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LEGALIZED In Canada But There Is A Catch!

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In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on the legalized milestone that Canada just reached but there is a catch. As well as how Monsanto and Coca Cola plan to take advantage of this moment.

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26 Comments on LEGALIZED In Canada But There Is A Catch!

  1. Brutaltronics // 17th October 2018 at 9:23 pm // Reply

    No views, 1 like, 2 comments
    yes youtube, that makes sense.

  2. You have to hand your wives over to the hajibs, also sell your children to the Clinton foundation… Then you get your government weed

  3. I feel bad for everyone that doesn’t know a proper home grower.

  4. Monsanto cannabis seeds? You must be high

  5. Press For Truth // 17th October 2018 at 9:37 pm // Reply

    Thanks for having me on! I’ll be live later today (at 4:20pm PST of course) for anyone who is interested!

  6. digitalizations // 17th October 2018 at 9:37 pm // Reply

    Monsanto weed? no thanks!!! I rather smoke my neighbour trash bin rubbish

  7. Just checked out the prices on the onterriable cannabis stores website. $400 for a OZ of pink kush. I don’t see many people forgetting there local dealers number with those prices.

  8. Are you prepared for the increase in immigration?

  9. De-scheduel and decriminalization would be the proper response from lucid and responsible civil servant not “legalization”

  10. No Monsanto. It’ll be sprayed. Actually it will end up back with the states. Alaska State Troopers don’t do anything if they get stopped with it. Merely ask that the don’t do it while they’re driving. That was several years ago. I don’t believe it’s up to the federal government to dictate how much of a natural growing weed one can smoke. It’s none of their business. States are the ones who should fight the fed on that. They just do t want you happy, or healthy. Weed cures disease.

  11. Monsanto weed? Yea, no thanks.

  12. nothing trudue touches ever works out good

  13. Just say no…to corporate GMO cannabis!

  14. I will stay small and local, I will NEVER support those corporations

  15. charles blenzig // 17th October 2018 at 10:40 pm // Reply

    Dan, Thank you for your analysis of the cannabis situation in Canada. The driving ramifications are brutal!

  16. Wait how can they tell the weed you’re smoking was purchased illegally?

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