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Who is slowing down our progress? – David Icke answers questions from Polish media

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46 Comments on Who is slowing down our progress? – David Icke answers questions from Polish media

  1. Boun69r Boun69r // 7th March 2018 at 8:00 am // Reply

    Morning David

  2. Ra Mighty The 1 // 7th March 2018 at 8:00 am // Reply

    Helloooo Guyssss

    • lonely too huh… Dave is like a cosy old Grandpa, it’s nice to just come and listen to him talk, don’t really even matter what he’s saying anymore – have a thumb up friend

  3. ReligionlessFAITH // 7th March 2018 at 8:16 am // Reply

    David – you can be conscious and unaware – but the only way you’ll resolve infinite AWARENESS is in the absence of TIME. Eternity: a timeless reality.
    Your AWARENESS has been REMOVED from eternity – like the rest of us – so here you are, in the same TEMPORARY finite carnal awareness to which ALL OF US are confined, TEMPORARILY – FOR A REASON!

    Here, like the rest of us, YOU etch your thoughts and actions of free will into TIME where their CONSEQUENCES become LOCKED in the past – FOREVER UNCHANGEABLE.

    With your last thought and last breath, you shall complete the ONLY eternal creation you can muster from your carnal prison: the TESTAMENT of your life.

    Creator KNEW your testament even before the creation of time – YOU DID NOT. YOUR TESTAMENT shall FOREVER remind YOU of the consequences of YOUR TERMS FOR LIFE – but the consequences of YOUR TERMS for life can never destroy absolute eternal TRUTH PEACE LOVE JOY OR RIGHTEOUSNESS in ETERNITY!

    Unfortunately, YOU are not among those creations who accepted CREATOR’S TERMS for ETERNAL LIFE – so, like the rest of us who wanted eternal LIFE on OUR TERMS – you must see FIRST HAND, in this temporary “simulation” the consequences of YOUR TERMS FOR LIFE . . . your testament will help your eternal AWARENESS reconcile agreement with CREATOR’S TERMS for eternal LIFE else you’ll step back across the threshold to oblivion of your own free will.

    The FACT that we are not TAUGHT this is what has led to the myriad of ideologies of IGNORANCE…. this includes your ideological conviction to the existence of “reptilian” bloodlines.

    THEY ARE JUST PEOPLE – like you – and the iniquities falsehoods hatreds sorrows and discontentment THEY unleash by THEIR TERMS FOR LIFE, will become LOCKED to THEIR TESTAMENTS – – your eternal POST does NOT depend on the testament of anyone but YOURSELF! They would have unleashed their iniquities IN ETERNITY had they been granted eternal LIFE on THEIR TERMS… just like YOU would have unleashed YOURS in eternity had YOU been granted eternal LIFE on YOUR TERMS.

    peace fellow creation – – – – – – it’s not rocket science.

    • ReligionlessFAITH // 8th March 2018 at 12:12 am // Reply

      Donna Burton –
      Again, I do not judge you.
      Perhaps others have judged you, but I have no authority to judge you or anyone else.

      I do have authority to bring your awareness my opinion and know full well you shall do with it EXACTLY what you’d have done with it in eternity had you been granted eternal LIFE on YOUR TERMS. You’ll either accept my perspective valid, or dismiss it in favor of superstition. I’m telling you that I wanted eternal LIFE on MY TERMS – that I did not know the falsehoods hatreds sorrows discontentment or iniquity MY TERMS threatened to unleash there, and to protect eternity from the consequences of MY TERMS for life while simultaneously teaching ME the consequences of MY TERMS for life, I have been EVICTED from eternity to this temporary reality.

      I’m telling you that CREATOR KNEW what you and I would think and do – even before the creation of time … and that YOU still don’t know what you may or may not do from one moment till the next.
      In this fundamental TRUTH – YOU are no different than I or the rest of us.

      Am I wrong? Were you cast out of Creator’s eternal HOME for a vacation? Is your temporary carnal exile from eternity some sort of reward or prize for wanting eternity on YOUR TERMS? Or do you still prefer to take the words of a prehistoric shaman over my words and blame YOUR carnal circumstance on Adam Eve and a snake?

