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What Will Happen Next After Alex Jones InfoWars Ban

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In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on what will happen next after the Alex Jones Infowars social media ban. We go over the response from TYT the young turks, Jimmy dore, vox and a lot more to highlight the argument that a private company could do what they want. As well as calls to censor Candace Owens Joe Rogan and others.

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84 Comments on What Will Happen Next After Alex Jones InfoWars Ban

  1. I dont like Alex Jones or Infowars, but banning him is the dumbest thing they couldve done.

  2. Luke it went to number one @RealAlexJones

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    • ChArLz In ChArGe // 9th August 2018 at 11:42 am // Reply

      So he said they would take him off no one believed but here we are. Alex does give you extreme in what could happen but doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

    • Hugo Benito Gonzalez // 9th August 2018 at 12:47 pm // Reply

      Social Media Companies are allowed to censor you, government says. They also say only government is the one, not allowed. But they lie again, and do it it all the time. I have evidence of both. I’ll send it to you. There is no “Freedom of [real] Speech”.

    • Luke where’s the extreme narrative,?? I’d be more than happy to go for a pint and a chit chat. Does that make me an extremist??
      Much love from Yorkshire x

    • TheOneWhoTubes // 9th August 2018 at 6:47 pm // Reply

      LinkedIn was the first to shadow ban me.

  4. Crypto Comedian // 8th August 2018 at 11:28 pm // Reply

    I have seen this propaganda work first hand on my dad, I can tell youtube is pushing him liberal channels cause last time i was there I heard him watching TYT laughing, and then today i went over and he was talking about how alex jones is crazy and how trump is stupid even though he used to be a fan of trump, He’s older so I dont bother arguing with him about it, but it’s sad to see how much of an effect this propaganda has on people

    • LOL I didn’t do the opposite. Obama’s anti capitalism/religious america=satanists/commies…all reasonable

    • Crypto Comedian…. The power of suggestion. Manipulation. Influence. Gaslighting. N. L. P. Truth will alway’s prevaile. It’s all about choice. So choose we’ll. What goes around, comes around in the micro and macro.

    • Watch tv with him!

    • Trump and Jones are idiots my dude lol

    • Crypto Comedian // 9th August 2018 at 7:14 am // Reply

      yes they are idiots im not saying i like them at all personally just saying that the effects of propaganda are real and i have witnessed them first hand

  5. Louise Elaine // 8th August 2018 at 11:32 pm // Reply


    • Louise Elaine // 9th August 2018 at 1:37 am // Reply

      Luke, you made my day!

    • WeAreChange think about it, why is Jones still here after all these years? Was he lucky enough to popularize Bohemian Grove, or was it a controlled leak? Let’s say that in the beginning he was wholeheartedly a truth seeker who designed a news platform and rolled in a thick audience. Do you really think that getting rid of him would be a chess move? Rather, why not simply blackmail and extort him in silence behind closed doors? This way he’s not just in your pocket, but also at your disposal. You can then broadcast mendacity through a “trusting” movement/i.e channel. A classic hide in plain sight, a overt operation. However, why just stop there? Let’s delineate Jones a blustering, tin foiled cap wearing, extraterrestrial exposing, reptilian familiarizing crackpot and watch things spiral downwards. Fast forwarding to the present, favored social networks commence a so-called witch-hunt and effectuates a ban on Alex Jones causing pandemonium amongst fans. So, what does that matter? Well, this formulated psyop turned rebellion, not only generates new revenue, but now creates CREDIBILITY. The peoples trust at your palm.

    • Yo Joe85881406 // 9th August 2018 at 3:45 am // Reply

      Mr. Glass I definitely see why people call jones controlled opposition. He does not bring Israel into question when it comes to the big world events, EVER. At the same time, I find it hard to say he’s never put out GOOD information that the American people need to hear and HAVE A RIGHT to hear. I find it hard to say he’s NEVER exposed elites that NEEDED to be exposed. Even recently and to this day. Other than generating revenue for ALEX I don’t see what agenda doing this fills, if indeed it is a psyop. Maybe this seems ironic coming from someone who listens to Alex Jones… realize there may be SO,ETHING to the idea that he’s controlled opposition, but at the same time, it seems like people are just looking to explain something they otherwise couldn’t easily explain without the idea of yet ANOTHER conspiracy.

