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From 50 Cent To Bitcoin Millionaire, Biggest Theft In History JUST Happened!

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In this video, Luke Rudkowski talks once again with Josh Sigurdson of World Alternative Media about the most recent crypto news.
50 Cent recently discovered he's a Bitcoin millionaire. Katy Perry shared an image of her crypto-style nails! But that's not the biggest news.
Japanese crypto exchange CoinCheck just entered the history books as 532 million dollars worth of NEM were hacked from the site. 123 million dollars worth of Ripple also disappeared. This has now become the biggest theft in the history of the world. Another reason why you shouldn't keep all your money in a crypto exchange!
Some kids in Ontario, Canada also attempted to rob a crypto firm in person, only for their plot to be foiled by police.
And corporate giant Riot Blockchain just bought 500 Bitcoin at a U.S. Marshall's auction. What does this mean?

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47 Comments on From 50 Cent To Bitcoin Millionaire, Biggest Theft In History JUST Happened!

  1. WeAreCoin.Change 🙂

  2. Tales From The Crypto

  3. wearecrypto

  4. PAUL TRAИCER // 28th January 2018 at 1:48 am // Reply

    Tales from The Crypto

  5. crypto gonna be the gateway to hell just watch

  6. Never trust a guy in a $4,000 suit. Thats mine.

  7. Beavis and Bitcoin


  9. It’s just another form of currency. All currency is worthless, even gold. The only things that have any value whatsoever are food, water, clothing and shelter. Everything else is just us playing make believe.

    • I remember the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. It was so surreal and eerie. It was apocalyptic. It brought the best out of people, as well as the worst. And you quickly learn what has real value at times like that. With nothing coming in, and nothing going out, the only thing you’re concerned about securing is food and water. I had a lot of money to spend, but nobody wanted it…I couldn’t give it away. It was worthless. People wanted food, they wanted water. It was a barter system. Food and water became the new currency overnight. The drug dealers were selling drugs for food. The police were running forklifts into grocery stores so people could get food and water. You had some knuckleheads stealing clothes and electronics, but even they soon learned how worthless those things were at that time. You never truly know what you have until it’s taken from you. After experiencing something like that it’s hard to take anything but the bare essentials seriously and I learned what true wealth and stability is. To this day I still can’t shake the feeling that the whole ordeal was an omen of what is in store for this country.

    • Srbistanik 01 // 28th January 2018 at 6:50 am // Reply

      Helen West
      Same situation here in massive flooding in 2014. and civil wars during the 90s. Hopefully we will never relive that ordeal again.

    • Hercule Holmes // 28th January 2018 at 8:18 am // Reply

      Gold is not just a currency, it has physical value because it is a useful material; gold is used in electronics for example.

    • EXACTLY “The only things that have any value whatsoever are food, water”
      These are worth all the money in the world to those who can’t get them in any other way.

      If you want a pure gold investment then invest in Dehydrated Food & Clean Water. The same time the currency crashes as those investing in crypto are waiting for. This will be the same time that you’ll need those 2 things. SO BE SMART & DON’T BUY PSEUDO CURRENCY

    • Srbistanik 01 // 1st February 2018 at 8:25 am // Reply

      Currency rarely oscillates in value as those cryptocurrencies but that doesn’t mean investing some money in efficient and safe crypto isn’t going to pay off in future. 50 cent guy got lucky greed and stupidity of people fueled bitcoin to the Moon but blockchain technology is here to stay.
      If billions of people suddenly lose access to food and water they could become more expensive than a yacht or a super car. Until then we will all be just fine, no need to panic.

  10. Richard Hurts // 28th January 2018 at 5:10 am // Reply


  11. Christine Pound // 28th January 2018 at 5:46 am // Reply

    I can’t believe the sheeple haven’t figured out that the central banks are behind Bitcoin. They are acting like it can be used to hide money from the government when it’s really all a big Ponzi scheme as always. Sheeple fall for it every time.

  12. Art Christianson // 28th January 2018 at 7:04 am // Reply

    I try really hard but this tech is not the answer. I am glad you want to drop central banks. Me too. But as long as you believe in a fiat currency even if it’s backed up by an amazing group of numbers at some point it will no longer be viable. True independence comes from you trading and bartering your own tangible skills and commodities. Good luck but thin air is thin air.peace guys I love what you do.
    Ps fifty cent needs to cash in asap.

  13. Hercule Holmes // 28th January 2018 at 8:34 am // Reply

    BitCoin: DotCom bubble 2.0.

  14. Guiseppi Gambini // 28th January 2018 at 6:12 pm // Reply


  15. If the proven child rapists and cannibals are promoting it- stay away. I wonder if they created it since a pedo sits on the board of BC. katy p has a video full of pizza and ping pong and has admitted she ‘sold her soul’ to the devil. so don’t throw your lot anywhere near theirs.

  16. Shill-Coin talk .
    You really think bitcoin can surpass these elite trillion dollar satanic families , they probably set up bitcoin with the NSA who they also control . FFS are people that stupid . If something is truly decentralised then fair play but ive seen too many things about bitcoin to make it look shady . WE NEED REAL MONEY BACKED BY GOLD OR SILVER . not some bullshit algorithm that can be hacked by people , dont say it cant cos EVERYTHING can be hacked if given enough time .

  17. All cryptocurrencies are just a simple ponzi scheme. It will collapse sooner or later. It doesnt mean you cant earn money in there, but it has no future. Stop dreaming about it. If you really want to invest your money in something, better buy gold!

    • I dont think you understand cryptocurrencies or ponzi schemes

    • I can’t tell if you’re serious or trolling

    • I dont think you understand for yourself how this works. Lets say, if right now most of bitcoin holders would cash out and/or there would be no more people interested buying it, do you really think that its value would still increase or stayed the same? Or if everyone would leave it to you and/or cash out, you would be rich? It has value only if people are buying it. It will never replace our main currencies. It will just crash. Just think about it. I am not trying to convince you. We will see what will happen in future.

    • what you just said applies to anything of value. the point of crypto is not to get rich.

  18. I can’t wait for all this crypto crap to go to zero. Do you want to make money. Get a job and work.

    • It’s not going to increase, forever, maybe 5 more years at the most but it will eventually standalone but it will never go to zero

    • Jim Watley Then clearly you don’t have what it takes to do any investment since there always a calculated risk. Wether it be stocks,real estate bonds crypto etc.

    • Jim Watley You don’t lose money until you sell. Shows how much little you know about investments and very little understanding about holding.

    • What a conformist loser you are..

  19. Astronomical110 // 30th January 2018 at 7:49 am // Reply


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