      YOU have probably not unleashed as much iniquity falsehood hatred sorrow or discontentment into this temporary reality as I – – I have no AUTHORITY to JUDGE you … I do have AUTHORITY to discuss your perceptions and perspectives vis a vis perspectives and perceptions that more closely reflect the TRUTH of our carnal circumstance.

      IN ETERNITY were your thoughts and actions KNOWN, JUDGED, and DEEMED WORTHY OR NECESSARY FOR YOU TO CREATE – from your first breath and first word to your last. To deny this renders our CREATOR impotent and IGNORANT.

      Behold – we can not travel to eternity to bring back OBSERVATIONS…so all matters eternal and ANY eternal creator paradigm must remain UNDEFINED to remain congruent with TRUTH.

      We do have a logic system that enables us to UNDERSTAND indefinable constructs or axioms like zero or infinity: we PROTECT their indefinable TRUTHS from definition using undefined absolute CHARACTERIZATIONS that can be tested for TRUTH.

      We can use this logic system to UNDERSTAND aspects of our CREATOR.
      The atoms planets stars and galaxies VERIFY that CREATOR has MORE awareness than YOU, till you can create an atom planet star or galaxy of your own. Thus, CREATOR’S AWARENESS can not be zero and is necessarily greater than YOURS. Any VALUE we’d like to assign CREATOR’S AWARENESS would define the indefinable paradigm .. so such values are VOID by definition. We find that we are left with only ONE undefined ABSOLUTE CHARACTERIZATION: infinite awareness.. When we inspect infinite awareness for TRUTH, we find it is indeed MORE awareness than yours, so it is a valid CHARACTERIZATION we can use to UNDERSTAND Creator’s AWARENESS.

      Knowing this, we can formulate the prime duality: namely ignorance vs awareness –

      absolute ignorance IS oblivion
      absolute awareness IS CREATOR.

      Creator and oblivion exist at interface in perpetuity.

      There can be no awareness in oblivion – it is NON-EXISTENCE –
      You are AWARE – so you are NOT in oblivion, and the only other place in the prime duality is WITHIN CREATOR – without, lies only oblivion.

      YOUR AWARENESS was SAVED from oblivion by CREATOR = your awareness VERIFIES your salvation.

      All that’s left is to LEARN why your awareness has been removed from eternity and made to manifest in this temporary reality. Both eternity AND this temporary universe exist WITHIN CREATOR!!!


      So, when you tell me of your conviction of the existence of malevolent deity, I am obliged to ask YOU how it must make YOUR CREATOR feel to be accused of creating eternal malevolence?

      The shaman class have not challenged YOU to ask such questions – – their agenda and their LIVELIHOOD depends on YOU accusing YOUR CREATOR of being a sadistic suicidal MORON!!!!!

      I am not in the least embarrassed about pointing this out to you and know you’ll either start using your brain to discover the TRUTH about your carnal circumstance and the erroneous perceptions your indoctrination to personified malevolent deity causes you to believe or you will CHOOSE to remain DEVOTED to superstition. It is not disadvantageous to replace erroneous superstitious beliefs with TRUTH.

      peace fellow creation – may your reconciliation be easy.
      We SHALL reconcile agreement with CREATOR’S TERMS for eternal LIFE, else we’ll step across the threshold back to oblivion OF OUR OWN FREE WILL.

    • Donna Burton // 8th March 2018 at 12:30 am // Reply

      ReligionlessFAITH We all have had different experiences… You said, to me”you are wanting eternity on your own terms”… but you claim that’s not judging me???? ***Yes it is a judgement, YOUR JUDGING WHAT I WANT**** Also you said in regards to yourself, “I wanted eternity on my own terms.”… ” … you are projecting onto me, what is the truth about you! I don’t know what else to say to you, except, you really need some help with your perceptions of what *truth* is… And I do hope you get it… *wishing you the best*…

    • ReligionlessFAITH // 8th March 2018 at 12:37 am // Reply

      Donna Burton
      I’m quite sure *_WHAT YOU WANT_* has not been able to manifest absolute truth peace love joy and righteousness for you or any of us in this temporary reality.

      This FACT justifies projecting onto YOU the TRUTH that YOUR TERMS FOR LIFE ARE INCAPABLE OF MANIFESTING THE ABSOLUTE VIRTUES WE ALL HOPE TO RESOLVE (whether we know we hope to resolve them or not).