    • Yo Joe85881406 Excellent point. I was at one point a fan, but that attachment has now been watered down. In retrospect he blew the lid off many burning questions and induced thinking outside the box to people on a grand scale. I can admire that. He also dedicated alot of time towards his work in order to create a business out of it. Which by all means kudos to that. In the end, everyone is entitled to their own view. I won’t say that your opinion is biased because you’re a fan. Clearly you’re prepared for that sort of friendly fire. However, this is but my local perspective. My word on here is as good as 1’s and 0’s. Digest it whichever way you please. I do appreciate the constructive criticism though.

    • Yo Joe85881406 // 9th August 2018 at 4:54 am // Reply

      Mr. Glass Indeed. My attachment had been watered down recently as well. Until this happened, I hadn’t been listening to him NEARLY as much as I had say in 2014-early 2017. I listened to him sporadically before then.. after I started looking into the controlled opposition theory and thought there was some good points in that respect… not to mention (and I say this as someone who eagerly and enthusiastically voted for him) him holding water for Trump regardless of what he does was too much for me… not holding his feet to the fire save for the Syrian strikes, which the criticism didn’t last long. Not to get off on a tangent about Trump, but his campaign rhetoric, save for the whole torture thing, was music to my ears. His execution of that plan has been less than pleasing, though I do like SOME of what he’s done.. for the most part, his middle eastern policy, putting globalists and war hawks in his cabinet, the Russia policy have really turned me away from him… but I will hold out hope and unless there’s a better option I’ll probably vote for him again because at the very least I know my guns will be safe, but I digress. My attachment to Jones had been watered down for some time, then when this happened (the deplatforming) my interest piqued back up. I understand what you’re saying about my bias toward Alex Jones, as we all have our biases and some can see passed them more than others. As we all inevitably have them, I try to keep an open mind, and try to look at and listen to and take in all information, and allow my mind to be changed by facts and evidence. My bias toward him is a cautious trust because I feel like he brought things to light I may not have otherwise known. On the other hand, my interest is in the FULL truth, even if that leads me to despise those I may somewhat (or even fully) idolize now, or may have at one point. I just want the truth, and usually when I get into these controlled opposition discussions, I don’t get much in the way of useful information from who I’m conversing with, but instead just get condescension.. so it’s a nice breath of fresh air to find someone actually willing to exchange ideas as I have here and in the last couple of days in debating and discussing this deplatforming situation. Didn’t mean to be so long winded there.

  6. First they came for ALEX. THEN… research people

    • Technical Guru Ok, but they’re not a utility and that’s a pretty big distinction. I would agree that they should be treated as such, but that’s the way it is. I respect people like Dore, Luke, and Kyle for keeping their eye on the prize and always fighting for the principles of free speech while Jones has been actively harmful to it. This should serve as a valuable lesson.

    • Technical Guru // 9th August 2018 at 1:15 pm // Reply

      I didn’t say they were utilities. I said they were currently trusts. Also when it comes to free speech. I do not care who you think supports, or is against it. All that matters is whether you are for or against it. Doesn’t matter who you think is the bigger better ally to our overall preset of supports, and ideals. All that matters are the ideals. Either you’re for free speech, or you aren’t. It’s truly that simple. Beyond verbiage I believe me and you would agree on most topics of discussion.

    • Google Sucks // 9th August 2018 at 3:07 pm // Reply

      First they came for the Soverign Citizens…
      Still laughing at them, America?

    • Sad the left are the ones pushing for his ban. Go on twitter and you will see what I am talking about.

    • PebbLe DroppLeD // 9th August 2018 at 10:52 pm // Reply

      +Ruth Dunn
      Louisville Slugger’s are Great BaseBall Bat’s.


  8. I had to delete my previous comment because i let my emotions get the better of me. I just unsubscribe to Vox after leaving a bye bye comment on one of their recent Videos.
    Now that I finished watching your video, Luke…..this is scary man! I support you guys and losing you guys from WeAreChange will make a big deal in my/our life’s!

  9. Winston Smith // 8th August 2018 at 11:35 pm // Reply

    By now, to be an American who loves our liberties and culture, George Orwell‘s 1984 is required reading.

  10. Electronic HQ // 8th August 2018 at 11:37 pm // Reply

    I hope AJ/Infowars and other alternative media platforms begin to migrate to the decentralized blockchain-based alternatives instead of shooting themselves in the foot again. Using these better alternatives needs to become the norm.

