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The Aftermath Of The Paris Explosion AS IT HAPPENED!

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In this video, Luke brings you through the craziness of what just went down in Paris.

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78 Comments on The Aftermath Of The Paris Explosion AS IT HAPPENED!

  1. France 24 are NOT even covering this ??? their more interested in the CONGO ???? WHAT THE HELL ??????

  2. WhatTheHell IsThat // 12th January 2019 at 9:58 am // Reply

    Terrorists or government? That’s my question

  3. Dollars to Donuts // 12th January 2019 at 9:58 am // Reply

    Western Europe is screwed. Gas leak, yet Luke never said he smelled gas. Europeans better get used to this. Thank the EU.

  4. The future of media is right here.

    • Mendax Venandi // 12th January 2019 at 10:19 am // Reply

      +madPaulX lol. SO? Listen to yourselves! No better than NPCs and their blind faith in CNN. If CNN was ‘first on the scene’, and got every detail WRONG and stepped over people, you would be cheering for them for a job well done ? Think about it. Hell – half the people claim him being first on the scene means is was a ‘false flag’. Where the heck are all the normal people ?

      Then another fanboy reply, “At least he’s there.. You are at home..” lol. So are you ? I’m positive you are all so proud of your surgically sharp witt, but does it matter at all anymore that you aren’t making sense, or has Qanon / Fox / CNN / Tommy / etc completely taken over your brains ? Think for yourselves, you damn cowards.

    • +Mendax Venandi I watched the live feed and formed my own opinion. He apologised for initially thinking that it was an attack. You watched it yourself you cretinous hypocrite. Why didn’t you turn off and wait for Fox?

    • Right?! I was just thinking let’s compare this to Little Jimmy Acosta’s “news” coverage at the border earlier. HUGE difference there.

  5. I must admit I don’t know if this has anything at all to do with the yellow vests’ plan to have 70% of France attempt to take all their money out of the bank. Today was the day that was planned for the bank run. I don’t even know if it has to be close to the bank in order to be effective . But , it seems like an incredible coincidence that it’s happening on the same day as the planned Bank Run.

    Ostensibly the banksters had a heads up and this is their false flag for the day of the planned and publicly announced plan of the bank run. I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised if the police are going to be there all day and no one is going to be allowed to go in droves anywhere including to the bank or especially to the bank.

    • all_your_base r_belong_to_us // 12th January 2019 at 1:01 pm // Reply


    • all_your_base r_belong_to_us // 12th January 2019 at 1:01 pm // Reply

      Fucking bankers

    • Jesus. It was a gas leak in bakery. You look at a ‘reporter’ who reports from France, doesn’t speak French, has no local contacts, doesn’t recognise Castaner, the interior minister who has taken measures never taken before in the history of France to curb the Gillet Jaunes protest and you believe everything this guys tells you. He has no clue what is happening.

    • Jeffrey Blanco // 12th January 2019 at 4:59 pm // Reply

      Indeed, smells fishy to me.

  6. No mention in mainstream news network in Poland.
    EDIT: They just mentioned. Officially it’s a gas leak.

    • +Tea Burn I also don’t believe the official explanation so far. Mainstream news is not my idea of credible journalism

    • News stories are saying there was a gas leak, firefighters showed up and told everyone to go inside and turn off their gas. That could be why two firefighters are among the dead, and maybe why there weren’t more killed. Now as to the cause of the gas leak……

    • Adam Freeman
      And you believe the News Stories?

    • +Sea Sands. Not necessarily, but it is a plausible story. If the firefighters knew there was a bomb, why would they be there and get killed? It’s still a huge “coincidence” that it happened this morning…

  7. Craig van der Merwe // 12th January 2019 at 10:01 am // Reply

    False flag to detract attention from yellow vests!

  8. Cyndee Ratledge // 12th January 2019 at 10:02 am // Reply

    He was there on scene within 2min. Great reporting Luke!! I am in USA and checked tv and no one is covering this on main media..!!!!!

    • The msm has to have time to get the spin right before broadcasting anything”

    • Kathy Whitaker // 12th January 2019 at 2:45 pm // Reply

      Thank you for risking your own safety to report. Better than any slick type say nothing important msm reports. Be safe.

    • epitome of poor reporting , he has no idea what happened he came along a scene and started guessing what he thinks happened , car bomb , terrorist attack ….. great video but poor reporting . It was a gas leak that firefighters already responded to that caused the explosion .

    • +rob mcguffin …I would agree with you, and thought he could have done better, but unlike big media, he showed up on scene in a minute and that’s not the same as an hour or two later from the comfy chair in a news studio with a dozen researchers and hindsight. I give him a pass, and assume he will follow the story as accurately as he can.

  9. Patrick Bellemare // 12th January 2019 at 10:03 am // Reply

    you broke this Story Luke , you have exclusive footage , scooped this story / 35-45 min ahead of MSM , Alt Media blew away the MSM again , Citizen Journalism rocks / sorry u had to go through the trauma / truth hurts

    • Army Aviation // 12th January 2019 at 3:05 pm // Reply

      Jason Hand how? I don’t understand the disapproval for this guy. Sorry I just don’t get it

    • Lawrence Tezekjian // 12th January 2019 at 4:13 pm // Reply

      +Army Aviation some people just only see negativity. Luke is probably one of the past true American journalists out there. I’m SHOCKED at the comments. Anyone who thinks THEY can do a BETTER job? Go for it and as to your warped thinking that like is there “yet again” before an event is a thing? Wow. Trolls be EVERYWHERE! And as far as him repeating himself? I can imagine seeing THAT kind of horror play out in front of me. Is be in shock too.

