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Astrology: Uranus Changing Signs, Unpredictable Times Coming?

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May 15th 2018 Uranus will be changing signs. Some unpredictable times are coming. Might this cause another larger scale event like last time? (Fukushima)

COSM is a show that looks at life on earth and world events through an astrological lens featuring Amanda Monteiro and Carmen DILuccio.

2 Comments on Astrology: Uranus Changing Signs, Unpredictable Times Coming?

  1. insert your best uranus joke here

  2. Consider that the ruler of Aquarius, sign of friends, social groups, herald of future social dispensations is moving into Taurus, sign of values, possessions, finance and ruled by Venus, planet of harmony, love, cohesion. Lot of juice for reevaluation in a society saturated by facile and meaningless endeavor.
    American values have been bent, twisted and mutilated into beliefs that war and wholesale slaughter of our fellow humans is what we should be doing to the world, domination is doing the right thing, lies and propaganda are okay if our government deems it so and that profits MUST PREVAIL at the cost of the very health of our Mother Earth.
    Uranus WILL prompt the reevaluation of those miss-guided fallacies and Pluto grinding slowly through Capricorn continues to pants the powerful revealing just how ugly, irrational, mentally disturbed and soulless they are in their quest for world domination, particularly that fueling of unlimited consumption with zero regard for the future.

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