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A Bigger Picture On The China Threat To The U.S.

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In this video, Luke and Jason discuss the reports of a massive hardware hack by China. Is the China technology takeover already here, or is this more hype by the establishment to demonize China?

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41 Comments on A Bigger Picture On The China Threat To The U.S.

  1. Luke. I just want a genuine response. Why are you silent on Israel? Why don’t you address the US’ servitude to Israel? To me you come over as a reliable man but the fact that you don’t mention Israel despite the fact that they are the ones making the moves behind the scenes makes me feel uneasy.

    • Cesar Ballesteros // 8th October 2018 at 5:45 pm // Reply

      Okay China bot

    • Taurus Lol you are stupid enough to think your own whit leaders are not the reason for massive immigration into Europe. Let me tell you a little secret. Europe is not reproducing it’s native population anymore. Way below replacement levels for whites world wide actually. They have to prop up the population somehow. Let me guess the European “joooos” are responsible for whites not reproducing as well?

    • Bethany Udonome // 8th October 2018 at 6:23 pm // Reply

      coptic777 that’s the only area where white people have surpassed all others, without government interference. The joos ARE trying to stop other nationalities from reproducing, tho. You should do some research.

    • +coptic777 Your guess is wrong.

    • Bethany Udonome Lol no you need to do more research cupcake. What is going on in Europe is something called “Genetic Rescue” a term you have never heard before I bet. It’s now official policy. Your European cousins the “joooos” won’t be able to stop nature. Take a look at who has the highest birth rates and the lowest and that will give an idea as to where nature is headed as far as who it wants on the planet.

      “Genetic rescue is designed to move gene variants from an outbred population to an inbred population,” says Harris. “Our results suggest managers must ensure that this movement only goes one way; otherwise harmful mutations from the inbred population may lower the fitness of the outbred group.”

  2. The violent leftists will be blaming a “China hack” after they lose the ’18 mid terms, you just wait and see.

    • Bethany Udonome // 8th October 2018 at 8:43 pm // Reply

      86 blacklist Bush made the United States weak. We live in North America, and I’m sure you weren’t referring to Central, or South, in your comment. Bush also made The People stupid- and happy about it.

    • +86 blacklist lol, China didn’t welcome Obama very well, Obama had to use a service stairs because China didn’t provide one like they did other leaders, go back and check, China told U.S. , thus is China it’s our country, so no, they don’t like Obama.

    • +mcota5 is a power move. sorta like mao swimming in the deep end while his guests can’t swim. they knew Obama was passive, and they did anything they wanted.

    • i live in HK

  3. TALK MORE ISRAEL , Your Sounding like MsM

    • Sick of the jews

    • +The queen of psakidity …that’s not entirely true, I used to think that, but Luke does in fact speak out every now and then about Israel. I think he knows it’s a topic that can get him in a lot of trouble, so he just tries to avoid it.
      Alex Jones tho, is 100% a gatekeeper.

    • And talk about evil islam, far worse than jews

    • +BornA HawkEye they are a huge influence, but not the only players. Cover anything thats relevant and people shoupd understand.

    • The queen of psakidity // 8th October 2018 at 11:04 pm // Reply

      Tell me how many islamic are working within our goverment? How many muslims are in the CFR or the trilateral comm? Or in the banking and central banking?

  4. Bathhouse Barry // 8th October 2018 at 5:20 pm // Reply

    China invented fireworks and gunpowder..Other than that they steal everything else.

  5. Octavio Rodriguez-Ortiz // 8th October 2018 at 5:22 pm // Reply

    A company simply denies the story and this guy caves? He obviously hasn’t held a normal job in a while. He would see the lack of training, uneducated supervisors, and lack of QC sets the stage for something weird.

  6. OG KUSH WARRIOR // 8th October 2018 at 5:23 pm // Reply

    So shouldn’t one of our Many spy agencies have caught this spyware?!? WTF are they doing with all the funding they get?

