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Banned By Amazon! Modern Day Book Burning Is Here

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In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange is joined by Roosh V to discuss Amazon recently banning his book suddenly due to what they say are their community guidelines. Roosh is just the next to be banned by Amazon as it seems modern-day book burning is here.

Roosh –

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55 Comments on Banned By Amazon! Modern Day Book Burning Is Here

  1. Enrich Your Journey // 12th September 2018 at 6:11 pm // Reply

    So how much longer until we overthrow the corporate oligarchy?

  2. Looks like the revolution will happen..these traitors will pay..

  3. Mikhail Zavarov // 12th September 2018 at 6:13 pm // Reply

    Not hard to see how this guy couldnt get laid with a framed photo of Trump on his bedroom wall

  4. Game theory gets banned

  5. Get out of all social media. Don’t listen to brainwashing MSM. Use faketube until something new and different comes along hopefully soon.

  6. I think this has to do with the Luciferian push and to push the lgbtq agenda and separation of family.

  7. A guy who spends his life understanding women, evolving to understand men. Having an adult conversation about reality of humans and relating to each other is banned…a higher understanding is always the first to be attacked, Devolution…

  8. I so sick of these anti American companies…..making big money…..working against our country….

    • If it’s globalist then BY DEFINITION it can’t be American.

    • Working to DESTROY our country.

    • Jordan Tauscher // 12th September 2018 at 10:28 pm // Reply

      They actually lose money doing this so they’ll eventually just defeat themselves. Thank god for capitalism.

    • What double standards. Common Core Curriculum is pushing the LGBTQ Agenda…. We all know that the male gay male liffestyle tends to promote sex with many partners even if the gay male is in a “relationship.” It’s okay for gays to have sex with multiple partners, but not straight men? (I’m NOT a proponent of notches on the belt; I believe in monogamous relationship and marriage, but truly this is a double standard).

    • Vera Williams lol they’re all American companies. It’s corporate canabalism, otherwise known as capitalism.

  9. His books got banned because the squeaky feminazi wheel always gets the grease.

  10. Men and Women desperately want to get together.. but don’t know how anymore

  11. Fantasy S&M Porn novel Fifty Shades of Grey is perfectly ok tho.

  12. That’s fantastic reporting and coverage on an extremely important and underrated subject thank you for your work Luke keep fighting the good fight we’re with you

  13. Now that Amazon has essentially wiped out the brick and mortar stores, they can do whatever the hell they want. I cringe when I constantly hear “I will buy it on Amazon” because if you really pay attention, their prices are not like they used to be. In fact, most things I look at are way higher than other places. Coincidence? I think not.

  14. All the BDSM how to books, how to be a dominate slave owner and make women… Still available on amazon. Roosh could have been very popular and highly promoted if he was only gay and saying the same thing. So much for Cis male privilege.

  15. This man’s teachings are the antithesis of what I believe in, but I totally support his right to publish his opinions. I will personally boycott Amazon, due to their censorship.

    • But why?

      Try looking up a Mozart opera named “All Women Are Like That”. (“Così fan tutte”)

      In the play Mozart exposes the true nature of women that most men… even married men… are blind to.

      Another “Red Pill” book is “The Manipulated Man”.

      Women tend to be on the “Left Hand Path” and far too many men don’t realize this.

      If you are “awake” to this deception by women (as a habit) then you have open eyes to see the deceptions caused by the globalist elites who also are skilled in “Left Hand Path” trickery.

      Without the open eyes to see women you will be blind elsewhere too…

    • I highly doubt you will. You have a problem of this 1 guy getting a book banned,
      but you’re okay with Amazon’s Owner having more wealth than an African continent, or 75% people in the world, COMBINED.
      or how how he treats his workers like slave, and slave wager, no that doesn’t turn you off?
      or how Amazon destroys shops and stores only to open a brick and mortar for the same store Amazon destroyed?
      or how Amazon owner is on the board of the Pentagon/intelligence and CIA boardroom? no that doesn’t turn you off?
      or how amazon wanted to supply US police with drones to watch/attack citizens of USA (a scraped project)
      or how amazon 50% of internet sales go through a monopoly business style? nope. none of that? okay. but a guy with banned book is when you draw the line?

      You people are so asleep it’s pathetic in a dangerous way.

    • He has a right to have a private company publish his opinions? Gee and a muslim rapist too nice

    • A coup is in the process of occurring. America will turn into Stalinist Russia.

  16. Just another way to divide people thanks to government. If the man is drunk and the woman is drunk who raped who?

    • I know that in many states if you are intoxicated you essentially lose all your rights and the artificial man’s laws of the moment determine your fate.

      It was better when “rights” were both real and absolute.

      A “right” is anything you want to do that does no material harm to another human being. A “wrong” is doing harm.

      These days they invent “rights” based on a virtual reality where feelings are considered more valuable than physical reality.

    • The devil. Plain and simple.

  17. This is exactly how it happened in Nazi Germany. Banning books, media and calling truth hate speech.

  18. Amazon has been blacklisted in my book with this story.
    Now I’ll buy stuff from another website, too bad, the platform was pretty convenient.

  19. Shahin Ariannia // 12th September 2018 at 9:01 pm // Reply

    Of course they’d ban his books. He’s got a trump poster in his room…

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