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Trump Relies On Intelligence Hillary Relies On Ignorance

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It is more apparent than ever what seperates Trump and Clinton on how they view their voters. Trump made a statement tonight on how he counts on American citizens seeing through propaganda, while Wikileaks e-mails show Democrats count on voter ignorance.

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28 Comments on Trump Relies On Intelligence Hillary Relies On Ignorance

  1. first

  2. CNN Presenter just asked people there in undecided voting who you are
    voting for Hillary there were 5, Who is voting for Trump there were 10..
    Lol clearly Trump is dominating in reality.

    • Douglas Seabaugh // 20th October 2016 at 6:07 am // Reply

      agree with you. But they will rig voting. I glad trump said just wait and
      see if he agrees with the out come. If he loses the election. Its going to
      be bad.

    • The DNC is already caught that they will try to manipulate the election.

    • Douglas Seabaugh // 20th October 2016 at 7:53 am // Reply

      praying for trump.

    • Why don’t they have like a test for when applying for Voter Registration
      that determines on whether or not you know enough about what is going on
      with the country and its issues that you must pass before being given a
      Voters Registration? Simple.

    • BigtheGangsterCat // 20th October 2016 at 9:30 am // Reply

      +Ryann Navin I think cause it would infringe on the American citizens right
      to vote regardless of party of reasin

  3. takethepowerback83 // 20th October 2016 at 6:15 am // Reply

    Favorite part of the debate right there. #PoisonedVoters

  4. Ryan Trombley // 20th October 2016 at 6:20 am // Reply

    Hillary voters are sure ignant…

    • Ed Findlay (RetroGamer3) // 20th October 2016 at 9:22 am // Reply

      They don’t really care about what she says. They all just want the first
      women president. That’s they’re version of change.

  5. 1st debate: A draw. Neither one won.
    2nd debate: Trump destroyed her.
    Final debate: Trump won by a small margin. He could have blown her out of
    the water, but he didn’t. Quite disappointing. So who knows what will
    happen. :/

  6. juggernaut316 // 20th October 2016 at 7:03 am // Reply

    Notice how the media stopped fact checking these debates…

  7. MustHaveChannel // 20th October 2016 at 7:45 am // Reply

    That was a great closing line, owen.

  8. Excellent fucking title.


  10. jill stein 2016


  12. Liberty Leslie // 20th October 2016 at 8:36 am // Reply

    Brilliant the way you put that.

  13. Michael McCarty // 20th October 2016 at 8:52 am // Reply

    I keep watching the world of warships ad in the top right corner of my
    youtube page, but the ship never blows up. I keep watching with the
    expectation that eventually the torpedoes will hit, but they never do. I
    know there’s a metaphor here for Hillary’s stance on Russia, but I can’t
    quite beat it out.

  14. Ed Findlay (RetroGamer3) // 20th October 2016 at 9:14 am // Reply

    What Hillary said all night was just blah,blah,blah.

  15. Trump doesn’t need to pretend to no what he’s doing, the people have
    already made there mind up, funny watching hillirat tell lies like truths,
    the scariest thing is she believes in her own lies which in effect makes
    her crazy dangerous, Trump support base is something I’ve never seen nor
    have the American people without the candidate winning the presidency so if
    he loses this will go down in history as fraud on unbiblical scale.

  16. All aboard the trump train

  17. Roger Stancill // 20th October 2016 at 11:40 am // Reply

    What a great point to make !!!!

  18. Guillermo Arriola // 20th October 2016 at 4:36 pm // Reply

    Hey Hillary! “What difference does it make” Wikileaks, North Korea, China,
    Anonimous hacker group, etc.? I think that first we need to focus on the
    content, that is the most alarming thing, because shows clearly the
    corruption of Hillary’s team. I live in México and I travel frequently to
    Arizona and New Mexico, and a couple of years back I went to Wisconsin
    (lots of empty locals and unemployment). Particularly in Arizona and New
    Mexico I can tell you from a foreigner point of view that since Obama came
    to take charge of your country you start to look more like a third world
    country (infrastructure). I used to think thats because maybe Mexico as a
    country is making the things right, or maybe my state is getting better
    than others. But after reading some information on those leaked mails, I
    can tell you that the reason that United States is falling apart is because
    of corruption. You can see the similarities between the Clinton Family and
    the cliche with the politicians here in Mexico, they start in politics with
    nothing and after a couple of years they become rich people. The reason I
    make time to write this is to show you that if you (politicians and
    citizens of United States) let go easily corruption you will have a very
    very poor country. I have a much respect for your country and I wish you
    the best. I saw the debate last night I saw Clinton talking about
    immigration (open boarders), here in my city we have flooded of immigrants
    from Salvador and Honduras, they are trying to cross to Arizona. They get
    here via train (the train that brings Ford car parts), and when they get
    caught they have to stay here. So right now criminality here is on the
    rise, around 300% more (local statistics). I can understand the concern of
    the boarder patrol, but not only them, here they are concern too. I really
    hope United States become a great nation again.

  19. Patricia Lively // 20th October 2016 at 5:27 pm // Reply

    Obama made it against the law to adjust the voter registration. So illegals
    and dead people stay in the voting process.

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