  7. Nelio Anderson // 8th October 2018 at 5:26 pm // Reply

    China is the real pro globalist enemy. Not Russia. Russia is fighting globalism and China has benefited from it. Hence our industry have moved there. Our jobs our security with it We need to stop rejecting Russia and pushing them towards China. They would be better than being buddies with China like we are or Israel for that matter

  8. Ante Omnia Libertatem // 8th October 2018 at 5:28 pm // Reply

    I thought apple admitted it…

  9. China and the US are damn near working together to form a one world government

  10. BornA HawkEye // 8th October 2018 at 5:32 pm // Reply

    The social credit score system has already been in place Google has moved to China just like Apple has.. unfortunately all your actions thoughts and your dissent has been recorded by these phones. I just made a video about the FEMA camps in Walmart’s that were verified by Trump and got a link under my video about FEMA from Wikipedia…. and you have already been placed into a social credit score that’s been waited to be approved here in America…
    if we do not vote in people who will defend ourselves we will not be able to travel on Transit trains airplanes we will not be able to get jobs houses we will not be able to go to school or any of these simple rights!

    • BornA HawkEye I guess you better start learning how to get what you need from the elements around you in nature like fire shelter food water clothes Etc instead of having to beg the system four basic needs and having to comply through their terms.

    • +Tony Ray or take the corruption out on the streets and set on fire (or courts….courts are official) and take back the internet and technology that’s OURS to START with and not go full eating bugs in the forest type of senario… why should the people suffer on technology, internet, infrastructure which TAX payers paid for and TAX payers build and TAKE back whats the people, by the people, for the people regardless what some Civil Servants in a expensive suit to tell us. People need to stop acting like it’s all government and government watches over what we do and start treating these people the same as someone making your hamburger because that’s all they are…servants…and take back OUR technology/law/internet/and EVERYTHING we bloody paid for !

  11. Luke and Jason, I have done some technical analysis regarding some of the topics you mention here. I used to teach military intelligence, so my analysis is objective. Check it out if you get a chance. Have a good day everyone.

  12. Problem is DOJ has shown in the past a preponderance for NDA’s, the companies word is just as good as their denials pertaining to snowden.

  13. These technological takeover was meant from the beginning of 1990s when China has been awashed by money from big banksters. As former Electronic Warfare serviceman of Russian army i can assure you that both Russian, Chinese, U.S. (aka NATO) armies use pretty much the same hardware manufactured in China or in Taiwan totally equiped with spyware stuff or even with hidden chips which can be switched on by satellite signal to shutdown the hardware or to create temporary malfunction. There are two folks who currently own whole Russia and China and they are essentially Rothchilds Jacob owns Russia while Evelyn owns China don’t forget about others who control U.S. and EU. The primal aim is simple as that – total control interwoven with total dependency of technology. Don’t forget that today it is almost imposible to sieze use of the Chinese produced stuff because they manufacture pretty much everything for example either Russia or USA don’t have facilities with capabilites to match needs of their citizens. We all know what is gonna happen if U.S. even hypothetically will ban all Iphones (due infiltrated hardware) coming from Foxconn slavery factories, there will be uprising the day after.

    The only way to stop banksters from total control is to lessen our lust for digital technological advancements or we are gonna end up leashed to our hidden masters through IPhones or whatever digital stuff we have addiction to.

  14. Read these comments. Bunch of soy in here.

  15. Don’t use Apple, Huawei, Lenovo, or Motorola. They are all comprised by China.

  16. China is just another tentacle in this Zionist kabuke theatre. Belt and Road is Rothschilds baby. #GDL

  17. You forgot Syria in your list of countries that want to trade outside the US dollar. Assad said he wanted to trade in the Euro.

  18. RebornThroughHate // 8th October 2018 at 6:58 pm // Reply

    I think that if the hack is real, the US government would not admit to the danger and/or harm it caused for two reasons. One, it would be too embarrassing. Two, the US companies that work hand in hand with the government would lose billions of dollars in recalls.

  19. I would need some evidence beyond heresay. It’s easy to make claims when you don’t understand how electronics and electronics manufacturing works, but it isn’t as easy as just plopping a part in someone’s board… I don’t doubt spy tech, but a country secretly sneaking it into general use (non target personel) devices is hard for me to believe. People that repair devices and record all the parts to get a build cost would find out… The parts would have to be a direct replacement for one that’s in a device (such as an LTE modem, or memory controller) that could be swapped out. Just “adding a new chip” isn’t really feasible.

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