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Comedian Wins Ukrainian Presidency: U.S Media Establishment Furious!!!

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Comedian Wins Ukrainian Presidency: U.S Media Establishment Furious!!!

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41 Comments on Comedian Wins Ukrainian Presidency: U.S Media Establishment Furious!!!

  1. Honk Honk Comedian President

  2. whatever3210 // 22nd April 2019 at 5:25 pm // Reply

    Poor fake stream media, they’ve lost control over everyone except the mentally-ill. Serves them right.

    • +anon. istari No, I’d say it differently.

      Crazy is the Status Quo. The *Alternative* is Critical Thinking.

      What makes the Alternative so good is that it bases it’s logic in real evidence.

      And this is why the spinoffs (Alt-Left and Alt-Right) aren’t really in the Critical Thinking mindset of the core Alternative media.

      Truth matters to the Alternative, but no one else cares about it too much.

      If you have mainstream titles (Left, Right, etc) then Truth is of less value than peer pressure and group conformity.

    • Mathuín mac stefán // 22nd April 2019 at 9:53 pm // Reply

      Zombies are upon grab your sword

    • john pershing // 22nd April 2019 at 9:58 pm // Reply

      +Eric Linz
      Im with ya on that Eric

    • The brainwashed zombiefied sheeples are still following there every word

  3. Nothing will change there. CIA is there holding the whole floor in Ministry of security services for last 5 years. They allowed to change the rapping, people were unhappy with absolute corruption of the last puppet president.

  4. Gratis Gentum // 22nd April 2019 at 5:48 pm // Reply

    Guy Verhofstadt congratulating him on his victory is enough for me to be suspicious of him.

    • Rafal Malicha // 22nd April 2019 at 9:33 pm // Reply

      +Alek Mitev You’re right,there isn’t. It’s diplomatic etiquette to congratulate democratically elected presidents.

    • Flat Out Hero // 22nd April 2019 at 11:20 pm // Reply

      Rafal Malicha so is it protocol or etiquette??? I’m pretty sure you didn’t think enough about the words used because they are miles apart in meaning….

    • Rafal Malicha // 22nd April 2019 at 11:33 pm // Reply

      +Flat Out Hero It’s etiquette. I wrote that in my second response to Alek.

    • Gratis Gentum // 22nd April 2019 at 11:48 pm // Reply

      +Rafal Malicha Funny, he’s not so generous to Orban or Salvini.

    • Rafal Malicha // 23rd April 2019 at 12:21 am // Reply

      +Gratis Gentum He may change his mind later when he realise that Zelenski has the same opinion on mass immigration as rest of eastern Europeans.

  5. All I can say is this is no laughing matter.

  6. FreedomTaskForce // 22nd April 2019 at 7:05 pm // Reply

    The u.s. Is happy about it. Make no mistake.

  7. Abby Hoffman // 22nd April 2019 at 7:14 pm // Reply

    Survey says, Vegas sets odds of the US media apparatus ever revealing anything truthful about the Ukraine at O .

    • KnuckleHunkybuck // 22nd April 2019 at 8:53 pm // Reply

      If that’s the Vegas odds, I’ll bet $1. If they ever reveal anything truthful at all, I’ll be owed $∞. (You don’t understand how odds work.)

  8. Butterfly Landing // 22nd April 2019 at 7:21 pm // Reply

    We don’t need the “elite” to be our mommies. We need real people. They have much more common since and aren’t trying to screw us into slavery.

    • FreedomTaskForce // 22nd April 2019 at 10:51 pm // Reply

      Our forefathers already sold us into slavery by illegally passing the 14th ammendment. Which turned all americans into u.s. Citizens that are literally slaves with real life owners. I know its a hard pill to swallow

    • Take your money out of the bank and live off-grid. Stop supporting a system that see you as a slave. Obviously you can’t just go. But starting moving towards complete self-reliance is the only way to go from here. Not many are willing to give up their current lives for that. So we’ll keep being subjected to totalitarian corruption for a while longer.

    • FreedomTaskForce // 22nd April 2019 at 10:55 pm // Reply

      Just a heads up, congress by voice of the people wanted to pull us out. Trump vetoed the will of the people to continue the endless war profiteering. Let that sink in.

    • Butterfly Landing // 22nd April 2019 at 11:57 pm // Reply

      V already off grid. Putting in rainwater catchment system in July and don’t need resources from public utilities (my well water is hard as nails). Well, I’ll always need community for fellowship, new ideas and support Homeschooled my kids and lived this life for 20 years.

  9. Wouldn’t it have been wonderful if George Carlin had a chance to become president? LOL

  10. Clarence Randall // 22nd April 2019 at 7:24 pm // Reply

    Roseanne Barr for president

  11. Truth is, the elections were rigged from the start…

  12. Oh, I’m sure Biden will make a phone call and clear this all up.

  13. The President of Guatemala is a comedian too, Jimmy Morales.. also won in an upset landslide against a corrupt incumbent politician

  14. If MSM disapproves it must be a good thing.

  15. Invisible Gypsy // 22nd April 2019 at 8:48 pm // Reply

    Politics are a joke anyway sooo, I think it is very fitting !

  16. Jorge Vazquez // 22nd April 2019 at 8:49 pm // Reply

    The system is built on lies!!!

  17. Das Raddiche // 22nd April 2019 at 8:53 pm // Reply

    CYKA BLYAT! The narratives are exploding EVERYWHERE!!!

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