    • Hugo Benito Gonzalez // 9th August 2018 at 12:49 pm // Reply

      Electronic HQ
      Nice idea, but they’ll soon take that over too.
      Social Media Companies are allowed to censor you, government says. They also say only government is the one, not allowed. But they lie again, and do it it all the time. I have evidence of both. I’ll send it to you. There is no “Freedom of [real] Speech”.

    • Dominic Easton // 9th August 2018 at 1:36 pm // Reply

      Why would you put a video platform on the blockchain? You do realize you can’t remove things once it’s embedded right?

    • Turbo Tastic // 9th August 2018 at 3:35 pm // Reply too; yeah Alex Jones parents are CIA, that came out in their kangaroo court; he’s just fall guy for censorship, he’s no James Corbett or Luke Ridowski

  11. julia roberts // 8th August 2018 at 11:39 pm // Reply

    Mass migration to steemit. Boycott YouTube, Facebook etc

  12. A private company? So if they didn’t want to bake a cake for gays that would be okay?besides, these companies (all of them) are government contractors, taking billions a year from the taxpayers. Staying apolitical should be the standard unlessthey are CONTRACTED by the government to do what they are doin,killing freedom of speech under the mask of corporatism

  13. Cody Chismark // 8th August 2018 at 11:49 pm // Reply

    Let us review JFKs last speech. Talking about a greater conspiracy taking down free press. And I love the come back “he was talking about the communists”. Yeah, duh, but the socialism existed before and after the USSR. The socialists have been doing this since the civil war, since the common sense pamphlets. Wake up! The left is really left (socialist), calling for our rights, and they are serious this time.

    • Loro sono umano // 9th August 2018 at 3:05 am // Reply

      Cody Chismark bro, the “deepstate” hates socialism. They are corporatists

    • Loro sono umamo i can’t remember who said it and i am far tooooo lazy to look it up right now, but a famous and well known world wide elitist once said, “give me control of a country’s currency and i don’t care what kind of govt they have.” (rockefeller,? rothschild,??) i believe the globalist elites don’t really care about govt for us minions. they want POWER and CONTROL. they don’t really care how they obtain it. for the ruling class, corporatism (crony capitalism and actually true form of facsim versus socialism (communism), is only semantics. they have boiled down the worth of OUR lives to parts of speech. i feel, that they are leaning towards global world wide communism. of course, OUR lives will change, theirs WON’T. they will STILL be the RULING class elitists.

  14. This is not only Alex Jones. It’s about freedom of speech.
    ..and this came out from Russia-narrative (legislation). – 9/11 started mass surveillance programs –

  15. A seagypsy's Adventures // 9th August 2018 at 12:08 am // Reply

    And they said Alex Jones was crazy ,,,,,,lol

    • Makoeyes Onme // 9th August 2018 at 6:12 pm // Reply

      A seagypsy’s Adventures and they still do. I didn’t believe nobody died at the shootings until they started behaving this way

  16. Maranatha Truth // 9th August 2018 at 12:19 am // Reply

    Guys this means they have put in the final pieces to bring in the Luciferian beast system soon.

    • Justin Coker // 9th August 2018 at 4:07 am // Reply

      Maranatha Truth – We are in the End Game now, we need to speak out now more then ever.

    • Rebel Pete
      Save yourself from this untoward generation

    • Maranatha Truth
      There are many other pieces.

    • James Lee
      Being anti lucifer IS a form of “rebellion” because anti can mean ‘against’ or in ‘opposition’. Rebelling with guns and killing – no, but defending myself with protests and any non-physical means – yes. Words and the truth can be the most powerful weapon of all. As G. Orwell said: “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” The Truth, the Word, Jesus are in opposition to the deceiver, lucifer, satan.

    • That is already in place. It’s called Israel.

  17. Maranatha Truth // 9th August 2018 at 12:19 am // Reply

    Nazi Germany.

  18. I miss Alex Jones allot!

  19. In the 1850s, newspapers had owners. If those owners had tried something like this, they would have been sued and mobbed.

    • And now we have modern day Jesters (actors), who make millions of dollars, live in mansions yet don’t accept a single refugee into their home, but boy do they advocate for those wide open borders, and depict themselves decapitating the sitting President of The United States.


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