // 6th December 2017 at 10:34 pm // Reply

    The Obama administration (along with Hillary) broke every conceivable law to set up the incoming Trump administration for this coup. I never thought I’d see a government do such a thing in my life.

  4. This will be everyday or until they get Trump out of office. Must be a sad life to where all someone lives for is getting Trump out of office.

  5. Patrick Downey // 6th December 2017 at 10:36 pm // Reply

    Ibrahim Halawa is Irish. Conan O’Brien is not.

  6. robert j mcgregor // 6th December 2017 at 10:37 pm // Reply

    alex please shut up and let roger speak!! for crying out loud!!

    • robert j mcgregor
      F.F.S.! Right?

    • Remember shortly after all the sexual harassment cases were breaking & Roger said he thinks it’s a plan to use the BillyBush tape to bounce Trump out of office but Alex said it was outrageous & no way in hell would they go to these lengths……bullshit, just look how now Democrat Golden Fool Al Franken is being made to step down for an alleged kiss BEFORE he was a Senator!! Billy Bush went on Colbert to give the story life again… just watch this will be used as PLAN B! ROGER WILL BE PROVEN RIGHT & Alex is wrong. They want him out at ANY COST. They’re laying the ground work

    • But God is in control we’ll see.

  7. Every democrat out there isn’t a fanatical thinker… I wonder what the middle of the road democrats are thinking when they watch the msm news?

    • Now listen Lovey-dovey // 6th December 2017 at 11:04 pm // Reply

      Magickal Girl I would be very interested in the know what the average Democrat actually thinks about what’s going on. Are they really this excited to make the United States of America a banana republic?

    • Magickal Girl some are having red pill moments. My mom a jfk dem late 60 just had hers today when the left tried to ban rudolph the red nosed reindeer.

    • FreedomFighter // 7th December 2017 at 12:40 am // Reply

      If your still a Democrat at this point there is no hope for them

    • Magickal Girl I wish I knew because honestly I don’t know a single middle of the road democrat. They’re all still madly in love with obama and rabidly hate President Trump. I really do believe liberalism truly is a mental disorder. They refuse to place blame on their democrat idols when evidence proves their wrongdoing and yet also refuse to give praise for anything good a conservative does. Its unbelievable.

  8. KnightOfTheKing // 6th December 2017 at 10:48 pm // Reply

    Please Alex, STOP interrupting. It’s coarse, vulgar and bad mannered!

  9. Stone is correct, but it’s worse than he indicates, because Mueller may leak half-truths plus innuendo every week until they impeach, win elections or both.

  10. the is the best thing to happen, bring it on, Trump will win


  12. Trump is keeping his enemies close

  13. This guy is weird.

  14. The fact that Trump has been under such an intense and lengthy investigation for well over a year now and they have found nothing proves there is nothing. 1 quarter of his term has been under investigation that has lead to nothing.
    They are breaching the golden rule of an investigation – if you have thoroughly searched something and find nothing, move on. If you keep looking, you will miss other clues in other areas, or give the suspect time to cover their tracks in other areas.

  15. Why the hell isnt Mueller being told to drop his special counsel due to obstruction of justice from his own fucking grand jury!!!!!

  16. Trump is protected by GOD.

  17. The Swamp is about to blow like a pimple

  18. An Attorney General (Mr. Sessions) could fire Mueller for the simple fact of conflict of interest. If Mueller can be factually shown to have participated in the Uranium One scandal in even the most minuscule roll, or if it can be shown he has a marked bias against Mr. Trump, AG Sessions can fire Mueller without Mr. Trump even having to be involved in the firing decision.

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