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The Battle For The Internet Is Here!

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In this video, Luke Rudkowski and Jason Bermas of WeAreChange joins the audience live to explain why the media is ignoring the suspension of James Woods twitter account due to a very tame meme targeted at Democrats, plus Trump may begin to take executive action against technology companies, and much more.

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SNAPCHAT: LukeWeAreChangenprecedented insight into this years Bilderberg Conference In Turin Italy with amazing coverage which has included numerous confrontations and interviews despite a very heavy-handed police force. Jason helps to make sense of it all with Truthstream Medias own Aaron and Melissa Dyke

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41 Comments on The Battle For The Internet Is Here!

  1. You guys, speak like gringos… Ha ha ha…

  2. Oops, forgot to turn on closed captioning.

  3. Do a story of Julian Assange’s last word’s “Intelligent Evil Dust” before he was cut off air two days ago. or search #EvilDust there is your control.

  4. Sane Independent // 24th September 2018 at 2:58 am // Reply

    Tx for what you guys do.

    I met you luke way back at end the fed rally in nyc when peter schiff was there….like 2008?

  5. Lance Van der Heyden // 24th September 2018 at 3:06 am // Reply

    What is the age of consent in America ? Also it seems like the left is doing this to every man they don’t like or who they see as a threat to there agenda ! If every accusation is to be believed against men even without proof then all men are up the creak without a paddle !And we may as well just throw in the towel now ! I’m already MGTOW FOR this and other reasons and men are walking away by the millions !!!!
    And on the judge K thing I don’t think the left has anything on him and this is just a stalling tactic to delay his appointment till after the mid terms !!!.

  6. “Our common definition for the #State is a “monopoly on violence.” This definition is seldom disputed, even by the agents of the State. However, as surely as a pickpocket can knife you in the ribs, the State does not factually enjoy a monopoly on violence. The missing component is an often overlooked, but all important adjective: legitimate. The State is a monopoly on legitimate violence, and legitimacy is the only thing distinguishing a tax collector from a pickpocket, a police officer from a vigilante, or a soldier from a paid murderer. Legitimacy is an illusion in the mind without which the State does not even exist.

    “This illusion not only exists in the minds of the authoritarians, it exists in the minds of every subject who accepts their oppression. And every place that this illusion finds safe harbor is a trench in the field of battle. If we want to attack the State, we must attack the mind of the #Statists. For that reason, the psychology of obedience and authority is not merely a tool in the activists utility belt, it is a topographical map of the battle field itself.”

  7. Sarabella Gignac // 24th September 2018 at 3:25 am // Reply

    Meme’s need to be defended / the communicative capability of a graphic fused with a specific headlight/ is the most powerful form of human communication that there is if you go into say a gallery and you and a friend are standing in front of a painting you look you have individual interpretations separate from each other but a headline pause it all together no room for misinterpretation it’s expedient and the AI doesn’t want fast movement from hundreds of millions and billions of humans the speed of communication through a meme is light years ahead of just an image Mimi’s need to be protected

  8. Sarabella Gignac // 24th September 2018 at 3:27 am // Reply

    The Vietnam War was stopped by two very powerful black and white images one of the face of a North Korean with a gun up to his head swith a scrunched face and the other was the little girl running down the street away from the Napalm bomb I was fortunate enough to have lunch in 96 with both of those Pulitzer prize-winning photographers the power a visuals have the power to stop Wars think about that it took photographs and imagery to stop the unending Vietnam War

    • This boomer remembers general Ky very well. The South Vietnamese ally of ours who was holding the pistol and shot the NORTH Vietnamese agent Vietcong. Gen. Ky came to the US after the war and, I believe, sold cars. He said he was horrified at how soulless and materialistic our culture was…that money was the standard for life almost. I’m glad you had lunch with those photographers but I disagree. My Dad made a fortune selling the many military bases in NC on computerizing their payrolls. What reduced him and many to tears and hatred for the war was the Life Magazine article in 1969 called “Weeks Dead in Vietnam”. Each young soldier was presented to us in the format of a high school yearbook and it was a masterpiece of propaganda. your Pulitzer photographs presented the horrors of war that are everyday….GIs in WWII got so exhausted they would toss grenades into a house to shut up the crying for help…..they were that worn out. The news was too controlled for those stories to hit America.

    • My Dad lost all that blood money when an insider trader swindled him…and all our family. In a burst of anguish over the war, he told God he’d give all the money back to end it. I guess God took him up on it! How many others today would give all their stocks and blood money to end our wars?

  9. No civil war because Americans don’t care about anything me way or the other. They are content with just watching the entertainment on TV.

  10. she is never going to testify, she could be arrested for false charges. its not bipartisan hackery, except for grassley who wont hold the vote instead of playing along with alinksy tactics.

  11. that’s rich coming from Joe Biden the Paedophile

  12. The fact Assange is still imprisoned is a testament to the why I believe we should go extinct. Like why haven’t armed militia men come in and killed everyone holding him and taken him to a nation where he is safe? It should have happened a week – a month after his imprisonment.

    But no… we live in the shitty version of our universe…

    • hamster in the machine // 24th September 2018 at 9:26 am // Reply

      Based Otter , because some shitty things happen „we“ need to go extinct? What about all the nice things that happen?

    • @Bassed Otter, bad things happen to good people all the time. When it comes to suffering we feel each others pain. To come into a foreign country with guns blazing! That would be one heck of an international issue. Things are not Hollywood…

  13. Daniel Campbell // 24th September 2018 at 5:29 am // Reply

    Thx for all your coverage..plz have Jason break this down into 10-20 min videos…and Jason, plz stop interrupting Luke…he almost never interruputs you…and hes the boss…

  14. The answer to why the US doesn’t raid the Vatican. Our country is ruled under Roman Admiralty law. The flags with the gold trim in the courthouses are representing this. Vatican and the crown rule America, they’re obviously not going to allow any static from our government. We the people are the answer, its just how the hell do we rally enough people to start stomping on those Jezuit/Freemason/Luciferian/Skull & Bones/OTO/Bilderburg/Templar/Rosicrucian, etc… etc, assholes!!!

    • SCOTT JENKINS wow named everyone but Rothschildmolesters’ state of israhell and AIPAC

    • +3iconstructs you added some, outstanding! I figured it was best to stop at etc. otherwise I would be typing for days. One more important faction to add, rat bastard Draconians and/or Annunaki. This time on our planet is better than any concept Hollywood could muster. I think we should have an Every Human on the Planet March. Dream big right?

    • Thank you, Scott. The Church has always defended its sovereignty in policing itself, which nobody would mind if they only actually did it!!! However, remember in Nantes, France the dearest, best of Catholics were slaughtered by the secular, enlightened ones. When the rationalists impart their laws, they’re no better than anybody in power.

  15. Michelle Johnson // 24th September 2018 at 5:52 am // Reply

    We own the internet as tax dollars paid for all set up n R & D. This isn’t the govts property, It’s the people’s. Therefore ,the internet, an info hwy is like the library. No book bans no meme bans ,as it is a restriction on free speech. Freedom of expression and artistry.

  16. Haha!!! So funny that we are being slowly killed and our freedoms are being taken Ha. Ha. Ha.

  17. @wearechange the age of consent in Taiwan is 16. Why is this even an issue?!

  18. Eyes wide open Are yours // 24th September 2018 at 9:04 am // Reply

    I got banned from Pinterest. For too many conspiracy memes

  19. Paradigm Shift - An Educational Comedy v2.0 // 24th September 2018 at 11:50 am // Reply


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