      Shall YOU help my perceptions by trying to convince ME that absolute eternal TRUTH PEACE LOVE JOY AND RIGHTEOUSNESS do not exist?

      peace fellow creation – use that brain CREATOR grants you to THINK!!!!

    • ReligionlessFAITH // 8th March 2018 at 1:09 am // Reply

      Donna Burton
      ok Donna – – show us the absolute truth peace love joy and righteousness YOU have made manifest — can’t??
      Why is that?
      I don’t need to JUDGE you to KNOW that iniquity falsehood hatred sorrow and discontentment PERSIST in this world!!!
      Nor do I need to JUDGE you to know that the falsehoods, sorrows, discontentment, hatreds and iniquities YOU have made manifest in this temporary world would have been made to manifest in ETERNITY had you been granted eternal LIFE on YOUR TERMS.

      The FACT that YOU are not in eternity VERIFIES that YOU failed to reconcile agreement with THE TERMS FOR ETERNAL LIFE!!!!!
      To me this is self-evident without need for judgement.

      Oh, I’m the first to admit it when I find out I’m wrong about something, but with respect to TRUTH, you’ll need to offer something more substantial than my FAITH –

      I have FAITH Creator’s PURPOSE is to ensure and PROTECT absolute eternal truth peace love joy and righteousness
      I have FAITH Creator’s PLAN is to share the eternal purpose with creations WILLING to accept the TERMS for eternal LIFE.
      I have FAITH Creator’s TERMS for eternal LIFE are: absolute eternal TRUTH PEACE LOVE JOY AND RIGHTEOUSNESS.

      With this FAITH, I can begin to share truth peace love joy and righteousness HERE AND NOW – not to extort Creator’s favor, nor to bribe my way to the eternal life we each already have – but rather to show MYSELF and my eternal being that I’m WILLING to forfeit MY TERMS FOR LIFE in lieu of CREATOR’S TERMS.

      This being said, I have only shared with you the truth peace love joy and righteousness I am capable to share.

      I shall share with you just a bit more TRUTH.

      YOU must MURDER Creator’s beautiful grains vegetables fish fowl or beast and STEAL their LIFE – life which you did not create, life that DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU – in order to satisfy your own selfish need to extend your own life for a few short hours, and then, you must MURDER and STEAL your carnal LIFE 3 times a day – from the day you were weened till the day your flesh vanishes.

      Beyond that, like I and the rest of us, you are compelled to turn CREATOR’S beautiful creations to EXCREMENT, and like the rest of us, you flush it quickly lest your own iniquitous STENCH penetrates your nostrils to remind you of the REASONS for your carnal exile.

      We are ALL in the same boat, regardless of the effect of erroneous indoctrination of superstition upon our capacity to resolve TRUTH.

      Learning to distinguish TRUTH from superstitious fiction is apparently not a skill we are all compelled to master.

      Truly, if you spend your entire lifetime accusing YOUR CREATOR of filling eternity with eternal enemies eternal wars and eternal abominations, it will have no bearing on MY eternal post.

      However, I have reconciled such unauthorized accusations – the testament of MY LIFE shall NOT include an entire lifetime of hypocritical BLASPHEMY of my MAKER.

      peace love joy truth and righteousness are the only sentiment you’ll get from me … WITHOUT JUDGEMENT

  4. David what’s your thoughts on setting up a Solutions website. Where we all contribute ideas and projects that free us from slavery. If you promote it it will be successful

  5. ALCHEMY COVEN // 7th March 2018 at 8:24 am // Reply

    Thank you so much for your service to humanity, I fear for your safety sometimes.
    Thanks again Sir.

  6. Skeeter McBeater // 7th March 2018 at 8:35 am // Reply

    To look for equality in the human experience is not the point of being human. To remember who we are is the point.

    • ASCENDED PEPE // 7th March 2018 at 1:17 pm // Reply

      Very true. But most of us need equality to remember who we are, like a virus these people will be able to take over before we remember who we are because they know if we all remember we’ll have the literal power to change reality. That’s why they distract everyone with social media.

