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Q The Plan To Fool The World!

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In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on the plan to fool the world, as we expose the Q hoax.

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55 Comments on Q The Plan To Fool The World!

  1. Guys it’s all just a COHENCIDENCE. Nothing to see here.

  2. I was watching you arriving to rue Trevise, I did not read one calling you crisis actor but from the beginning when you were repeating ” its a bomb” I was writing “no, it is a gas leak in the bakery”, the firefighters were on the scene because neighbors called them for a gas smell earlier. But you did not read the comments, did you ?

  3. INSTANT DISLIKE CHANNEL // 14th January 2019 at 11:59 pm // Reply

    Wait….you got a channel about “Change”
    Presenting the “controversial” truth…

    And you are still monetized???? How ???

  4. Funny how they never address any actual facts.

  5. chris van allsburg // 15th January 2019 at 12:15 am // Reply

    All you guys have done is pontificate about how people have false beliefs. Well, of course, people have false beliefs. If you want to earn respect, you have to give evidence for your claims. Q may be true. Q may be false. You however have done nothing in this video except talk about internet phenomena of people believing false things, all the while not giving any evidence to show that Q is false.

  6. So you have zero evidence and you’re running your mouths?

  7. My brain hurts from all the shilling going on here…. Luke, I don’t know what happened to you after Kokesh, but everyone can see you’ve been compromised.

    • No one in the government will save you from the inevitable. Trump is (just like the democrats and republicans) the enemy of the people. Learn how to stand on your own two feet and face the brutal truth alone without having to deluded yourself into thinking some group of people is going to come and save you from all the bad things in the world. Like Jesus fucking Christ people, you people pretend to be individualist yet know nothing about what the word actually means.

    • hes just not putting in the work anymore

  8. TheWickedTruthx // 15th January 2019 at 12:26 am // Reply

    You guys ever think that mocking your supporters might be a bad idea, marketing wise?

  9. WWG1WGA from Australia

  10. I think this could finish you’re channel, if defango is the strength of you’re source.

  11. I’m waiting for proof of the Q hoax? Video is almost over……hmmmmm.

  12. Dialectical Monist // 15th January 2019 at 12:35 am // Reply

    See those dislikes?
    You are digging the wrong hole Luke.
    I respect the heck out of you, it would be a shame if you throw it all away on this.
    Q is BIG. Really big.

    I wonder why this goofball you interviewed is able to break this story, but not CNN, NBC, CBS, FOX… etc? Hmm… he must be just THAT good of an “investigative reporter” or whatever he calls himself.

    They have BILLIONS of dollars at their disposal to find a LARP, but this clown has “the real scoop.” Yeah.

    Logic goes both ways.

    If Q anon is fake, this goofball you just interviewed, will be able to:

    1) Have Q post a message of his choosing.
    2) Have Q post at the time of his choosing.
    3) Have Q post on the day of his choosing.

    But guess what?

    That’s not going to happen.

    Don’t dig a hole you can’t crawl out of.
    Make SURE you know what the heck you are doing before committing to an interview like this.

    • While you keep trusting the plan our President is getting ruined by the deep state. Don’t you see Q is probably Comey and friends?

    • Through the Looking Glass // 15th January 2019 at 10:28 pm // Reply

      +Utahstrong IM NOT SURE comey is smart enough. he doesnt strike me as a multi level strategist

  13. Hurnackattack What? // 15th January 2019 at 12:47 am // Reply

    Even if it was a larp the power of this movement is huge and good. It has woke people to see the true evils going on and has brought much needed attention. And to laugh at people that want a positive change is almost horrific. An apology is necessary at this point. And for all those that want to change this shitty world for the better….. for our children…..


    God Bless

    • LadyBeritanavatarius // 15th January 2019 at 8:02 pm // Reply

      If it is a larp then people have poured their hope into a revolution that is not going to happen. Some people are so distraught this may break them of all hope! People are literally waiting for Trump and others to do what Q has claimed they will. Waiting to be saved by supposed people that don’t exist that will enact “the Plan” which, if this is just a larp, means you all SIT THERE WAITING TO BE SAVED INSTEAD OF SAVING YOURSELVES BY YOUR OWN ACTION!! This is NOT GOOD!

      Seriously, if this is just a larp you’re getting strung along! Take the damn blinders off! We need REAL ACTION, NOT MORE ILLUSIONS!!

  14. Lol, talk about a shill video, hope this makes your bs channel lose subscribers because it’s obvious your research isn’t even good enough to be considered half assed.

  15. I enjoyed your coverage of the yellow vests, wish you wouldn’t have gone down this road on this video with such little and bad information. Please do proper research on this topic and if you still believe it’s all a hoax then ok, but it makes me wonder if you guys do such little research on Q, what else are you reporting on that you have your facts wrong. WWG1WGA

  16. LewisPhillips // 15th January 2019 at 1:36 am // Reply

    How sad, another shill exposed.

  17. potentialitee // 15th January 2019 at 1:41 am // Reply

    Unsubbed. Not bc you question Q. I go back and forth myself and my jury is still out. But the way you jeered and scoffed at believers. Dude, if it turns out to be a LARP, you should weep. We are truly f*cked if there are no good guys left inside the government. And two, the let down will be unbelievable by people who have put their hearts and souls into this. I don’t think you should ever put all your trust in any one thing or person but people have invested a lot into this.
    You two come across like total jerks and insensitive d-bags. I expected better. You’ve always come across as being a little more professional and just better than sneers and jeers.

    • This guy gets it. Well said.

    • living the dream // 15th January 2019 at 10:12 pm // Reply

      poten; Oh my, they have exposed your god, the mighty Q. lol

    • That’s why I unsubbed. The snickering like we are total idiots. These are people that support them. But this dude charges 100 bucks for a superchat, then talks mess about the Dark Overlord being a real activist because they wanted Bitcoin to release the docs. Come on people have to eat. Also if you have a chance of getting droned or put in jail for a long time. Wouldn’t you want some money in exchange for whatever it is could cause those things to happen?

    • living the dream // 15th January 2019 at 10:27 pm // Reply

      +Kim Kemp At 100 bucks, maybe they only want serious subs and not Q crack pots posting ignorant comments. ; )

  18. Congratulations on making the ever growing list of “FAKE NEWS OUTLETS GOING BROKE”. You are not “CHANGE” after all!

  19. Cheryl Sullenger // 15th January 2019 at 4:03 am // Reply

    Can’t believe you fell for the Defango crap. Thought you were smarter. That was debunked months ago.

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