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What You Need To Know About Black Lives Matter

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In this video, Rachel Blevins covers exactly what you ought to consider when taking a look at Black Lives Matter, and the recent demonstrations after the deaths of black males at the hands of authorities in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Charlotte, North Carolina.

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30 Comments on What You Need To Know About Black Lives Matter

  1. Don’t forget the FORD FOUNDATION just gave 100 million too!

  2. The idiots are legion. Great video.

  3. KillaCommieFerMommie // 25th September 2016 at 3:44 pm // Reply

    The limp-wristed Lefties that sub to this channel are gonna be BUTT HURT
    over this one : D

  4. slick hardknock // 25th September 2016 at 3:46 pm // Reply

    she say world wide at 1:43 cop killing people with out gun here in the usa
    and alot them are black

  5. I think the police came ready to be careful and not have too little
    officers on the scene.

  6. blackdreamhunk2 // 25th September 2016 at 4:29 pm // Reply

    As a long time, a follower of we are changing, they guy good suggestions to
    we are changing over at buildaberg. I think wearechange isn’t a credible
    news sorce no more because now acting like right wing media source VERY
    BAIS on this subject.

    • GorillaGuerilla // 25th September 2016 at 5:32 pm // Reply

      It has always been a right winged SJW channel, a propagandist for Russia
      If you think for a second he’s been unbiased earlier on, think again my
      He’s as biased as they come – to a degree where I can’t help wonder where
      he receives fundings from!

    • blackdreamhunk2 // 25th September 2016 at 5:34 pm // Reply

      thank you good to know

  7. Black lives matter does a wondeful job of dividing soceity and instigating
    racial tensions. Thanks guys.

    • Don’t be pathetic the racial tension is caused by police shooting black 12
      year olds, ignore anything the silly ignorant cow in the video says.

    • +Joker I guess I would also have to ignore the dumb violence perpetrated by
      BLM protestors because they think they are right. I would also have to
      ignore that racial division is another stepping stone for the NWO. And god
      forbid you say that ALL lives matter, because we know how it gets blood
      boiling to hear that.

    • Persephone White // 25th September 2016 at 6:25 pm // Reply

      It means nothing that individuals are being bused in front outside of areas
      to be part of the BLM demonstrations. I don’t trust anything George Soros

    • Lonnie Dobbins III // 25th September 2016 at 6:49 pm // Reply

      Black Lives Matters was started before it got donations from anyone.
      Black Lives Matters is protesting people shot and killed while unarmed and
      posing no threat to police.
      Like a twelve year old murdered without an opportunity to show that this
      was a replica bb gun. Drove up on him so they couldn’t have thought they
      would have been shot and kills the kid. Then said he looked as if 21. Said
      dispatch didn’t tell that it may be a toy.
      Those afraid to lose life stay at a distance.
      The social worker on the ground on his back with hands up was shot anyway.
      (the cop shot him to keep him from running) Says he don’t know why he did
      Many others complying or those that ran and cops are shooting wildly in the
      streets. If some bystander is hit they blame the person they’re shooting at
      as if shot by them.
      So if they’re not going to be charged with murder or shooting anyone they
      can shoot all they want.
      Why is there such a law?
      Black Lives Matters is Only About Police Shooting people when other methods
      could be used.
      Shooting to kill other than apprehension in many cases.
      Shooting unarmed people when their lives as police are not in danger.
      Police abuse of their authority as police.
      This is another FOOL THE PEOPLE conservative sight that tries to act as if
      they have liberal principles and that’s only until they win office. An Alt
      Right trick.

  8. Stop yelling.. You sound like hillary


  10. GorillaGuerilla // 25th September 2016 at 5:03 pm // Reply

    Somebody needs to teach her about something called statistics – there are
    61.8% white people in the US and 13.2% black
    So proportionally it makes it more than twice as likely to get killed by
    the Police if you’re black!

    • statistics??? you like statistics??? how about this one? : nearly half of
      all murders in the US are committed by African Americans. there’s a
      statistic for you!