    • Donna Burton // 7th March 2018 at 2:13 pm // Reply

      ASCENDED PEPE very true. Social media bombards us with information. Hence, overloading our minds with conflicting information in order to confuse us. This technique (information overload and creating confusion) is a necessary component in the process of any “hypnotic modality”. Trauma is also used to created the state of hypnosis…I highly recommend that everyone, study both hypnosis and some psychology (the cluster b types, especially NPD) to understand more about how their minds operate, and how others (when hypnosis is abused) can get into your head. Knowledge is power and the keys to set yourself free. I hope this helps you!

    • Donna Burton // 7th March 2018 at 9:39 pm // Reply

      marcky017 Have you ever heard the saying, “We are spiritual beings having a human experience”? I think what is meant by this, is the label “human”, is an inaccurate description of what we are. because the “human experience” includes a physical body that dies, but our spirits are eternal, and will exist forever… Therefore that’s in part why some people have an adverse reaction to saying we are “human”(denotes ending in death). Because our “Spiritual being”… lives forever… We are not the experience, but only having the human experience…. We are spirit… I hope you understand what I just said… anyway… peace to you✌️

  7. WindsOfEndlessTime // 7th March 2018 at 9:00 am // Reply

    Just the fact that most powerful corporations, hollywood, media and billionaires have no problem endorsing, and even eagerly pushing for identity politics should be a red flag to anyone who think they are challenging system when they demand for “diversity panels”.
    Think about it, where would corporations rather have you spend your attention?
    Their illgotten wealth and corruption? Or diversity quotas in the movies??
    When you are focusing on that stuff, you are not focusing on corruption and you are not helping working class!!
    Historically working class usually went left, but nowdays progressive left has pushed them away and straight into the arms of proto fascist who won by platitudes.
    David is right. Left has been infiltrated by people who have entitled first worldist mentality, and they have replaced what has historically core of the left, mainly worker rights, with identity politics. They dont even care about poverty and class anymore, and they just blame skin color for that..
    Thats what we need, we need to revive old school left and focus on anti war, strong workers rights, unions and strong anti corruption movements..
    And we should stop looking at everything trough the lens of race and skin color!

  8. Bickle SevenSeven // 7th March 2018 at 9:11 am // Reply

    Watched a few of your vids and talks now and I think I’m ‘getting it’. However you mention ‘expanding awareness’ and ‘expanding perception’ so we’re no longer constrained by the ‘postage stamp’ perception we’re being fed. How do we go about doing this (without the use of DMT or hallucinogens)?

    • Richie Stark // 7th March 2018 at 10:04 am // Reply

      Meditation, ormus, sun gazing, wholefood plant-based diet, no meat, dairy and refined processed foods, limit technology use and try avoid exposure to 440 hz (it’s almost impossible so don’t worry about it – listen to music in 432 hz when you can), be out in nature more often and remind yourself every day that you are an infinite being having a human experience in this matrix world (say it to yourself right now and say it every day). Continue learning about this topic and you will grow faster. When you do this and your consciousness begins to expand, you will notice a lot more synchronicity in your life; this is the universe communicating back to you, so be careful about your thoughts and behavior – everything is consciousness. Trust yourself and trust the universe to guide you towards what you need to know, and how to break free. Good luck.

    • Bickle SevenSeven // 7th March 2018 at 10:28 am // Reply

      Richie Stark thank you very much for this information. It’s a really helpful starting point.

    • eliminate sugar, as best you can, is game-changer too

  9. Regina Gilby // 7th March 2018 at 9:38 am // Reply

    I came to the realisation that minority rules…when I was just 14 yrs old !!! . This world is totally fucked up…

  10. “Arrested development” is making sure technology never exceeds to the point of conveniently improving the life of the “masses” Which is why we still use severely outdated machinery and technology in industrial plants and hospitals. Which is why we still have decaying public infrastructure left from the 30’s and no real modern rebuilding. Its all to widen the chasm of rich and poor. With the few rich living in luxurious heavenly communities and the many poor crammed in third world like environments.

    • Yep.. it’s called socialism…moving to communism…cannot work with current state of human amorality

  11. David Icke,
    Darwin spent his life day-dreaming (imagining) evolution. He super-imposed his ideas & images onto scant data that he had gathered. To put simplistically, let say, it was 5% data, 95% imagination. Can we say it was science-fiction?
    Similarly, in your theories, simplistically put in numbers, there is 5% data and 95% imagination. Can we say that your theories are awareness-fiction?

