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The Bio-metric Nightmare Begins In Tampa

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Biometric face scans are now going to be the norm in Tampa and Atlanta!

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32 Comments on The Bio-metric Nightmare Begins In Tampa

  1. Chris Weidner // 17th April 2019 at 9:31 pm // Reply

    Well said “FUC#.” Imagine how cool this could be if governments were actually of and for the people.

  2. Activate Kruger // 17th April 2019 at 9:31 pm // Reply

    When it’s April 2nd and she’s still pregnant 0:11

  3. Gabriel Lopes // 17th April 2019 at 9:34 pm // Reply

    The difference between usa and china is inexistent at this point…
    and the eu will have an orgasm when they find out about this… führer juncker and mutter merkel are already taking notes.

  4. So you need a passport to leave the country but not to enter it . Okay . Why make some of
    the people follow the law and not others ? I dont see the equality in that

    • I can ever tell you a better story. I flew from the Netherlands, where i live, to Philadelphia to catch another flight to Ottawa, Canada. Once i went through customs i was able to simply walk outside the airport, nothing and nobody was stopping me from doing so and i did (to have a smoke) but if i would have had bad intentions i could simply have gone into the city or anywhere else in the USA and nobody would have known that i stayed in the USA.
      On Amsterdam airport you’re not able to walk outside if you’re on a connecting flight, you will stay in the secured area. Mega flaw in the security over there in the USA.

  5. Brutaltronics // 17th April 2019 at 9:41 pm // Reply

    well done Orwellian technocrats, you got Luke swearing.
    i hope you are proud of yourselves.

    • Brutaltronics
      I try so hard to not have cussing in my thoughts and not let it pop out. Ugh! Too important not to check back wish they bleeped.

  6. I know neither of you have nothing nice to say about Alex Jones, but ya’know, he WAS telling everybody about this since like, forever.

    • So has every sci-fi writer ever, not exactly predicting the day the world ends or something

    • Thies guys are loosing it like alex . and its well founded because when you get involved in this you go a little insane with this crap. And alex has been doing this for a hell of allot longer

    • +unknown name show me how alex has sold out

  7. yourdogsnews // 17th April 2019 at 9:44 pm // Reply

    You cant wear a mask, but you can wear a burka

  8. This is what BM has been warning us since 1945, not only about this but also about other warnings that already are taking place around the world. There’s more coming catastrophes, epidemics, and wars. Prepare people for what’s coming because this is gonna get worst, nobody is gonna tell us not even governments. Is all on us the population we need to be United for all these EVIL things!!!

  9. Michael Ross // 17th April 2019 at 9:47 pm // Reply

    This is globalist-controlled Deep State technology being used to control the people and the sad part is that the people will go along with this…this is tyranny!!!

  10. SKYNET had launched next its though monitoring remember if you can’t think right you are now available to be procecuted for not thinking right

  11. all going to hell start growing big beards everyone

  12. Privacy is freedom, no privacy is no freedom; that’s why the ruling class, the Aristocracy, jealously guard THEIR privacy while removing yours!

  13. It’s just snapchat calm down, lol. They have all the selfie folks already.

  14. Full Armour of God // 17th April 2019 at 9:56 pm // Reply

    They already do this at the Texas mex border….beast system rolls on☠
    Run to Jesus and remember he is the way to the father, repent and enjoy what time we have left

  15. Oh look, blue dressed clones for news anchors.

  16. Look on the bright side. The time is soon coming when governments will stop lying.
    What people “know” and “think” will no longer even matter.
    Truth will be as harmless inconsequential as a dove.
    We will look back and miss being deceived and lied to. The lies and deception meant we actually mattered.


  18. Anarchy // 17th April 2019 at 10:42 pm // Reply

    The invisible bars of our cell are closing in on us. The few of us who can see them are the modern day Heretics.

  19. 4 things everyone needs to do
    1- Read the decorationOFindependence
    2- Realize your moralSovereignty & preserve –
    protect it
    3- Study Americanism principles.
    4- Encourage others to do the same.

  20. Sounds a whole lot like System of the Beast…..1984 style world

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