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Extraordinary Life = Life on Your Terms | Tony Robbins on Bryan Elliot’s Behind the Brand

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This Tony Robbins interview originally appeared on Bryan Elliot's series "Behind the Brand". See the entire interview here:

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What is an extraordinary life? Exactly what does that appear like to you? Beginning a business and growing it to the highest levels of success? Improving the quality of your relationships? Feeling strong and healthy? Attaining more than you've ever dreamed?

Eventually, an amazing life = life on your terms. This is different for everybody. However no matter how you define exactly what a genuinely stunning life is, there are 2 skills you must master: The science of achievement and the art of fulfillment.

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Tony Robbins is a # 1 New york city Times very popular author, business owner, and philanthropist. For more than 37 years, countless people have actually taken pleasure in the warmth, humor and vibrant presentation of Mr. Robbins' corporate and individual development occasions. As the country's # 1 life and business strategist, he ¹ s called upon to speak with and coach a few of the world ¹ s finest athletes, entertainers, Fortune 500 CEOs, as well as presidents of countries.

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