    • Even your question is imagination, just like all of Icke’s stuff.. Some imagination is positive, some negative.. It all balances out.. And really doesn’t matter)) Namaste

    • I get you)) but experiences are just passing clouds.. nothing solid.. asleep etc is just a judgement.. After paranormal, after experience, after all thought etc is just silence/emptiness and pure awareness) Icke is also talking about this, however his great work is also full of mind and endless stories/dreams.. Most are quite dark.. Best concentrate on the light from within I would suggest.. The rest are just ideas/dreams/sleep state.. Anyhow, as you can see, discussions are also endless)) Best wishes and good luck on your journey)

    • Donna Burton // 8th March 2018 at 12:11 am // Reply

      MikiT I see your point MikiT. It’s essential to look to the light to guide us, when going threw the darkness. It’s also essential to shine the light into the dark places, to expose what’s there. That’s the way I perceive David Ickes work. It shines the light for those of us who have been in some very dark places. The light of understanding some of these things is what has comforted me. At least I don’t feel as alone, in my experiences. But I admire David Icke for speaking out amongst all the ridicule… He has a great attitude. Wish I could be more like that… and less afraid to, “speak my truth.”… I really admire people that do tell their stories. It does help others with similar experiences ☺️

  12. Brilliant.

  13. sciencelearnremember // 7th March 2018 at 10:32 am // Reply

    The South African ANC party…

  14. Spike Wolters // 7th March 2018 at 11:22 am // Reply

    Not who but what …..    The system of capitalism is slowing down progress .  Colonialism became capitalism . The aim of capitalism is making profit , money  . Capitalism is competition , which is the opposite of working together . 
    So developments , in the broadest sense  , are done in secrecy .  Some developments are not good for the system and are kept secret . When not kept secret they are patented .

    Research is done secretly , therefor it often is done 10 or even 100 times over , money is wasted but when a development is ready to sell , there is much more money to be made .

    For example : all over the world researchers are looking for a cure for cancer . Huge amounts can be made on patented medicine that is to be developed .The research is kept secret , they wouldn’t want “the competition” to “steal” their idea and make a lot of money .  So the research is done multiple times , by many different companies and many different scientists  .  Different angles of approach are researched . Mistakes are made , wrong approaches are dismissed , other approaches tried , but all in secrecy , in isolation . Wouldn’t it be wise for the researchers ( scientists !) to put  their heads together and tell each other what they are doing , what has failed and which direction they are researching ? 
    No , they  do not . I’m sure they would want to , that’s the wise thing to do as a researcher , exchange ideas , brainstorm . But they don’t because they are bound to secrecy by contract .  It’s about making money , working for the company .  The scientists are bound , let themselves be bound  to the shackles of capitalism , which to me disqualifies them as scientists and makes them collaborators.
    And worse : the education of the scientists has been paid by the state , the taxpayer , the community , but the revenues , the profits are not put back into the community. Profits go into the pockets of those whom are already filthy rich . A double whammy thwarting progress .

    And meanwhile on this planet 15 million children die of starvation every year .  That is capitalism for you .  Socialism comes after capitalism , not before . A natural and logical development of human consciousness , which is still in its infant stage I’m afraid .  

    Regardless of technology human kind is still stuck in the dark ages .

  15. Moonshadow fairie // 7th March 2018 at 12:00 pm // Reply

    Great talk

  16. who’s up for helping me create a website for solutions.

    • Liberty Infinite // 8th March 2018 at 12:40 am // Reply

      Adam Davis I’m in. If you build it everybody will be in. Don’t let go. A website doesn’t have to be anything more than a forum. We should either get Icke to help or endorse it. Keep talking. Everyone has ideas in getting free. We can do this.

  17. Dreamwalk Baby // 7th March 2018 at 12:41 pm // Reply

    political correctness is the new religion.

  18. Stephanie Gilley // 7th March 2018 at 1:20 pm // Reply

    With your help, we are increasing our human awareness and breaking out of the abusive and neglectful Matrix of lies forced on us by the 1%.


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