    • +Michelle Hanna

      This doesn’t take into account the criminal past and behavior of those
      being shot by police. To say that upstanding citizens are equally likely to
      be killed as criminals is already a bold statement but OP goes even further
      and says it’s *twice* as likely for black upstanding citizens to get killed
      than white criminals (because he includes all citizens, there is no
      discrimination between criminals and the rest).

      This is not a simple math problem where it’s sufficient to take a few
      numbers and juggle them around. The complexity of the situation goes at
      least a little bit deeper.

      F.e. blacks are being stopped and searched more often than whites. This is
      not direct proof that they’re being profiled (we have to compare different
      areas and black/white/etc. populations). But it could be a reason why
      blacks are being shot at a higher rate, i.e. if more blacks are being
      searched then the frequency of cop-to-black civilian encounters are higher
      which can certainly lead to a higher killing rate since more blacks “get
      the chance” to resist arrest so to speak.

      There are many more factors playing into the whole situation. It’s quite
      complicated and it’s also not clear what all the facts are.

    • +Very Serious 61.8% of 100%population and 13.2% of 100%population…..the
      group that consists of 61.8% of the total population had 388 deleted, while
      the group that consists of 13.2% of the total population had 194
      deleted……either your racism is showing or you are horrible at math

    • +el tarasco you’re not taking into account that %50 of all murders in the
      US are committed by that 13%… That’s a statistic.. not racist… The
      majority of the black population live in poor communities, or ghettos.
      Where crime is more common. Very Serious had a point. In those ghettos
      blacks have a greater chance to actually engage in conflict with the police.

    • the problem is police, not the fact that people of certain skin color are
      getting killed more often by them. If you focus on the color, is your goal
      to reduce just the deaths of black people by police? Color is irrelevant.
      The police are a murderous, extortionist gang that need to be abolished.
      Just like with the SS Nazi police, the fact that they killed mostly jews
      was irrelevant. Knowing that they were a murderous, extortionist gang is
      was enough to decide that they needed to be abolished.

      Focusing on race is exactly what those in power want.

  11. That female cop @0:55 looks like a photoshopped character.. And the
    shooting of Scott was a fake hoax.

  12. Luke you are being statistically dishonest. From the same website “The
    Guardian” Numbers per million 4.86 Black 1.96 White

  13. If you notice, BLM is supported by ISLAM. You are seeing a massive islamic
    presence at all of those riots, just like all the violence in the middle

  14. When the cops show up, it’s usually ‘Black Lives Scatter’.

  15. Black Lives Matter began in 2013. George Soros decided to throw money at it
    2 years later. That means George Soros is not in charge of it. You’re just
    trying to muddy the waters. Black Lives Matter’s calendar is in their web
    site, and it says nothing about looting or rioting. You’re part of the
    narrative to connect “a bunch of black people” to protests, all these black
    people must be Black Lives Matter, all these protesters are also looters
    and rioters, which is false. Another thing Black Lives Matter does not do
    is collar and microchip every black person with control devices. Black
    Lives Matter does a better job at representing themselves than you
    propaganda mills do.

  16. I bet blm was created to divide us. The name itself implys division. blm
    came about protesting police brutality, and so, as I have always posted,
    why not name the group “stop police brutality”, or Our Lives Matter, or
    something that does not imply division. But that is what soros is all about
    though, fund divide and concur.

  17. Isn’t it about time for that old fart to die and go to hell which is the
    only place for him? 33 million – he even uses the Satanic number in giving
    out money. Sick old man

  18. 388 were white
    194 were black
    130 were Hispanic
    The point is theyre killed at a high ratio black people are only 12%(forgot
    the exact number) of the population and not just that, they are targeted
    much more by the police. The policies that BLM is fighting for wouldn’t
    just help us but everyone as well. Studies show that when police in an area
    wear body cams reports about police brutality drop drastically. We also
    need better training because it takes longer to become a licensed hair
    stylist than a police officer with a weapon. I dont understand the problem
    with bringing up the issue. This is obviously a problem and they people can
    and should speak out about it.

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