    • MSM don’t care, They are all Acosta’s… Acosta reporters because there is no such thing as journalists these days… Just like the ones Trudeau paid 595 million to own the media in Canada except for ” The Rebel” as I was writing this the video was covered up and I heard an african speak thought I was not in France anymore.. Watch this take over as a dictator :

    • Notice at 2:53 the Pleiadian on the right. must be at least 7 ft tall.. Their watching us..

  10. Petria Norfleet // 12th January 2019 at 10:03 am // Reply

    Gas leak……lies! They would evacuate for blocks I call bs!

    • +Lyn V Of course you would say that.

    • everybody seems so calm!!!!!

    • +xena tron Yeah people don’t run around and scream like crazy in reality. Stop watching Hollywood movies! You conspiracy theorists are watching too much movies. In reality people are behaving differently. You obviously are way too much in a world that doesn’t exist.

    • +Hans Your first response to the post was name calling, then insulting and belittling. When someone’s first response is thus, it shows a complete lack of thought to what was said/posted, and disrespect to the person who made the post. My statement was a conclusion to what you wrote. Regarding your response to me, well, you simply don’t know me well enough (or at all) and my words in no way lead to the conclusion to assume “of course you would say that”. Done here.

    • Patricia Salvatore // 12th January 2019 at 8:59 pm // Reply

      +flahertyrick88 Omg. 8 hours and i’m the only person who appreciated your low comedy?? ( Not embarrassed at all anyway. Lol)

  11. Yellow jackets and public should carry on regardless with their run on the banks today as this is obviously a ploy to prevent it happening.

  12. Odd how the fire service was on hand almost immediately. It feels like a false flag as a distraction.

    • Me and Missy yeah because it couldn’t be anything like, they being there checking on a gas leak when it occured. We need to pay attention, but let’s not be paranoid as it will only make things worse. Despite protests there will still be accidents and even terrorist attacks and in fact with long term protests, like are taking place in Paris, it’s likely both of those will increase.

  13. Such a huge gas explosion within walking distance of once in a century riots on the Camps Elysee in Paris, France? AND there was already a Fire Truck there? Seems too coincidental to me.

    • Veronica Crespo RN // 12th January 2019 at 11:24 am // Reply

      Have no doubt! Correct!

    • runescapeking420 // 12th January 2019 at 11:44 am // Reply

      i thinkthe fire truck was there because of reported leak they attended. and it exploded whilt they werte there as in luke first vid they end up bringing out an injured fire fighter

    • The truck was here because a gas leak was reported just before

    • Took like an hour for police and ambulances to arrive to.

    • +runescapeking420 I just have a hard time believing it was coincidence that such a huge gas explosion was within walking distance of once in a century riots. Maybe the gas leak was intended as a diversion, which is why the fire truck was there, but it got away from them and was far larger than intended.


  15. Be safe buddy..peace from canada

  16. Airborne Ranger, 1 each // 12th January 2019 at 10:14 am // Reply

    Wut happened? Did maccron bomb the civilian population?? Ill bet he did, dirty globalist swine!

  17. Blair Gubernath // 12th January 2019 at 10:15 am // Reply

    Here’s why this is VERY suspicious to me. 1. Possible stops the bank run. 2. Luke said he didn’t smell gas. 3. IF it had been a gas explosion why are police not evacuated the area

    • superstitionadd // 12th January 2019 at 10:56 am // Reply

      If it was a bomb why are they telling everyone it’s a gas leak. That’s not going to keep the yellow jackets from running on the banks.

    • +superstitionadd a bomb would mean it was planted by a muslim, which would undoubtedly lead to more rioting. Not saying it was a bomb but that is definitely why they would cover it up if it was a bomb.

    • people seem calm……the lack of human distress is always telling in these attacks…..or are the French just cool, calm and collected at all times?

  18. I find it very unlikely that a gas explosion would create such a blast-wave that windows blew out that far away from the source, tip over cars etc. I’ve seen gas explosions happen twice, and seen stuff blown up with dynamite at worksites and quarries, and I’ve blown up a few tiny hydrogen “bombs” and petrol bombs and bundled big firecrackers for fun in my youth.

    Neither propane, butane or petrol burns fast enough for such blast, unless a tank of it has been in a fire until the pressure breaks the tank. That’s not what happened here, from what the area looks like. The smoke would have been visible long ahead, and city gas don’t work like that, as I very much doubt a bakery would use bottles from practical reasons. They would also have regularly inspected gas alarms by code if used in a commercial setting.
    And that building would definitely still be blazing in fire if this was any of the three.

    Dynamite or hydrogen on the other hand, things actual explosives are made of, are made especially to give as forceful blast-wave as possible, and blows out its own fire in the blast.

    Just saying.

    • Calys Agora I believe firefighters came with a nice tank to help the explosion,

    • Tommaso Petrella // 12th January 2019 at 2:26 pm // Reply

      Gas leak explosions sometimes do more damage that a home made bomb. There was a house that blew up last year downtown and it took out an entire city block. Gas explosions are up there with Ammonium Nitrate explosives and Dynamite. I speak from experience.

    • +Higher Self Are you fucking kidding??? Two Firefighters died, have some respect, you fucking idiot!!

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